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Locketwala is your next one-stop solution for latest lockets for girls and trendy jewellery shopping. Whether it is gifts for your loved ones or a quick buy for yourself, everything can be ordered just from the comfort of your own homes from our website From lockets for girls to pendants and necklaces, we display the most unique and stylish designs. So goodbye to the traditional way of shopping, and welcome to this new electronic way of sharing the love because with us online shopping just got more enticing!

“Lock” Your Memories Forever…

Lockets have been a go-to item for gift purposes. Whether it is for your partner, your mother or even your best friend, lockets have always been a fan favorite. What makes the gifting of a locket so special is its personal touch. A locket is about preserving and protecting a memento or a cherished memory of and/or with your loved ones. This beautiful piece of jewellery is worn around your neck as a chain. Within the centrepiece of the locket can reside a picture of fond memory, or a precious stone or whatever you wish in your desired shape.

This particular quality is what makes gifting a locket so much more special and personal. Giving a locket as a Valentine’s Day gift or a Birthday gift, no matter what the occasion is, always makes it charming and exceptional.

A Gemstone for Keepsake…

Did you know that the word ‘pendant’ was derived from the French word ‘Pendre’ which translates to “hang down”? Using pendants as a form of a gift has been dated back to the Stone Age. It is one of the oldest types of bodily embellishment to be ever recorded. Back then objects like stones, coins and shells were used as pendants. We are here to bring the old age custom of pendants with a new style and trend. We have accessories like moon pendants lockets, crystal pendant bracelet to star pendant anklet. 

There are various types of jewelry in which pendants are used and incorporated to give it a stunning touch. Pendants can be used in amulets, lockets, talisman and medallions. From the 14 th century, wearing pendants by noblemen became a customary and bourgeoisie practice. Gifting women pendants became a sentimental gesture. 

A pendant is a delicate piece of jewelry which can be tied to a bracelet or an earring or a chain. So a pendant is not only associated with a necklace. It can be worn around your wrist as a bracelet or on your ears as a pair of earrings! Using the birthstone of your loved one as a pendant for lockets for girls or a bracelet is one of the most elegant and romantic gifts you could possibly think of.

The Bling Weapon of an Elegant Woman…

Along with gifting lockets and pendants, necklaces are also a fine choice for a gift that will swipe her off her feet! A necklace has always been a “girl’s favorite”. It is one of the most fashionable bling that can be worn by both men and women. Necklaces for women are made more decoratively with stones and gems, while men’s necklaces are much simpler and typically referred to as chains. Necklaces made of beads are also created for children in the recent fashion era.

Necklaces have been worn since the Stone Age. Back then, they were made of bones, shells, mollusk, or even small stones. Necklaces can be long, short, or even multilayered. The short necklaces that are fastened around the top of the neck are called chokers. There are various kinds of lockets for girls that hold a special meaning behind it.

Gifting your romantic partner with a heart inside a bottle necklace sure can make her go weak in her knees. This necklace signifies the love, adoration and affection that one has for their partner, and is a perfect sentimental gift for her. Another type of necklace that can be gifted to not only your partner but also your best friend or parent, is the engraved bar necklace. These necklaces have a bar attached to it that is engraved with the letter of the receiver’s first name, or their entire name, an important date etc. This type of necklace has a high memorable value attached to it as the message makes it highly special and personal.

Infinity necklaces and heartbeat necklaces have been another trendsetter. This when gifted reinforces the belief of the commitment you are willing to offer to the relationship. Even for fashion purposes, where you feel like gifting yourself, feather necklaces have become a sexy trend. Wearing feather necklaces have always reflected and radiated a mystical charm which can make you look charming.

Women automatically feel more confident and charismatic when wearing necklaces. So what are you waiting for? Gift your woman a beautifully crafted necklace now!

Gifts Are Our Best Friend!

Giving and sharing gifts have always been a cherished tradition. It makes us feel happy and important. We give gifts for various reasons, like as an appreciative token for thanking someone, for anniversaries, for birthdays, for apologizing, for a promotion or landing a new job, for appreciating love, or just for the sake of it. People can gift each other presents just because they appreciate their loved ones in their lives.

Gift-giving is not a chore, but a gesture of the heart. While it makes the receiver feel appreciated, it also is very self-gratifying. Anything from flowers to pens to CDs to dresses to jewellery, anything that reminds you of your loved ones can be given as a gift. We know gift-giving is getting harder and harder as new trends are following in. To ease your confusion and make gifting a joyful experience we have got all sort of gifts from anniversary gifts to birthday gifts for girl best friend. 

Do you have someone in your mind after reading this? Are you thinking about a special someone? There is a varied spread of gifts available in our store. We have an artistic array of lockets for girls, pendants and necklaces that will tempt you to press the buy button!Then do not delay, and go gift them from our quirky shop!





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