Celebrate Friendship With These Dazzling Charm Necklaces: 13 Best Friend Lockets To Gift Your BFF!

If you and your best friend are looking for ways to add a special spark and secure your friendship, then gifting her with these beautiful dazzling best friend lockets is the perfect way to go about it! The idea of gifting lockets to your special friend enables them to secure your meaningful present close to their heart forever. It is the most emotional gift type that guarantees to make your bestie’s heart flutter!

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

-Bernard Meltzer

Best Friend Lockets For Two

Bestowing your BFF with best friend lockets can work in any occasion. You can gift them as a sympathy note, on their birthdays, on completing a friendship anniversary/milestone, or even if they move on to another city! It is the most versatile piece of bling that is sure to light up a sparkling smile on your pal’s face.

The idea of gifting your BFF with best friend lockets for two is incredibly sweet and adorable. These pendants come in two that allow you, as the giver, to hold on to one piece while you present your best friend with the other half of the pendant. It is the perfect way of representing your friendship as two peas in a pod!

1. Unbiological Sister Pendant

Do you have a best friend who you are glued to, who is literally like your sister but from another mother? If yes, then gifting this dainty, enthralling piece of a pendant is just the right decision! It is a beautiful piece of heart pendant that perfectly incorporates the infinite symbol. This is one of the most ideal best friend lockets that beautifully depicts the idea of infinite love.

If you want to celebrate your friendship with your gal pal forever and you truly live up to the BFF motto, then delay no more and gift her this now!

2. Best Friend Couple Locket with Chain

These cute best friend lockets come in two colors, black and red. It is a stainless piece of steel that stays immortal just like your friendship! Keep one to yourself and gift the other one to your close friend to show her how much she means to you.

The trendy pendant makes for a perfect anniversary or a birthday gift. Also, it can team up with casuals as well as partywear effortlessly!


Check out this Creative Couple Magnetic Bracelet

Looking for something other than lockets? Have a look at this stylish couple magnetic bracelet. The two pieces of magnets attached to the thread connect with each other connect when kept in close proximity. Stylish and elegant unisex design makes it perfect for gifting to your both male and female friends.


3. Carved Heart Best Friend Lockets

Another stunning two pieces of lockets, the carved heart best friend locket is the perfect way to commemorate your love for one another. It is an alloy-based material that is skin-friendly.

These heart lockets come in the shape of two halves of the same heart. Each piece of the heart-shaped pendant has a carving. One of them has the word “best” written while the other has the word “friends” along with hearts engraved in the corners. Once they connect with each other, the pendants fit perfectly well, like jigsaw puzzles. The concept behind the heart pendants aims to celebrate your heart-to-heart friendship with your best friend while also making it a fashionable accessory that marries flawlessly with any attire!


4. Best Bitches Lockets

If you have established the term “best bitches” with your BFF, then this is the ideal gift for you two! When you reach that stage of calling your best friend by derogatory terms without receiving a judgmental look, you know you have found your soul mate and your best friend for life. It is like you two are the same souls but in different bodies! So, do not keep your BFF guessing her worth in your life and get her these cool and hip “best bitches” pendants.

Comes in two pendants, they are two halves of the same heart that represents your and your BFF’s soul. Just as you two fit with each other’s vibe effortlessly, the pendants do the exact same thing. So, one pendant for you and the other one for your main bitch!


5. Pinky Swear Friendship Lockets

A Japanese belief, the pinky swear has become quite the tradition amongst dear friends. People use their little finger, known as the pinky, to make an unbreakable promise with their partner in crime that if broken can result in the cutting off their pinky! Ouch!

The lockets come in two pieces, each having the engraved symbol of the “pinky promise”. You can also personalize the lockets based on your liking.

So, if you want to commemorate your best friend with whom you share all your secrets and who is your safe vault, then gift her these beautiful, dainty best friend lockets now!

6. BFF Unicorn Necklaces

The BFF unicorn best friend lockets for girls are the perfect birthday gift for your gal pal! This is one of the most innocent best friend lockets that you can gift your preteen besties. Comes in two half-hearted pieces, these pastel pendants make it a vibrant present.

The unicorn is known to symbolize divinity, magic, freedom, and gentleness. It stands for everything pure. It is the perfect charm for good luck. So, if she is the Bubbles to your Blossom, then gift her these cute, pastel necklaces immediately!


7. Bold ‘n’ Elegant Best Friend Lockets For Two

As the name suggests, this particular piece of bling can make your look bold as well as elegant! It comes with two sparkling pendants that combine into one big heart; it is the perfect bling to commemorate your friendship.

If you think your BFF can be bold AF as well as elegant as a queen, then definitely gift her this exquisite piece of jewelry.


8 . Glittering Butterfly Necklaces

Known for their beauty and charm, butterflies are symbolic of spiritual transformation and birth. It represents hope and good luck. Gifting butterfly-themed necklaces to your BFF is the most ideal way of bestowing them with luck and love for future endeavors.

These cute butterfly necklaces come in two from which you can gift one to your gal pal while keeping the other for yourself. It celebrates your strong bond and the metamorphosis of your inseparable friendship. The more a friendship successfully tackles the storm, the stronger it is bound to grow. Just like butterflies! So, wait no more and make your best friend feel special.


Best Friend Lockets For More Than Two!

Sometimes, you can get lucky and have more than one best friend at the same time. If you are a member of a triplet or quadruplet group, then we have the most riveting best friend lockets for you and your group of besties!

1. Soul Sisters Bar Pendants For Three

If you are a part of a threesome friendship, then this is the perfect set of friendship lockets. These stainless-steel bar pendants have the words “soul sisters” engraved, which makes it look delicate and cute. It perfectly captures your bond with your other kindred spirits and commemorates the friendship magnificently.

2. Vintage Antique Best Friend Lockets For Three

Is your group of three old-school? Do you love to jam to old tunes and love the vintage look? Then, these vintage-looking antique friendship lockets are just the right present for you guys!

Comes in a set of three, these pendants fit each other like jigsaw puzzles that represent you and your best friends. The pendants are anti-allergic that enables you to wear them all the time. It looks amazingly well with all kinds of outfits.


3. BFF Pendants For Three

Want to gift your best friends with something classy and elegant? Then this one is the right pick for you! If you and your besties celebrate Friendship Day every day, then you really should not have any doubt about gifting your close counterparts with this dazzler BFF friendship locket.

It is the perfect trio pendant that stands for your awesome bond with your other besties! 

The pendant is dainty and small, which makes it perfect neckwear for dresses and floral prints. So, the next time you meet your buddies for a coffee date, do not forget to wear your best friend lockets!


4. BFF Owl-Shaped Necklaces For Three

Owls are the perfect embodiment of mystery, magic, and femininity. It is one of the most majestic and magnetic creatures of the night that creates an alluring aesthetic.

So, if you think your best friends are enticing and have a specific X-factor that guys just cannot stay away from, then label her as the regal owl by gifting her with these BFF owl-shaped friendship lockets. 

These owls are waiting to be bought by the next Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe!


5. Best Friends Forever And Ever Pendants For Four

These four-part best friend lockets are the ultimate necklace set to commemorate your foursome friendship! A heart that’s broken into four tiny pendants for the four of you, it is the ideal bestie gift that marks your friendship forever and ever.

Do not forget to wear your pendants together ladies, so that you can celebrate your bond perfectly. It is a unique gift that connects your soul with your BFFs and rejoices the integrity and loyalty of your friendship. 


6. Trendy Personalised Best Friend Lockets

This trendy piece of the silver chain comes in four ring-shaped lockets that give you the chance to personalize it with the names of your four BFFs! It makes a perfect birthday gift for your mates from the BFF club. You can also pamper yourself by buying this amazing ornament for yourself that always shows off your friendship
This hip present is the perfect token of appreciation for both him and her. So, wear your friendship with pride and celebrate your buddies forever!

These are some of the most dazzling charm necklaces that make for the ideal and sentimental best friend lockets for you and your pack of besties!

Friendship Keeps Your Mental Health Under Check

Did you know that without a loyal friend, you can suffer from mental health issues like depression? A good friend will always have your back and buffer the bad things from affecting you. They will accept you for who you are and celebrate your uniqueness. 

Your best friends know how to handle you and support you through the storm, and still be with you no matter how many fights you have. A non-judgmental friend can alleviate your stress and reduce the risks of anxiety and depression. 

A non-toxic friendship will enhance your self-confidence, sense of belonging, and boost levels of happiness and self-worth. It contributes to overall life satisfaction. As Bill Watterson said, “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”

Thus, never leave your best friend’s side. They are your gem!

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