Top 5 Websites To Buy Earrings Online at Cheap Price in India

“Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.” –Jennifer Lopez

Wearing earrings is one of the most ancient forms of tradition practiced by both men and women. From sailors to artists (like William Shakespeare), the custom of piercing the ears had always been preferred. However, wearing earrings in the ancient times was not always considered as an aesthetic appeal, but had various significances added to it.

Did You Know…?

Although in today’s world earrings are majorly worn by both men and women, it was initially an ornament worn by men for practical reasons rather than for its fashionable appeal. In ancient Egypt wearing hoops/dangle earrings was seen as a sign of wealth and status. However, in ancient Rome earrings were worn exclusively by slaves. In ancient Greece, earrings were worn only by prostitutes. It was also documented that pirates used to wear earrings as a sign of protection when they would set for their dangerous voyages.

Wearing of earrings as a type of fashionable jewellery was first established by the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. However, it was not until the 1970s when the Western culture and fashion were more welcomed, and as a part wearing earrings for style began to propagate. In the 1930s, the popularity of earrings expanded and clip-ons were introduced. By 1960s, pierced ears became popular among men as well.

The Growth of Ear Studs in the Wardrobe!

I know you are hungry for more delicate, fashionable earrings at affordable prices, we have the list laid out for you! Buy the most beautiful and cheap earrings online in India from these top 5 websites:

1. Locketwala

Rating: 5.0

The upcoming new shop in the block has taken the accessorizing front to a whole new stylish level! Locketwala has been a new shopping portal with the most amazing and quirkiest selection of earrings and other types of jewelleries (like pendants, lockets, finger rings, and anklets). It has put forth a wide range of promising products at a very reasonable price

Whether it is to satiate your taste or to gift them to your loved ones, Locketwala has proven to satisfy their customers.

Locketwala has an exquisite and unique collection of designs that allows everyone to choose from and buy. From an affordable range of Rs. 199 to Rs. 500, it can be easily acquired by everyone, from teens to adults. Not only it is pocket-friendly, but it has quite comfortable payment methods available.

It provides you with free shipping policy for every prepaid order that you invest in. If somehow you are unsatisfied with your purchase, Locketwala allows you to return your order within seven days from your purchase date for a full refund or even an exchange. But if you are still uncomfortable with prepaying for your order, you can also pay after receiving your order. Locketwala provides you with cash on delivery (COD) option.

Locketwala delivers your order within 7 working days, which is pretty quick!

With all these perks and hardly any room for mistakes, it has availed a high customer satisfaction level. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy these artistically designed yet cheap earrings online now!

2. Jivaana

Rating: 4.7

Another such pocket-friendly website for earrings and other ethnic wear and accessories is the Jivaana online store. It is a store that is guaranteed to evoke your ethnicity! Jivaana lays out more than 50+ unique handcrafted designs that will keep you awed. Not only is it available for Indian households, but also allows for worldwide shipping (to USA, Canada, and Australia.).

The price range of their beautiful ethnic earrings can be as cheap as Rs. 140 or as high as Rs. 2500. So with Jivaana you can indulge in buying cheap earrings online or you can buy expensive ones. It provides its customers with both free shipping of products as well as cash on delivery.

You can even pay through net banking (like paytm) if that makes you comfortable. It also provides you with 7 days return policy.

Shopping with Jivaana allows you to get your product delivered within 3 to 4 days from the date of dispatch. For international orders it takes a minimum of 7 days from the date of dispatch.

3. Ornate Jewels

Rating: 4.3

Ornate Jewels (925 Pure Silver Jewellery) is another online website that is solely based on jewelleries. It is highly popular for their silver designs that they have made suitable for an everyday usage. It creates lightweight jewelleries, which makes it desirable to many.

They have a careful selection of studs, hoops and danglers available in various designs and lengths. Although it is a bit more leaning towards the expensive side, you can still get your favourite earrings below Rs. 1000. The price range is very dynamic from earrings available below Rs. 1000 to above Rs. 5000. For some, it can be a bit overpriced, but there are still many elegant designer earrings that are obtainable in affordable ranges from which you can order.

Ornate Jewels makes online shopping quite easy. They have several payment options for you to choose from. When shopping with Ornate Jewels, you can pay via credit or debit cards, online transfers, and even cash on delivery. And with the recent COVID outbreak, Ornate Jewels have taken careful measures to deliver your order safely. With their no-contact delivery option, you can stay completely risk free. Ornate Jewels have always been swift and professional in their work, and has in an average got 5 stars with fairly excellent reviews from their trusted customers.

4. Jaypore

Rating: 4.0

Jaypore has become quite popular in their beautifully crafted designs in home décor and accessories. They deliver you at an exceptional value making you crave for buying more! Jaypore takes pride in their vintage looking designs that aims at bringing India a little closer to the world.

Jaypore offers a very versatile price range that caters to people from every stratum. They have a price range that starts from Rs. 500 and below, to as expensive as Rs. 20,000 and above. Jaypore has always been partnering with reputed national couriers making their deliveries highly safe. It permits you to pay online through credit cards. If you are not contented in prepaid methods while buying earrings, especially if they are expensive, then you can also opt for the cash on delivery option.

If your order’s bill is above Rs. 999, then you will not be charged for shipping, which is an advantage. But if your order costs below, then a shipping fee worth Rs. 100 will be charged to your overall purchase. After placing your order, you can expect the delivery to occur between Mondays to Saturdays. However, weather conditions and other external factors might delay your delivery. Jaypore also allows you to cancel your order requests within 24 hours of placing the order. Overall satisfaction from their users has been highly positive which motivates all of us to give Jaypore a try!

5. Knick Knack Nook

Rating: 3.9

Knick Knack Nook is one of the famous online stores that cater to the modern population quite dramatically. With various accessories available for you to purchase or as gifting purposes, Knick Knack Nook has made it easier to buy earrings online at cheap price in India. With the trendiest and funkiest designs available in their store, it always makes you look Insta-ready!

With a rise in support from the Millennials and Generation Z, they have been ruling the spotlight. They have also been featured in leading magazines like Mind Mag and Fablook.

As their name suggests, they are the masters of small accessories like earrings and chokers that you can wear to college, a date night or even to office. It is that boldly versatile!

Knick Knack Nook is highly reasonable when it comes to pricing. From earrings as cheap as Rs. 199 to as expensive as Rs. 1150, it is definitely not going to be a burden on your wallet! It is one of the best places for all the teens to shop from. It gives you the privilege to either pay after the delivery (COD option), or you can prepay for your order. It is shipped across India so each and every Indian gal can buy their quirky products. Once you place your order at Knick Knack Nook, you can expect it to get delivered within 3-7 days. They also allow for cancellation of products, but only within 24 hours of placing the order. They also offer with free delivery if the purchase made is above Rs. 599, or else you will be charged with a shipping fee. It has been highly favoured by the modern generation. It has made some very loyal customers with their 5 stars service!

Earrings have diversified the pop culture. Whether you love wearing big danglers or a small diamond stud, earrings have become one of the most treasured ornaments. It creates a whole new look to your entire outfit. It gives off a fresh vibe to your face. So if you are an earring lover, and want to own earrings for all your favourite dresses, then do not wait further and buy cheap earrings online from these top 5 websites. And do not forget to pose for the ‘gram!

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