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10 Exotic Layered Rings That Your Fingers Are Craving For!

Layered rings are the new hippy yet elegant pieces of jewelry that your fingers deserve. Whether it is a birthday gift for your best friend, your valentine, or yourself, these ten exotic layered rings make for the perfect present!

The layered and stackable rings are increasingly becoming the buzz of the city. They look impeccable with dresses, skirts, shorts, denim jeans, and even overalls. You can flaunt these versatile, exquisite dazzlers to a bar or your office.

“The ring always believes that the finger lives for it.” – Malcolm De Chazal

The Stackable Rings Trend

With pop culture influencing fashion heavily and explicitly daily, the fresh trend of stackable rings has gained quite the mania today. It is a fun trend of wearing multiple bands on the same finger or on alternate fingers. A lot of women also add their wedding/anniversary rings to their stackable rings list and wear their engagement band along with other fashionable rings.

You can flaunt these bad boys in any manner you want. You can work with gemstones, statement rings, metals, slicks, or even chunky bands. The key is to let your personality pick the right one and embrace it with confidence!

The 10 Most Popular Layered Rings For 2020

1. Fashion 3 Layer Adjustable Ring

This dainty finger embellishment is the gorgeous drop-dead present you can gift your other half. It does not matter if you are unaware of her finger’s size as these cute, little multi layer rings are resizable. They fit on every finger and adds that little sparkle to your dress. You can gift this three-layered open ring to your girlfriend any time you want.

2. Rose Gold Wavy Multi Layer Rings

Another one from the three-layered rings collection, these rose gold, multi layer rings come in three layers. The first two layers have a wavy structure, giving the band a trippy and sexy appearance. The final strand of the ring is a slick, straight line. Both the straight and the middle wavy bands have crystals accommodated into it to amplify the ring’s elegance and make your look chicer.

Did You Know…? 

One of the most enthralling pieces of finger embellishment is the three-layered rings. It has become one of the most bought out jewelry amongst couples who wish to bestow their female counterparts with this ethereal bling.

The three layers represent the past, present, and future, as well as love, friendship, and fidelity. It is a ring that promises these three cardinal pillars of a happy and meaningful relationship. You can gift this to your partner on your engagement or anniversary to showcase your love and affection.

Multiple women also celebrate the stacking rings trend to commemorate a particular achievement. Milestones like marriages, the birth of the first child, getting a job promotion are all noteworthy moments in a woman’s life that needs celebration. And these rings do just that.  You can add whatever meaning you want to your bands and stack them up on your

3. Big Statement Open Ring

This rose-colored four-decked open ring is a statement finger band that is bound to make the headlines! Effortlessly adjustable to any finger size, this statement ring blends in with your personality by invoking your inner goddess. It comes in two colors, gold, and silver. So, pick your fave shade and flaunt it like a queen!

4. Multi Layer Knot Rings

Multi layer rings are one of the coolest new accessories that no girl can say no to. Especially when it comes to this new multi layer knot ring! It is an adjustable ring that works wonders with any outfit. If you are wearing your white silk shirt with your pencil pants and a pair of pumps to your office, this knotted ring is all you need to keep your bling game on! It is the perfect addition to your jewelry closet.

5. Shining Zircon Flower Criss-Cross Open Ring

Wearing Zircon crystals provide you a two-in-one benefit! Not only do they look absolutely ravishing with dresses and formalwear, but Zircon crystals are quite the lucky charm! It is believed that this enticing crystal has the power to bring prosperity and success. Due to its extraordinary durability, this shining Zircon flower criss-cross open ring stays by your side for life. Its resistance to external factors enables it to work its magic in your life!

6. Zircon Twisted Multi Layer Rings

Another Zircon multi layered ring, this adjustable finger band is an absolute winner amongst the feminine youth. Thanks to its twisted band, it makes the ring look like a beautiful intricacy that your finger just cannot live without! There is another slicker band with a stone in the middle attached to the twisted band, that when worn, gives off a mid-finger ring vibe. So, if you are into mid-finger rings and want a more finesse version of it, this is your chance!

7. Chunky Multi Layered Rings

The chunky jewelry trend is still running quite strong, and its ubiquitous influence has reached every household’s wardrobe. Chunky multi layered rings have become the showrunner for stackable rings. They can be effortlessly paired with other slicker and dainty rings.

Chunky multi layered rings complement stackable rings perfectly. The ring’s geometric shape adds a bit of edge to your attire and can be paired up with geometric earrings.

The Perfect Nail Paints That Marry Well With Chunky Finger Bands

Since chunky finger rings are naturally bold and daring, you need to brush more sober and nude paint for your nails. Neutral tones like shades of nude, soft pink, and white are classic. White nails with few golden spots painted on top of the coat make your golden chunky finger rings sing!

However, if you are still planning on making the look bolder and you are not afraid to set up a unique example, then definitely go ahead and experiment with darker shades like black and maroon. They are 100% going to make you look like a diva!

If you are the type of girl who does not love to paint her nails, then opting for a simple French manicure can seal the deal as well. Always remember to keep it simple!

8. Tree Branch Shaped Layered Rings

According to popular beliefs, the tree branch represents femininity and liberation. It is seen as a source of spiritual nourishment and fertility. It celebrates transformation and enlightenment.

Since it is known for its transformation representation, it makes for a great graduation present! You can also gift this to your best friend, congratulating her on her new job or a promotion. It is a serene piece of finger ring that looks sophisticated.

9. Braided Winding Multi-Layered Rings

These types of intertwining braided layered rings are perfect a gift for your soulmate. The intertwining strands represent the lives of two souls intertwining with each other for life, through the thick and thin. It commemorates an unbreakable connection.

So, if you are planning on showering your girlfriend with some love, surprise her with this gorgeous piece of jewelry!

10. Irregular Shaped Multi Layered Hollow Metal Pearl Ring

Its irregular shape makes it a bold statement setter finger ring that is guaranteed to pop your manicured fingers magnificently. Incorporated with pearls on all its layers, this multi-layered ring is the perfect jewelry for your cocktail dinner parties.

And not just parties, these irregularly shaped multi layered hollow metal pearl ring works magic with coats. They also pair incredibly well with Indian attire, like sarees with long pearl necklace. This exquisite multi layered ring is fresh, it is hip, and it is definitely cool!

Which Finger Should You Choose For Your Rings?

Although different people have different answers to this dilemma, the truth is… (drum roll please!) You can wear it on either finger! It is up to your desire completely.

For practical reasons, if you are going to be using your dominant hand more at the time of work, it is advisable to wear your awesome layered rings on the other hand. It helps your finger embellishments stay safer and cleaner.

Most of the time, people shy away from dressing up their pinky fingers. It can be the smallest of the lot, but it can certainly make the most noise! You can accessorize your little finger with bold statement rings and amplify its sex appeal just like the rest.

The same goes for the thumb! The authoritative thumb is the best finger to flaunt all your statement rings and adds a bit of an X factor to your overall look.

Now for slicker finger rings, the middle finger is considered to be the ideal candidate! The middle finger, known for being the boldest and most charismatic finger of all, is perfect for minimalistic bands. If you have slick pieces of jewelry, then this finger is the ideal one to put it on.


“A ring is a halo on your finger.” – Douglas Coupland


So, if you are planning on accessorizing your fingers with stackable rings in the right way in the future, then these are the perfect layered rings that you should bag right now!

With Christmas and New Year celebrations on their way, get ready to decorate yourself!

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