10 Most Alluring Love Heart Lockets for Girlfriend

Looking to surprise your girlfriend out of the blue with a beautiful piece of gift that has the ability to project your love for her? Then spare your few valuable minutes and scroll through our ultimate guide of the 10 most alluring heart lockets you can gift your girlfriend!

Gifting your girlfriend with chocolates and teddies can be really sweet and adorable, but representing your love with heart pendants and lockets is the ideal gesture to show your devotion, friendship, love and affection for your girlfriend. It has been an age-old ritual since the Middle Ages, and even today it still has a strong, ubiquitous influence.  

So if your love for your partner is undying and burning with a fiery passion, then choose one from these 10 most alluring and perfect heart pendants for your girlfriend:

Dry Flower Locket Necklace

This heart shaped pendant that encases dried flowers inside it, is not only a trendsetting fashion accessory, but it also is one of the most beautiful pieces of necklace to gift to your girlfriend. 

The dried flowers that have been captivated inside the transparent piece of heart-shaped glass pendant will not perish and will stay like it is forever. 

This dried flower locket necklace symbolizes your eternal love for your girlfriend. 

‘I-Love-You’ 100 Language Necklace

How romantic it is to confess your love to your girlfriend not only in one language, but in 100 languages! It is simply…poetic.

This cute looking necklace with a heart shaped pendant that has a projection set inside it displays the romantic three words, ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages! It is a loving gift that you can gift to your long-time crush, your girlfriend, or your fiancé. 

Heart Pendant Chain Locket

If you have noticed how your girlfriend is more inclined towards simplistic and dainty looking jewelleries, then this trendy looking heart pendant chain locket is the absolute gift material for you to give her!

This chain locket’s sleek look blends beautifully with every outfit in every occasion. Whether it is a catch-up with her friends, or a movie date, or the workplace, or even at a party, she will never fail to wear this romantic present round her neck. 

Heart Cubic Zirconia Charm Necklace

The finest white stones used in the making of this charm necklace give it an exquisite and elegant look that will leave your girlfriend swooning. 

Since the Victorian era, necklaces have always been a conduit used to convey sentimental messages and subliminal meanings. This has become a trend even in the modern times, with charm necklaces, like the heart cubic charm necklace. A charm necklace that comes with a heart pendant conveys a more clear meaning, i.e. love. 

So make your partner feel like a queen by gifting this beautiful heart lockets for girlfriend.

Heartbeat Necklace

Doesn’t it feel good when your heart beats faster when you see your lover? It is a feeling that is too pure and special to articulate. 

Sometimes finding the right words to express your emotions perfectly can be really tricky. So if that is the case, then say no word and express the feeling of your heart through this beautiful piece of accessory to your loved one.  

Glow in the Dark Heart Pendant Necklace

If you are aware of the latest fashion scene, then you will know that the ever popular 90s trend, glow in the dark, is making a bombastic comeback. From clothes to accessories, every fashionable piece is getting customized by this trend.

If you are looking for a mystical piece of jewellery that fits this description, then definitely confess your love to your partner with the magical, glow in the dark heart pendant necklace! 

Double Layered Heart Necklace

This delicate piece of ornament that comes with a choker and a sleek chain with a heart shaped pendant makes for the sophisticated double layered heart necklace. Along with being a chic looking accessory, it is the perfect way to make an endearing and intimate statement of love to your girlfriend.

The double layered heart necklace is a special gift that needs no special occasion to be gifted on. You can surprise her by gifting this metaphorical form of love any day you want!

Magnetic Heart Four Leaves and a Rose Necklace

Rose is a symbol of love and passion. It has always been used to confess our admiration for our loved ones. 

The four leaves, which are inspired by the four-leaf clover tradition, is a form of a good luck charm, where each of the leaves represent hope, faith, love, and luck respectively. 

The most appealing part of this necklace is that the leaves and rose are magnetic heart shaped, which makes it even more alluring.

So if your girlfriend makes you “feel lucky like a four-leaf clover” like Jennifer Lopez, then gift her with the magnetic heart-shaped four leaves and a rose locket. 

A Love-ly Fact

Heart charms used as pendants for necklaces have always been symbolic of love, admiration, passion, sensuality and femininity. The use of a heart shaped pendant denotes strength, power and life. It also represents intuition and guidance. The phrase, ‘listen to your heart’ comes from this very symbolism of intuition. Heart charm pendants are the most ideal gift for your loved one, which shows your love and adoration you have for them.

Secret Message Heart Shaped Lockets 

These sober coloured heart shaped pendants are cute and elegant, and make for an adorable present for your significant other.  

The secret message lockets can be customized the way you, as a sender, want. These heart lockets for girlfriend can be opened, which gives you the liberty to personalize the inside of it. Whether you hide a cute picture of your lover, or a secret sentimental message, it is definitely going to leave her surprised when she opens the pendant! 

These types of lockets are the best souvenirs that convey your love and appreciation for and to your partner. 

Zircon Stoned Dual Heart Locket

A delicate looking heart shaped necklace with half a part made of white stones and the other half made of zircon stones, makes it an absolute wonder. Gifting your girl something this elegant and romantic is definitely going to earn you extra points for being an insanely charming boyfriend! 

The zircon stoned heart shaped necklace will undoubtedly express your undying admiration and unconditional love that you have for your partner. It is a reaffirmation that every girl needs sometimes. 

These are the 10 most alluring heart lockets that you can offer your girlfriend, and make her go weak in the knees.

The heart symbol that had found its relevance sometime in the Renaissance and Victorian periods still has a lot of importance. Gifting heart pendants have become the ultimate romantic gesture for couples. Not only for couples, but it can be given to anyone you love and adore strongly, like your best friends. 

“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” 

– John Lennon

So if you feel like you need to appreciate the woman of your dreams, and pamper her with your love, then gift her one of our heart shaped pendants now!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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