30 Exciting Birthday Gifts for girl best friend + 5 amazing DIY Ideas

“A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present.”

Thomas Fuller

Who likes getting presents? I know right, every one! Whether it is on your birthday or anniversary or Christmas, receiving gifts have always succeeded in making us smile. 

“Every birthday is a gift.

Every day is a gift.”

Aretha Franklin

Below we have led out the ultimate guide for the birthday gifts for girl best friend from a girl bestie, guy best friend, and her crush to select from the myriad choices of the ideal birthday gift that they can surprise her with on her birthday!

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Birthday Gifts for Girl Best Friend from Girls

Since we understand and cherish the importance of gift sharing, we have led out an array of the most exciting and amazing ideas for birthday gifts for your girl best friend!

The top choices that you can select from while gifting your girl best friend are:

Unbiological sister pendants

Do you have a best friend who is like the ‘sister by heart and not by blood’ type? If you have someone like this in your life, who you cannot spend a single moment away from, who is always the first person you call to spill the tea, to gossip, and to fetch advises, then you should definitely gift her with this delicate piece of jewelry called the unbiological sister pendant! These beautiful lockets for girls and chains are absolutely fab. 

The infinity heart necklace has become a fan favorite. It is one of the daintiest pieces of pendant that you can amaze your friend like sister with, and reinforce your love and appreciation for her. 

Cute pastel hair accessories


If you think your girl best friend is the liveliest, the quirkiest, the most colourful person you have ever known, then gifting her with funky and cute pastel hair accessories is the best option you can make! 

From children to teens to adults, everyone with an over-enthusiastic personality can surely relate to the quirkiness of this gift type. And let’s be real, pastel hair accessories are one of the most upbeat trends that have convinced many to follow, thanks to all the fashion influencers out there!

‘You are the Monica to my Rachel’ mug


Even after 26 years of its completion, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, have been one of the most watched and loved TV series. So many friendships have started and sustained with it. 

If you and your friend have memorized each and every dialogue of your favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters, and portray your friendship as Rachel and Monica’s, then you guys are the true fanatics of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! 

And with that being established, it is safe to say that gifting your girl best friend with the ever-so-popular ‘You are the Monica to my Rachel’ mug is definitely going to make her scream, “Oh My God!” in excitement.

Best bitches t-shirts


Remember how the B-word was just limited to people who we despised? Not anymore! In modern times, calling our girl best friend our ‘main bitch’ is more of a compliment than a cuss. It is an ‘honourable title’ given to your close friend who is like your soul mate and is irreplaceable!

So if you are deciding on what to get as a birthday gift for your girl best friend, then it is high time you present her with the ‘best bitches’ t-shirt. It is that friend who probably has ‘sisters before misters’ tattooed on her arm, so we think she definitely is far too eligible for this birthday gift!

Home spa pamper set


As you step into adulthood, it can get really difficult to catch up with your best friend. Thanks to office, not only do we not have time for our bestie but also for ourselves. Plus, the work load can seriously increase our stress levels! 

If you have a dear friend who is going berserk with their office work, then you should definitely grace her with the luxurious home spa pamper set! 

From scented candles to essential oils to bubble bath to body lotions, the calming home spa pamper set will definitely heal and help your girl best friend get some therapeutic ‘me-time’ in the comfort of her own home! 

Outfit of her favorite color


Knowing about your girl best friends’ every pet peeve and their favorites are facts that you probably have engraved in your brains! And knowing her favorite color is a rookie detail that we believe you will certainly know.

Celebrating your best friend’s birthday by giving her a cute dress of her favorite color is one of the most adorable choices you can make. You can either gift her this delightful present on her birthday, or a day before so that she can flaunt it by wearing it on her birthday. Do not forget to click for the ‘gram and shower it with your soul mate/BFF hash tags!

Jewelry Box


Do you and your girl bestie love shopping for junk jewelries? 

If you and your BFF are guilty of this crime, then your drawer must be overflowing with junk jewelries for sure. So if that is the case with you and your best friend, who often cannot find her pair of earrings or bracelets for her date night from the brimming ocean of her bling, gift her with a nice jewelry box and release her from the misery!

Make-up Kits


If your gal pal is a beauty guru who loves to put on lipsticks, nail paints, mascaras and blushes, then gifting her with the ultimate make-up kit is an absolute winner!

From Lakmé to Sugar to Sephora to Maybelline, all the leading beauty brands have their very own scintillating range of make-up kits. Consisting of foundations, blushes, lipsticks and lip glosses, kajals, and skin care creams, a make-up kit is the best birthday gift for your beauty maniac friend!

You can also personally customize the make-up kit and include only those products which your BFF absolutely adores.

Wine tumbler


This is one of the finest birthday gifts for your wine loving girl best friend! Wine tumblers are a very unique gift item that keeps your wine and other cocktails cool and fresh.  

So the next time your BFF gets sleepy during that boring long office meeting, a sip from the wine tumbler is surely going to spike up her consciousness! 

Intention necklaces


Intention necklaces are very uncommon yet sophisticated idea for a birthday gift. This delicate piece of jewelry allows you to tuck your desires and goals into the semi-precious stone beads necklace for it to come true.

We all wish nothing but the best for our girl bestie, but proving it by gifting her with this mystical and stylish piece of jewelry hits a special chord.

So wish her a very happy birthday by giving her this dainty magical necklace. 

Birthday Gifts for Girl Best Friend from the Guy Best Friend

Guys can sometimes suffer from a “creative block” when it comes to giving birthday gifts to their girl best friend. But do not worry boys; we got it figured out for you to save you from the embarrassment!

Instax mini camera

instax mini11

In the age of social media, the new retro style camera, Instax mini camera has created a roaring new culture. Labeled as “the cutest camera in the world”, Instax mini camera has become a hip gift choice. So if your girl best friend loves taking pictures and loves to hit it old school, then we highly recommend you to present her with this high-tech yet easy-to-use gadget on her birthday!

Personalized F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme mug

Screenshot (15)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been a popular show among every individual. Do you find your gal bestie occasionally labelling herself as Rachel, Monica or Phoebe? If the answer is ‘HELL YEAH!”, then we think it is safe to say that she is a diehard F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. 

So if you see your friendship to be as pure and awesome as Joey and Phoebe’s, then gifting a personalized F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed mug as birthday gifts to girl best friend can be an absolute winner. 

Books or a journal


Do you guys have a girl best friend who is an avid reader of books? Then it is safe to say that gifting her with her favourite author’s book or on her favourite genre is going to earn you a special place in her heart!

If your girl bestie loves to own a diary and loves to scribble in her notepad, then you can also gift her with a nice journal. It is, hands down, the best gift for your book lover friend, which can also be one of the best ways for an effective catharsis!

Cute caricatures


Gifting caricatures have become a hot trend amongst the youngsters. Whether it is her celebrity crush, her favourite singer, or her favourite cartoon character, cute caricatures are one of the most unique gift ideas that your girl best friend is going to love. 

Along with gifting caricatures based on her favourite artists, you can also curate a personal caricature based on your best friend, a trend that is popularly known as the caricme!

Cute caricatures as gifts can have a very sentimental value attached to it. As the Chief Designing Officer, Rajesh Acharya rightfully said, “It’s nothing but telling a story with a caricature”. 

Gift cards and subscriptions


Many people may find gift cards tacky, but it is actually one of the most convenient and adored gift ideas. 

Giving gift cards allow your girl best friend to buy anything she desires and not limit her to a specific item. If you are not very sure about what to get your best friend for her birthday, then gift cards are the perfect way to go. 

Merchandise of her favorite band

bts hoodie

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If your girl best friend is a big fan of a musical band, and has memorized the lyrics of their each and every song by heart, then think no more and gift her with a merchandise of her favourite band. Whether it is an album or a poster or both, it is one of the safest and most incredible gift ideas. 

But just a heads-up, you probably won’t have much say on the song selection as your gifted album will be the only thing your bestie will be listening to for months!

Sweet and personal gift hampers


Personalized gift hampers have always been a crowd pleaser. It is one of the trendiest gift options that work for all age groups. A customizable packaged collection of goodies making for a beauty hamper, assorted chocolate/wine hamper or a therapy pamper hamper, is one of the convenient yet creative types of birthday gifts you can surprise your girl best friend with!

Wireless speakers


If your gal best friend loves to groove to music 24/7 and is an absolute music lover, then gifting her with wireless speakers on her birthday is certainly going to make you earn a special spot!  The best part about gifting wireless speakers is that every girl belonging from all age groups would love receiving this on their birthday. 

Zodiac candles


Does your gal bestie love to read the horoscopes daily? Is she a complete astro freak who justifies everyone’s behaviour based on their zodiac sign? 

Well, if this rightfully summarizes your best friend, then you definitely have to gift her candles based on her zodiac sign. Whether she is an intellectual Gemini or a protective Cancer, zodiac candles are definitely going to be the best gift she will receive on her birthday!

Jewellery Stand

folding jewlry

Have you noticed how you are always kept waiting while your girl best friend is always frantically looking for her pair of earrings? If you have been a prey to this torture, then save both of yourselves from this agony by gifting her with a jewellery stand! 

Jewellery stands are a very popular choice of a present, especially if your girl loves to accessorise herself.

Birthday Gifts from the Crush

Gifting friends somehow seems relatively easier than gifting our crush. The constant thought of whether they will approve our gift, and by far whether they will approve us, nags us sick!

If the thought of what to get your crush for her birthday is eating you alive, then we got you covered. Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to sweep your crush off her feet by choosing one of our picks:

Giant teddy bears


The all-time favorite popularized intensely by pop culture, gifting giant teddy bears with a heart in the middle is one of the most common pick for you to gift your crush! Gifting giant teddies can be cute gifts, especially to your girl crush, not only for her birthday but for Valentine’s Day too. It is a romantic gift especially designed as a token of affection.

Psychologically, it is also believed that teddy bears are the symbol of child-like innocence. So by gifting giant teddies to your crush on her birthday, you are basically commemorating her innocence and care-free nature through this psychological symbolism! 

Heart pendant lockets

Heart shaped pendants are the one of the most ideal and romantic gift to give your crush or lover. 

If you get a little ballsy with your sweetheart locket, you can also personalize it by engraving something personal (like the first alphabet of the recipient’s name, or a specific word, like ‘love’, or ‘hope’). Not only will it successfully convey your heartfelt message, but it will also make for a dainty and sophisticated piece of jewelry that your crush will never fail to wear!

Heart friendship bracelets

Heart friendship bracelets are a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can gift your best friend, on who you probably are developing a crush on! Either way it is an adorable and gorgeous embellishment that you can, without a shred of doubt, gift to your special friend. 

Heart friendship bracelets are still quite popular a trend that your crush would love to receive!

Bouquet of flowers + chocolates + handwritten note


Gifting a bouquet of flowers has been an age old tradition. 

Each type of flower has an underlying symbolism. For instance, pink roses represent the youthfulness of a newborn love. So you must be careful while choosing the appropriate flower that sends the right meaning to your crush.

Chocolates have always been a cute and subliminal way of expressing one’s love for another. And when it is gifted with a romantic handwritten note with your heart-warming messages, along with a bouquet of flowers, it becomes a theatrical success!

This whole package passionately screams ‘I LOVE YOU’! 

Personalized heart cushion

personalised heart cushion

Heart cushions are the perfect gift for the one who has stolen your heart! You can also get experimental and personalize it with a picture of your crush’s face or the words “I Love You” or “You Are Special” engraved on it. It is a plushy little squishy gift that will always remind your crush about you when she sleeps on it in the night! Aww…

Stylish bags and purses


Handbags and purses have become accessories that we cannot leave our houses without. From money to phone to keys to earphones, handbags are not only a fashion ornament, but also a necessity! 

Handbags are the most crucial accessory a girl cannot live without. You can tell a lot about a woman just by the contents of her purse.

A video gift

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One of the most exciting, special and sentimental gift types, video montage is definitely going to make your crush go weak in her knees! There are various software applications (like VidDay), free as well as paid, that can make your video creation all the more easier and fun. 

A surprise video montage can make you win a special place in your crush’s heart. It is the most sincere and intense way of showing your love and appreciation. It makes for a memorable keepsake that is known to get the happy tears rolling!

Wooden engraved picture

engraved picture

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There are various markets opened for the making of this new trendy gift idea. Wooden engraved pictures are quite the elegant present you can gift to your crush. You can also personalize it in any way you want. You can engrave a heartfelt, romantic message onto the frame and make it all the more special and personal.  It is a thoughtful and unique gift that is certain to stand out in the crowd. 

Sexy perfumes


Perfumes and colognes have been known to be a fatal source of attraction! We are often driven to people (often sexually) because of their perfume. 

 Giving perfume as birthday gifts to your girl best friend (crush) shows how much time you have willed to invest to buy something their crush would like. It is also a subliminal way of making your crush think of you when they wear your gifted perfume! Psychologically speaking, they will always connect the scent to you. 

This is why gifting perfumes and scents are found to be a beautiful gesture of affection and passion.

The ‘You-Are-My-Person’ Band/Cuff

These cute cuff bracelets are a beautiful piece for an encouragement gift for your crush. These dainty wristbands not only send off an adorable message of validation, but also look amazing with any outfit. We give it a 10/10 in fashion! 

So do not hesitate further and prove your admiration for your crush by gifting this stylish bracelet!

Surprise her with DIY Gifts on her Birthday


Creating gifts from the scratch with your own blood, sweat and tears adds a sentimental value to your gift that is definitely going to melt your best friend’s heart!

Here are a few DIY (do-it-yourself) gift ideas that you can present to your best friend on her birthday:

Picture scrapbook


Making and decorating a picture scrapbook can be really fun. It allows you to browse through all the special moments spent with your best friend and ruminate over the bittersweet memories. Gifting a picture scrapbook is a very personal gift that never fails to express how much you cherish your friendship.

Handmade sketches and paintings

Screenshot (17)

Not all of us have the exquisite painting skills of Claude Monet and the like, but for those of you who love to draw and sketch, do not think further and gift your BFF with a sketch of hers. 

Giving art as a birthday gift to girl best friend is the most poetic way to romanticise your friendship. It is such a versatile form of gift that can be given to anyone belonging from any age group. It is the perfect way to channel your emotions. Like Nadia Boulanger had said, “Art is not emotion. Art is the medium in which emotion is expressed”.

Plus, you get to show off your rousing painting skills!

Handmade cards


Another out-of-the-box DIY gift idea is handmade cards. Do not depend on card stores to buy birthday cards for your best friend. Your best friend deserves much better! Instead, surprise her with a heartfelt handwritten birthday card. Trust us; it has a greater impact than you think!

Photo Decor 


Personalizing wall hanging with memorable and fond pictures of your BFF has to be one of the most sentimental DIY birthday gift ideas. From your girl bestie’s childhood pictures to her family pictures to pictures of your shared moments, all of them can be curated beautifully and perfectly on this photo decor hanger.

And you also earn extra brownie points for such a unique handmade gift idea!

To make this beautiful wall hanging, all you need is

  • A wooden stick
  • Yarn
  • Acrylic paint & brush/sponge
  • Superglue
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Cardboard

DIY bath bombs

Bath bombs are a fun and unique gift idea that you can surprise your BFF with, and making them in your own home is also very simple! There are numerous tutorial videos online that can guide you through the making of your bath bombs. 

Before you begin to make your own DIY bath bombs, make sure you have the following ingredients:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Epsom salts
  • Essential oils
  • Olive oils
  • Water
  • Bath bomb moulds
  • Bowl and a whisk

Once you get hold of these items, you can easily make your scented bath bombs for your BFF!

Surprise Your BFF with a Miraculous Setting!


Gifting with the best birthday presents to your gal bestie is obviously an important gesture, but coming up with a bomb birthday decoration is the cherry on top! You can decorate her room with balloons, streamers and confetti. You can create a playlist of all her favourite songs and play it in the background. You can also come up with various fun game ideas if you want. 

To make it more special, your decorations can be inspired by a particular theme (may be her favourite TV serial). You can either bake a cake, or order a cake based on that particular theme. 

You can go as crazy as you want with your birthday gifts for your girl best friend, as long as you satisfy all of your BFF’s birthday needs!

Exchanging of gifts can reveal how your friends see you, value you and treasure the friendship. It is an age old tradition that still prevails because of its underlying importance. It is not just a formality, but an appreciative gesture that reminds your closest friends how devoted you are to the friendship, and how much it truly means to you.

So go shower your best friend with one of our birthday gift ideas and spread some love!

Paroma Bhattacharya
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