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Hello there, it’s that time of year again when the winter chills are comforted by warm hugs and love blooms in between. The strong feeling of love at such a time cannot be let down easily and thus everyone decides to gift our love with the most special and expensive stuff they can lay their hands on. A quick tip here is that you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to prove how much you love her but only the right kind of love would do the right kind of work. The answer to this puzzle here is jewellery. 


Girls love jewellery and gifting her something that could be a part of her daily attire is like giving her the best possible gift. Imagine seeing her every morning wearing the Jewellery you gifted her, the smile on her face and the rush in your heart is the real reason behind this. Jewellery has always been the most important part of any girl’s life and by gifting jewellery you are doing nothing more than gifting your heart for the second time and for the million coming times.

Now before the next question pops in your mind regarding what kind of jewellery to be chosen, here on this blog we have provided you with a whole list of products you can buy as a gift. The article is divided into different categories and sub-categories and tends to remove all your doubts regarding the best jewellery gift for your girlfriend. 

Let’s dive into some of the best jewellery gift options for girls –


Rings – Something that’s close to her heart 

Anything can be given as a gift conditioned that it is given with utmost love and care. but if the gift is a ring, then it is considered to be the most valuable yet precious gift, a girl could receive from a guy.

The actual reason behind gifting someone a ring is not only “the ring” but the gift of commitment, promises and protection. Giving someone, all this is adorable, isn’t it?

That’s why the fashion world has risen to heights and offers a variety of products to choose from. The same goes with rings and therefore, keeping up the trend, we also have listed some different types of rings that can be used to gift your girlfriend.

Minimalist rings

Let’s say your girl has an absolute minimalist taste in what she wears. In that case, you don’t want to upset her by gifting her something that is not her style. Thus, minimalist rings are the best jewellery gift for your girlfriend. These are the types of rings with a usually single band. They are small in size and thus adds a modern touch to the outfit. They are completely simple and savour the taste of minimalism. It makes the best gift for women on style.

Gemstone rings

gemstone -rings

This is the heaviest and trendiest kind of jewellery rings. You have often seen a woman or your girl wearing a big stone on her finger, right? That is what this jewellery is all about. Big stones that are as hard as a rock but gives the perfect finish to the fingers. This makes a great gift because they look absolutely stunning on every kind of outfit.

Coin rings


You have seen those big round stones in women hands. Those type of rings is called coin rings. These are available in different sizes and the bigger the size, the more volume it adds to a women’s finger which only beautifies it more and more.

Bracelet rings


These bracelet rings have totally got your back because they go well with absolutely every kind of Indian traditional and western outfits. The reason they are picked in a huge number is because of the sleek design they carry which in turn adds more style to the fingers and wrists simultaneously.

Cluster rings


These are the types of rings which have multiple small stones on top of the head of the ring. The reason they are called cluster rings is that all the stones when put together form a giant cluster on the ring’s head. These rings typically are suited for heavy traditional dresses or indo-western dresses. You know how women while wearing a heavy piece of jewellery looks? That’s the look you should let your girlfriend have once and she will absolutely love this.

Statement rings

Big rings always tend to put up looks more precisely. No matter what kind of outfit one is wearing, this type of rings just adds more style statement. The reason girls love this kind of rings is that they simply add more confidence and makes her look bolder. Nothing is more beautiful than a girl feeling strong and confident about her and that is why you should definitely try gifting this to your girlfriend.

Boho rings

You are already getting the idea about these rings, right? Now, if your girlfriend likes to wear prints way more than other pieces, then her love for Boho rings would be inseparable. Why are these rings in such a demand? It is so because the fashion industry has taken turns to the ancient styles where prints were worn by actresses and now same prints are worn by girls around the corner. Gifting your girlfriend, a boho ring can be truly remarkable as she is going to cherish and wear that ring for a long time.

Pearl rings

pearl rings

Pearls have a huge amount of space in a girl’s heart. No matter how big or how small it is, if it is a pearl then any girl is up for it. She will definitely buy it. In such a case, it is highly recommended to buy your girlfriend a pearl ring. Why? Because these pearl rings look absolutely stunning on formal wears and western wears as well. If your girlfriend is a working woman, then her black formal apparels could totally pull off this look.

Earrings – Every Girl’s Favourite Jewelry 

When it comes to styling, nothing can match the beauty of earrings. Earrings are by far the most common type of gift you can buy for your girlfriend. Earrings can literally range from each different type to more different type. Yes! that’s how huge the earring market is. Below we have tried to find you the best type of earrings for your girlfriend.

Stud earrings


These are the most common type of earrings. They vary in shapes and sizes and are made to fit the ears properly. Even due to the large size of these earrings, they are not at all heavy to wear and can stay in one place. Thus, this could prove to be a great jewellery gift for your girlfriend.

Hoop earrings


Now these are the sure make space in every woman’s closet. Because of their sizes, they attract anyone easily. If your girlfriend loves wearing big earrings, then these earrings are best for her because they come in a whole lot of variety and different shapes, ranging from round, square to rectangle etc. Shocked? Get your hands on these and surprise your girlfriend with the best jewellery gift.

Drop earrings

Ever watched the jewellery advertisements or visited a jewellery shop? The most fascinating type of earrings in display there is called the drop earrings. Drop earrings are simply a better version of studs. They are called drop earrings for a reason now because they tend to drop from the ears rather than staying in a place. They completely pull off the traditional as well as the western and indo-western look and are an instant eye-catcher. No wonder, girl loves these types of earrings.



The meaning of these earrings is pretty simple to guess. Yes, you are thinking right. The “Chandelier earrings” have arrived from the word “Chandelier”. you obviously want to gift your girlfriend something as beautiful as chandeliers, right? Why? Because they look extremely elegant and getting this as a gift is a sure way to get your girlfriend closer to your heart.



Indian girls are such a die-hard fan of Jhumkas and now this tradition has spread to other parts of Asia as well because they add magic to the ears which no other jewellery can add. Be it oxidised Jhumkas or real Jhumkas, the love for both keeps on increasing. As soon as a girl lay her eyes on a set of Jhumkas, she knows where it belongs to. So, why not gift something like this to her?


The name itself sounds cute right? Because these earrings tend to hug earlobes. Remember how you have seen people wearing 2-3 earrings in one ear. Those small coverings are called the “Huggies”. They can be considered as one of the best jewellery gifts for your girlfriend because every time you feel like hugging her or she feels like hugging you, only a mere look at these earrings would do the work. They can either be in the variant gold or silver or even diamond and really are in huge demand. So, stock up for them real soon.



Next are the danglers, these are just the earrings that swing around your ears from right to left and back then. Danglers are much similar to drop; the only difference is that drop earrings don’t swing like the danglers. Girls are again a big-hoarder of these types of earrings because they look absolutely stunning when pulled off with western outfits. Thus, a set of danglers would be the best jewellery gift for your girlfriend.



I bet you have seen little threads hanging on the window panes of the jewellery shops that were enough to pull you inside that shop. Well, those little threads are called the “threader earrings”. Now you know the reason behind their names. It looks a thin piece of thread which is merely visible but adds grace to outfits. They absolutely go well with sarees and western outfits. So, if your girlfriend likes to wear both of them or any of them, you don’t want to miss the chance of making her heart happy. They are one of the best kind of gifts you can buy for her.



The reason they are called Chandbali is that they look like a moon covering the parts of our ear and are further supported by a string-like structure that goes around our ears. Chandbali has its different varieties ranging from gold to silver to pearl and what not. Chandbali’s are perfect earrings for traditional sarees. Next time, your girlfriend wears a traditional saree, don’t forget to mention how gorgeous she looks with Chandbali.



Ever heard the name of tassels from your girlfriend and how she always wanted to buy them? Well because these are the earrings made from wool, yarn etc. These earrings became so popular because of the sophisticated look they carry. Get your girlfriend this is she loves pulling off Boho prints every time she leaves her house because they bring the best look out of her.

Lockets –The best Jewellery gift for Girlfriend

Lockets are yet another beautiful jewellery, girls like to dress up with. Do you know gifting lockets is a symbol of gifting love, commitment and care to your partner? It is a complete personal feeling and carries a deep hidden meaning between the couple. Girls, whether they receive lockets as a mean of gift and simply if they have handpicked themselves, connect to each one of them and cherishes it lifelong. Thus, gifting necklace to your girlfriend can be quite an expressive way of defining love in the purest form.

Photo lockets


These are the trendiest and most common type of lockets. The reason they are called photo lockets is that they come attached with a photograph. Thus, you can either gift it to your girlfriend attaching a photo of hers, or yours so that every time she wears the locket, she gets reminded of all the love you have in store for her.

Alphabet lockets


 You can easily make out from the heading what alphabet lockets are. Well, the kind of lockets having an alphabet on it. These types of lockets absolutely stylish and adorable and slays every western outfit. Get your hands on these lockets for your girl and she will be pleased because a girl loves this kind of girlie stuff.

Crystal Lockets

These are the kind of lockets which have got a glass look. Remember how glass is see-through and makes everything pretty? The glass lockets are exactly like these with the added chic style and ability to go well with every kind of outfit. You will definitely not regret gifting this to her.

Glow in dark lockets

Have you ever seen those lockets which glow in dark? If not, then those are the ultimate unique lockets which makes the best gift for your girlfriend. Why? Because the look presented by them is extremely stylish and these lockets go well with western outfits the most. So, if your girl is a total crazy head over such jewellery then gifting this type of locket won’t hurt anyone. Also, these lockets give a huge choice because there are different designs and sizes to choose from.

Anklets – Because our Feet needs some attention too!

Anklets are the bracelets worn on feet. These aren’t something that has been into trend recently but anklets as a piece of fashion are worn for a long time now. The ancient women often used toe rings and anklets to add beauty to their feet. However, the changes in design and size have led to a huge variety today. Gifting anklets can be absolutely adorable because it’s never bad for women to accessorize their body parts, feet especially because they like to keep their feet pretty all the time. We have categorized a few types of anklets for a quick go-through.

Metal anklets

Metal anklets are the anklets made using chunks of metals. They can be either gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper and whatnot. The reason they are picked is because of the size and the fact that they are a sophisticated piece of jewellery. These trendy anklets give a heavy look to the feet and don’t tarnish easily.

Beaded anklets

Does your girlfriend love playing with colours? If yes, then this is the perfect bracelet for her feet. Gifting your girlfriend this ankle is special because this anklet is special. The beads used in the ankles are of different kinds, moon, sea-shells, hearts and much more. They go well with casual wears and beach wears. 

Birthstone anklets

gemstone anklet

Is she, someone who believes in the power and magic of birthstones, then these anklets are the perfect gift should give your girlfriend. Just like gemstones, they also take over a large part of the fashion industry. Often in the colour: turquoise, crystal pearl effect, these types of anklets have never failed to impress girl’s heart. Thus, birthstone anklets can be a really amazing gift for your girlfriend.

Letter anklets

alphabet anklet

This makes a pretty clear assumption about the kind these anklets hold in themselves. Often seen women wearing letters on her neck. A quick tip here can be women buy lockets with letters which either inspire or motivate her or because she simply finds it cute. Thus, go for the ones like this as the best jewellery gift for your girlfriend whether you are in a long-term relationship with her or it is just a new relationship gift for her.


thinanklets payal

Now this is the perfect kind of jewellery gift for any girl. Payal is the other name for an anklet. It is a little different from that but well surpasses all levels of beauty given by any other anklets. These are heavy as compared to normal anklets but are absolutely worth it. Nothing is more soothing than hearing the medley of a Payal, thus it would always be a pleasure every time she wears it.

Feather anklets


Mentioning of the unique products, one more type of anklet that can totally pull off your want to get a jewellery gift for your girlfriend is these “feather anklets”. These are just like the “feather earrings” but they are worn in the feet. They are very delicate and thus looks very adorable on pretty little feet of hers’.

Bracelets – Every Girl’s Sidekick

Bracelets are a very beautiful form of jewellery as it carries the extreme work of enhancing our wrists and arms. If you are thinking to surprise your girlfriend with a gift then going for a bracelet is a definitely worthy suggestion. Now, the sizes, designs for a bracelet can vary in a huge number and thus, we have provided you with a list of few different types of bracelets that you can use to gift your girlfriend.

Bangle bracelet

bangle bracelet

If your girlfriend love wearing bangles or you love her seeing in those bangles, thinking of buying jewellery for your girlfriend, then bangle bracelets can make the best jewellery gift for your girlfriend. The reason is that they are so easy and comfortable to wear and looks very stylish adding a factor of chicness to her overall personality.

Beaded bracelets

beaded bracelet

These types of bracelets come with beads made of stones, gemstones, rocks, plastic etc. They are extremely stylish and go well with western outfits. If you are looking for something special for her, then this is the best jewellery gift for girlfriend that you can lay your hands upon.

Chain bracelets

These bracelets are small chains for the wrists. These can be single-layered, double-layered or multi-layered all depending on what type you choose.  These bracelets are the most versatile ones. They carry the ability to really pull off any look and thus it can be one of the best jewellery gifts for your girlfriend.

Gemstone bracelets


Again if your girlfriend is a hoarder for gemstones, then match up the locket with this gemstone bracelet and surprise her with one of the most beautiful gifts. She is so going to love seeing you investing in things she actually likes.

Friendship bracelet

Don’t know what to gift your special friend on friendship day? Get her a cool and funky friendship bracelet. The good thing about having a friendship bracelet is that it can express your feelings on your behalf and every time she wears it, she gets reminded of how important she is a part of your life. Sounds cool enough? Get going then and grab this as a gift for her.

Pearl bracelets


Love pearls? Hunt for “pearl bracelets”. Why? Because nothing can make her look more adorable than having a strand of pearls on her wrist. Pearl bracelets are a way of extending your style statement rather towards the overall personality. They look absolutely elegant on every kind of outfit and make a great deal as a gift.


By this, we have reached the end of the article and I now hope that I have provided you with each detail about the different type of best jewellery gifts you can buy for your girlfriend. The products mentioned above are just broad categories and sub-categories and therefore, you can absolutely dig in more for some more specific kind of products.

We at Locket Wala, have also provided different specific products which you can buy. All the articles are mentioned and you can have a quick look for better reference. 

We hope to see you again with some more different kind of articles to help you get caught on your doubts.

Have a happy day ahead!

Ridhi Jain
Hello avid readers! I am a student at “University Of Delhi” and a writer for 5 years now. I believe bringing a change in the world by looking at the brighter side of things. I have also been lucky enough to enter into the world of authors by writing my first book. The passion for reading and poetries is also something I cannot leave behind. Apart from this, i also work as a content writer and write articles and blogs for various niches.




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