Top 10 Personalized Name Lockets and Necklaces for Women

Customizing names on your lockets and necklaces have become a big trend. From gifts to souvenirs, personalized name lockets are ruling the fashion industry. 

Personalized name pendants can be curated based on your name or your loved ones’, depending on who you are getting it for. The customization of a name, or a nickname or a special secret name that you might have for your girlfriend or your girl best friend, makes the necklace even more special. 

So if you are looking for gifting your girlfriend, or your gal pal, or your sister, or your daughter, then sit back and relax, because we have an entire list consisting of the top 10 personalized name lockets and necklaces for women:

Heart Shaped Pendant for the Initials


This dainty piece of jewelry is one of the best that you can select to give your girlfriend or your loved one. It is a necklace that comes with a small heart shaped pendant that gives you a tiny place to engrave the initials of the receiver’s name onto it. 

This heart shaped pendant makes for a good memorable gift that you can surprise your loved ones with as a parting gift or even a graduation gift! Due to its heart shape, it can also be a great gift for Valentine’s. 

The ‘My Name’ Necklace


This is one of the quirkiest and trendiest pieces of personalized necklace you will ever come across. Most of the personalized pendants that you find in the market allow you to engrave the name of your loved one onto the pendant. But that is not the case with the ‘my name’ necklace!

The ‘my name’ necklace allows you to customize the pendant in the shape of the name of the receiver. Isn’t that cool? It is a fresh and unique concept that makes the overall look of the necklace sassy and straight up awesome. 

“The necklace is the anchor; it’s the classification of jewelry that says what the whole idea is about.” – Robert Lee Morris

Gold Plated ‘My Name’ Locket Necklace


Similar to the above type, the only difference is that the gold plated ‘my name’ necklace is made of rose gold. 

Since this season is all about the rose gold trend, it has become a popular choice for every individual. The color of the metal also looks flattering on every skin type, and this is probably one of the biggest reasons behind its fame. 

Gold Plated Alphabet Chains with a Heart


Just like the ‘my name’ pendants allow you to customize the pendant based on a full name; the gold plated alphabet chain allows you to customize the pendant based on the initial of the receiver’s name. The chain also has white stones incorporated in the pendant along with a heart, making it look classy and elegant.

All your girl besties who love gold will never fail to flaunt this piece of bling!

Customized Name Diamond Lockets Necklace


Enough of gold, now let’s talk about silver! 

Personalizing your name or your loved one’s name onto this diamond necklace not only makes it stylish and chic, but also when one wears it, it is like wearing and owning their identity. It gives a sense of confidence, and that makes everyone look sexy!

So if you have a gal pal who loves silver and the white stones, then you should definitely choose this elegant piece of pendant.

Golden Locket with Large Alphabets


This trendy looking golden name lockets pendant is a hip looking accessory. It is a long necklace that comes in all of the English alphabets. Since, it is available in all of the 26 alphabets, from A – Z, you can gift this to any of your close gal pals who are into necklaces. 

From the fashion perspective, these golden necklaces with large alphabetical pendants look awesome with simple jeans and shirts. It even looks great with dresses, and is ideal to be worn at a party. 

Customized Vertical Name Pendants Locket


Vertical or bar pendants have always been the best pendants to customize. With this vertical pendant you can engrave your loved ones’ name and date of birth, and give this personalized, sentimental gift to them. If you are gifting it to your girlfriend, you can also engrave yours’ anniversary date in the place of her date of birth. 

Vertical or bar pendants have become the trendsetting accessory that has successfully been able to stand out in the era of fast fashion. The simplicity of the bar pendants look so chic and crafty that anyone who is into minimalistic fashion will go gaga over this dainty and delicate piece of jewelry. 

Customized Infinity Name Lockets Necklace


Infinity necklaces are one of the most brilliant gestures to declare your love for one another. The sign of infinity designed as the logo of a necklace symbolizes eternity, everlasting love, and empowerment. It not only makes for a perfect gift, but is also a stylish piece of ornament that looks great with almost any outfit. 

You can personalize both yours and your partner’s name on the infinity logo and turn it into an eye-catching pendant. This beautiful piece of jewelry is represented as a special memento that highlights your love and admiration for one another. 

Alphabet Within a Heart Pendant


This rose gold plated name lockets pendant is another customized necklace that you can gift to your close female friends or your sisters. It allows you to select the pendant that is personalized based on the receiver’s initials. This alphabet is carefully placed within a heart that makes it all the more fascinating and stylish. 

The significance of this interesting looking necklace is that, since the initial of your receiver’s name is placed within a heart shaped pendant, it is a constant reminder of how they are always in your heart. This makes it an extremely sentimental piece of gift. 

These are the top 10 most popular and appealing personalized name pendants and necklaces for women.

Whether you gift personalized necklaces to your BFFs or you buy one for yourself, personalized pendants or any other type of personalized jewelleries always make you feel special and confident. When you receive personalized pendants, it makes you feel loved and valued. It is an extremely personal and intimate kind of gift. It also makes for a very unique type of gift on which you make an effort to make it more special and sentimental.

So why not give personalized pendants and necklaces a try the next time you think of gifting your dear ones? We are 100% sure they will absolutely adore it!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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