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Bored of getting the same gifts each year? or Is it too hard to select a unique gift for your loved ones?

No worries! Get ready for a ride to the land of amazing gift-giving, where you can select from a whole new range of options. Make each occasion special and indelible.

Meet Founders

Who are we?

It all started about 2 years back in 2018, two dropped out college kids set up on their journey to learn new skills and shape their aspiring ideas.

Rohit, who had always been an inquisitive kid, started experimenting with his ideas from a young age. He was always stirred by the thought of being an entrepreneur. Whereas Sakshi, always had a hinge for creativity. Growing up among an advancing atmosphere, we knew we had to bring something unique to keep up with the world.

We created Trendaap inspired by the thought of having an exclusive store which could present out of the box products. We were a novice in the field yet achieved a great deal of knowledge and experience while working on Trendaap. It took us a little time to fully understand the mechanics of the system but it was surely worth it!

Founders Story

Locketwala is focused on being an exclusive gift shopping website with a varied range of items. What makes Lo unique is the extraordinary

We started Locketwala as two people who are on a journey to revamp the whole gifting space. We wanted to make gift giving more fun and gratifying. We are striving to do our part in changing the way people feel about gifting.

For years now, we have been seeing the same flimsy gifts for every occasion. Honestly, we were bored with it! We wanted to make this space more comfortable and thoughtful instead of picking some random overly priced on the rack stuff. Our goal is to bring such remarkable items that it could stay in the buyers or receivers heart forever as their favourite memory.

Why We

40,000+ Happy Customer

We have exceptional happy customer base around every corner of India.

Fast Delivery

We try to deliver the products to your hands in our best possible time. Over 98% of all products has been delivered within 5 days.

Cash On Delivery

If you have any hesitation about online payment, COD can be your best option.

7/24 Support

We are here at your fingertips for any kind of assistance 7 days a week.

The New Journey

In 2020 we decided to change the way we were doing our things. With the addition of a new spirit to the same old idea of making gift giving innovative and diverse, we came up with Locketwala.

Diversity + creativity + Experimentation= Locaketwala

With the habit of always experimenting and exploring underrated or the new upcoming products/gifts, we co-inhabitated Locketwala. We wanted to share our curation with the world. We wish to make everyone’s special moments memorable with the right gift. We thrive to revolutionize the gift-giving culture of the peeps





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