15 Classic Couple Lockets to Gift Your Lover

Couple lockets have become one of the most cherished and personal gift giving selects for romantic partners. Not that you need gifts to prove your unconditional love for one another, but those once in a blue moon, surprise romantic gestures can go a long way. It keeps the relationship fresh, loving, and exciting.

So to keep your love alive and rocking, we have made a list of the most classic looking couple lockets that you can gift to each other!

Personalized Golden & Silver Couple Lockets Pendants


An elegant set of jewelry, these personalized couple pendants come in both silver and gold. Vertical pendants that can be personalized based on your and your lover’s names, or date of births, these personalized golden and silver lockets for couples are an exquisite gift for the two of you.  You can gift each other the pendants of the other’s name to make it more romantic and personal. 

Heart Puzzle Couple Lockets


There have been an awful lot of poetries about how two lovers are romanticized of being two halves of the same heart. So if you truly are a representation of this feeling, then getting this trendy looking heart puzzle couple pendants for you and your partner is the ideal buy! 

Comes in a set of two chains, these incomplete heart shaped pendants, which are like a puzzle, that completes each other, makes for a beautiful gift. By gifting one part to your girlfriend, and keeping the other for yourself, is guaranteed to keep you two hooked to each other forever! 

Heart and Key Set


This is a set of a heart shaped lock bracelet and a key shaped pendant attached to a necklace. The sweet and adorable part of this is that the key is fully functional and can open the heart shaped lock on the bracelet! 

Not only do the steel made necklace and bracelet look stylish and hip, but is also a cute gift symbolizing the love between two people. This particular gift literally is a portrayal of the statement, “You are the key to my heart”! 

So gift your lover this heart shaped bracelet, and keep the key to their heart to yourself! 

Silver Plated Couple Locket

lock and key bracelet locket

Another very similar type of gift, the silver-plated lock and key set that comes with a steel banded bracelet with a lock and a locket chain with a key to that specific lock. 

If your girlfriend loves to wear necklaces more than bracelets or your boyfriend really pulls off bracelets more than chains, then this is the perfect pick for the two of you!

Also, as a sweet surprise, this beautiful set comes with a jewelry box as well! 

Joining Hearts Couple Pendants

Joining heart couple locket

Another puzzle inspired pendant set that comes with two necklaces each having a pendant shaped of two pieces of a heart that can be joined together. This gives the idea of how you both complete each other. It is an extremely sentimental gift to propose your partner with or even just to prove your love for one another. 

These pendants also look quite fashionable, and can be worn to the office or even to parties. So, get ready to show the world your strong and undying love! 

King Queen Couple Locket 


King Queen couple lockets are another big hit when it comes to gifts for couples. These black bar couple lockets are perfect for those who want a minimal design classy locket to express their love.

The lockets vary in size according to the gender which makes it super great to wear. These couple lockets also come with engraved rhinestone which adds just the right charm.

Broken Heart Classic Couple Locket


Broken Heart classic couple lockets will represent your love in the simplest form. These lockets are great to gift to your long-distance partners who feel almost heartbroken not being able to see you.

This locket comes with a beaded chain giving a stylish yet elegant look to the wearer.

Ring Pendants Entwined With Crowns


A majestic looking set of two chains that each comes with a ring and a crown entwined together as the pendant. This gift not only claims your love for one another, but also labels you two as each other’s king and queen, thanks to the crown pendant!

Using engagement rings as pendants for necklaces have become a big trend that emerged. Starting from celebrities to runway models, this innovative way of wearing your rings has become a successful style. 

So if you want to present the queen of your heart with some royal treatment, then be her well-deserving king and gift her with this majestic set of ring pendants. 

Musical Note Engraved Pendants


A romantic, healthy relationship is like the perfect love song!

People when in love often communicate each other’s feelings through music. You get attached to the lyrics more when it articulates perfectly the feelings and emotions you have for your lover. 

The pendants come in two separate halves, where one of the chains contains one half and the other contains the latter. The two are like puzzle pieces that complete one another, just like the two of you!

So if your favorite romantic song resonates with your relationship, then these musical note shaped pendants can be the ideal gift. The pendants are also engraved with the three magical words, “I Love You” making it look ethereal. 

Black Scalar Energy Protection Pendants


We always pray for the protection and safety of our love and dear ones. We pray for their health and their overall well-being. And to commemorate that emotion, gifting these magnificent looking black scalar energy protection pendants to your partner, or even to your other close friends and family, is a beautiful gesture that will be nothing but appreciated. 

This black protection pendant carries scalar energy that creates a protective shield around you while wearing it. This quantum science pendant is also known to get your cortisol levels in control and de-stress you. 

Engraved Bar Couple Lockets


This set of two bar pendants look chic and stylish. The surface of the pendants is engraved with the saying, “love is believe”. It also has two halves of a heart engraved on its side, which when comes together, completes the engraved heart making it one. 

The engraved bar pendants are an ideal gift you can gift your partner that resonates the belief of “you complete me”. This shows your eternal love that you share with your soul mate. 

Ring Pendant Couple Necklaces


If you are a fan of the ring pendant trend, and absolutely adore it, then here is another ring pendant couple necklace set that you can bestow yourself and your partner with!

This set is the perfect symbol of affection and love, which you can gift your partner, your family member, or your close friend.

The necklace also comes in a very trendy and stylish color, which you can effortlessly wear in public, and flaunt it. 

Dual Key Couple Lockets


Another great and thoughtful anniversary gift for your lover could be this dual key couple lockets. These keys come in pair with a golden smaller key for girls and a silver key with for boys.

This locket looks pretty elegant to wear and is as well quite comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

The Yin-Yang Couple Pendants


The relational concept popularized by the Chinese culture, the yin-yang philosophy is about how the dark and light forces complement each other. As the yin-yang generally comes in pairs, precisely like a couple, this beautiful piece of jewelry makes it the perfect romantic necklace set!

The two necklaces come with two pendants, one in the shape of yin and the other in the shape of yang, which perfectly fit each other like a puzzle. The yin and yang symbols are supposed to represent the desire of a balanced and healthy relationship.

So if you are fascinated by these eye-catching pendants then we definitely advise you to get this set, and gift your yin to your yang! 

Puzzle Pendant Couple Lockets


Since we have put out a vast array of puzzle pendants, this is the last pendant that actually is in the shape of a puzzle block! Comes in two pieces, the two puzzle shaped pendants incorporated within the two separate chains perfectly fit each other, just like your and your partner’s hearts! 

These delicate jigsaw shaped pendants are the perfect way to express your love and admiration. The jigsaw pieces that fit together and give us the bigger picture symbolize your relationship, how you cannot live without the other, how your lover is interconnected deeply with your soul. It underlies a sensual meaning making the concept of puzzle pendants even more sexy and enthralling.  

These are some of the most classic couple lockets that you can find to gift your lover!

Lockets have always been an embellishment that never fails to express and celebrate love and honour. It has a very significant and sentimental meaning attached to it, which changes from person to person.

“Oh my heart, there is another way to love. Do not love the gift for what the gift is. Love the gift for who it came from.” 

– Yasmin Mogahed

Not only does it make for a personal gift item, but lockets and charms have made a bombastic comeback in the fashion scene in the 21st century!

We definitely exhort you to gift your partner one of these bling of affection!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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