Black Thread Anklets: The Rise of a New Trend

Fashion is art, and you are the canvas!

If you love reading the ‘Vogue’ and your favorite word is ‘Gucci’, then you are in the right place! From the ‘disco collars’ to ‘single earrings’, every day is an opportunity for a new trend to manifest. Whether it is the fashion industry or in relation to cuisines or gadgets, trends are created and followed in relatively all kinds of fields.  It keeps the fashion industry fresh and eye-catching. Trends make dressing up more fun and less boring. But remember that it is not necessary for all of us to follow a trend just because of its popularity. As Frank Capra said, “Don’t follow trends. Start trends”. And guess what, he is absolutely right! Following a trend should be based on your comfort level. If you are not comfortable in your outfit and accessory, then honey it is already a fashion disaster!

What exactly is a trend???

In the world of fashion, trend is a fashion performance that makes the headlines for a particular period of time. The word ‘trend’ is mostly used in relation to fashion and jewelry. Like for example, how the 1980s saw the wave of power suits, or the ever popular Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel Green hairstyle.

Sometimes the term ‘fashion’ and ‘trend’ may seem synonymous, but there is a key difference between the two. On one hand where fashion is an endless process, trend is more temporary in nature. We are all born with and in fashion. It is unique and different from person to person. However, trend is a direction set by certain people, like celebrities, for others to follow. It is a typical behavioral act popularized that survives for a particular time frame (maybe a few months or years).

Media has always with the help of its social psychological tools manipulated people to join the trendsetting bandwagon, but you should be mindful when following a particular trend. After all, being comfortable in one’s own costume is the real sex appeal!

Which ankle to choose???

Amongst the younger generation, there is a dogma on which ankle to rightfully wear a black thread anklet. It is believed that women should wear it on their left foot to protect themselves from negativity and evil. It is also superstitiously believed that wearing a black thread on your left ankle regularizes a woman’s menstrual cycles and protects from unwanted pregnancy. On the other hand, men are required to wear black thread anklets on their right leg. But for fashion’s sake you can wear black thread anklets on either of your ankles.

The BTA (Black Thread Anklet) Mania!

As the fashion scene is changing regularly and we are greeted with different and quirky trends every day, the black thread anklet is the new deal. In its course, black thread anklets have gained a huge popularity in the fashion market. It has achieved a loyal fan-base in recent times, from teens to adults; black thread anklets have created a definite mania!

Black thread anklets are highly versatile and can effortlessly go well with any type of clothing, no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is a walk on the beach or dancing at a club, black thread anklets are a nominal accessory that never fails to make your ankles look attractive.

Some of the most famous black thread anklets that you can make at home or buy online and wear are:

  1. Lava Black Thread Anklet

With the fashion scene progressing day by day, anklets have been fashioned not only for women but also for men. And this macramé lava black thread anklet is one of the best options to experiment with, irrespective of your sex. The use of the black lava beads on the monochromatic anklet sure does add to the oomph factor that we all deserve.


  1. The Black Choker Anklet

Chokers have become one of the most daring styles for a woman. It looks bold and sexy. And thanks to the great evolution in fashion, you can now wear a stylish black choker anklet as well! It’s minimalistic and less gaudy appearance makes it look fantastic. You can also add a charm locket to it to upgrade its modishness.


  1. Multi-layered Black Threaded Anklet

The chic multi-layered fashion has become highly popular amongst the public. From multi-layered necklaces to multi-layered bracelets, multi-layered anklets are the next addition. Made of four to five layers of threads attached to each other with a respective locket incorporated in each of the layers, the multi-layered black thread anklet looks highly appealing. These lockets can be in the shape of a feather or a lotus or a black heart, whatever it is you like, the black aesthetic sure does glam it up!


  1. Double Heart Black Anklet

This s probably one of the cutest purchases you can make for your girlfriend. Just like heart necklaces for couples, these double hearted black anklets are the perfect choice to commemorate your relationship with your lover. Apart from its romantic theme, the double hearted anklets look ravishing in casuals. This is one of the trendiest designs the black thread anklet has seen!


  1. Boho Cowrie Shell Black Thread Anklet

If you are ready to opt for a Boho-chic makeover, then this type of ankle bracelet is your new best friend!  If you are going for a beachy vibe or just to add a little allure in the summer, this unconventional looking boho cowrie shell anklet is the perfect fit. Its wax-coated cord makes the anklet comfortable and soft to wear. This also makes for a great gift for your girlfriends!


Make Your Own !!

These are some of the trendiest choices of black thread anklets that you can buy online. However if you are artistic enough and love arts and crafts, and want to save your pocket money as well, then create your very own DIY (do-it-yourself) black thread anklets. Making black thread anklets is very easy and economical.

To make your very own black thread anklets, follow the below given steps:

  1. Materials required

First, you need to gather all the stationaries (like a black thread/string, scissors, measuring tape and a safety pin/tape) needed to make your very own black thread anklet.


  1. Measure your ankle’s size

Once you have gathered all your materials, with the help of your measuring tape measure the spot around your ankle where you want your anklet to rest. Now whatever is your size, add an extra 5-6 inches for allowing some room to tie the ankle bracelet. Once you are happy with your measurements, cut the string.


  1. Choose a desirable bead

After getting your tailored thread, choose your favorite design of bead (like a shell, heart, flower, or star) and slide it onto the string. Tie the knots on each side of the bead. This secures the bead in its position. Now you have the centerpiece of your black thread anklet.


  1. Continue beading

If you want to keep your anklet plain and simple with just one centerpiece then great, but if you want to further beautify it by adding more beads then go right ahead. By using a measuring tape, at a distance of ½ from the center bead in both directions, tie a knot at the measured spot and slide your next bead in. Make a knot again after placing each bead in its place. This allows for an evenly spaced beads secured at their respective spots.


  1. Test trial

Once you are done with your design and you are in content with the way it looks, wear it on your ankle to check for its fitting. If you are happy with the way it looks then head off to the final step!


  1. Clasp it

If you are making a beaded black thread anklet, then using a clasp is the smartest move. A lobster clasp is the best option for an ankle bracelet as it makes the anklet durable, and is also easy to tie.

And there you go. You made your very own DIY black thread anklet! This not only makes a great accessory for you to flaunt, but also is an ideal birthday gift for your friends and loved ones. So go ahead and let this inspire you to make one!

According to Arianna Derizioti, founder of Mayol Jewelry, “Anklets today have upgraded into a chic, all-year-long accessory”. She continues to say, “2020 on the other hand is definitely the year of the anklet comeback. Anklets have been repeatedly spotted during major fashion shows and street styles as an essential everyday accessory. It’s officially considered not only a beach accessory, but an element that instantly elevates the whole outfit”.

With the increasing attention the anklets, and in part black thread anklets, are getting in the fashion forum, you better not be late in stacking up your jewellery boxes with this delicate piece of jewellery. So do not delay and show the world your love for your ankles!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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