12 Stunning Earrings for Saree to Slay Every Occasion


Ever wonder how in this beautiful world are these beautiful women who tend to beautify themselves even more. The practice of beautifying bodies was started long back and since then the glam market has taken a rise every day. A thousand new products are launched throughout the global which just adds to the beauty of women. From clothes to accessories to makeup to footwear and there is much more to the list divided into categories and subcategories.

The remarkable jewellery pieces lie within layers of fascinating historical facts and today we will share one of them with you which every female loves to wear no matter what age she is.

“EARRINGS” – Do you know earrings were initially considered for men but with time they started growing popular between women as well. Though men still wear earrings today. Earrings have been considered a very popular jewellery item since a long time ago now. Even the smallest pair of earrings does magic to the ears of who wears it. Be it, men or women, earrings have topped the wardrobe of both. They come in a whole lot variety of pieces some of which are given below: –


  • Stud earrings
  • Drop earrings
  • Danglers
  • Hoops 
  • Chandeliers
  • Jhumkas
  • Huggies
  • Tear Drop
  • Threader
  • Chandbali
  • Fish Hooks
  • Tassels

Ah! I believe by now you are fascinated by the variations these small earrings hold within themselves. Well, don’t be surprised because there are many more earrings for saree and this was just a glance.


Now no matter what part you live in, wearing a saree instantly adds to your beauty. And if you are an Indian, then your love for earrings and sarees knows no bounds. We love to match each bit of our outfits with our accessories and when the accessories come in such a huge number, it sometimes becomes difficult to pick out just the right style for us. So, we have created this organised post for you about “earrings for different kind of sarees” to help you look gracious in a short period.

Let’s start dressing the diva inside you-

Stud earrings for Saree


These are the most common yet stylish type of earrings. They vary in shapes and sizes but are made to fit the ears properly. That’s the biggest advantage of these earrings that they don’t make the ears too heavy leading them to a dropdown. 

Now, these stud earrings are the ones that match the plain sarees at its very best. As it is always said the simpler you dress, the elegant you look. Now the element that makes you elegant here is “stud earrings”. The very simple sarees with these studs are enough to dazzle you around.

Hoop earrings

hoops-earrings with saree

Now these are the earrings who tend to find at least one little space in every woman’s closet. Because of their sizes, they attract anyone easily. Also, now they are available in different shapes like a pentagon, rectangle which makes them even more attractive and fascinating. They go well with “Indo-Western” sarees giving you a perfect combination of Western and Indian.

Drop earrings

Anushka-Sharma-Latest-Stills-green-transparent-saree (1)

Ever watched the jewellery advertisements or visited a jewellery shop? The most fascinating type of earrings in display there is called the drop earrings. They are simply a better version of studs. They are called drop earrings for a reason now because they tend to drop from the ears rather than staying in a place. Drop earrings are meant for western and contemporary sarees which are not very heavy and look absolutely subtle.



Next are the danglers, these are just the earrings that swing around your ears from right to left and back then. Danglers are much similar to drop; the only difference is that drop earrings don’t swing like the danglers. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that danglers can be a drop but drop cannot be danglers.

Again, Danglers are the earrings for western sarees. Also, with “easy to drape” sarees. Remember how Priyanka Chopra slayed the “DESI GIRL, DESI WESTERN LOOK”



 the meaning of these earrings is pretty simple to guess. Yes, you are thinking right. The “Chandelier earrings” have arrived from the word “Chandelier”. Just as how the big chandeliers add magic to those big banquets or our homes, in the very same way, these earrings also tend to add grace to whosever wears them. They come in different shapes, sizes and also textures.

They are mostly worn in colour “golden” with black sarees and sarees with a darker shade



 Everyone is a die-hard fan of Jhumkas because they tend to add the magic no other jewellery can add. Be it oxidised Jhumkas or real Jhumkas, the love for both keeps on increasing. As soon as we lay our eyes on a set of Jhumkas, we know they have to go inside our bags.

Jhumkas are worn on traditional sarees like silk sarees, patola sarees but if worn with a plain black saree, be ready to be the spotlight of the event, lady! That’s the magic Jhumkas hold within themselves.


huggies earrings

they are also called “Huggies” for a reason. They tend to hug our earlobes. Remember how you have seen people wearing 2-3 earrings in one ear. Those small coverings are called the “Huggies”. These are the cute earrings that go well either with jeans or even with sarees.

They can either be in the variant gold or silver or even diamond. The type of apparel decides how beautiful your earlobe is going to look. They look stunning with traditional sarees having colour variants of shade “pink” or “black” if they are diamond Huggies.

Teardrop earrings for saree


These are like the drop earrings. The only difference is that they take a shape of a “tear” as they fall. The tear within is mostly a stone of diamond to add the extra amount of uniqueness in these earrings.

Teardrops also go well with western sarees which are a little Indian style.



I bet you have seen little threads hanging on the window panes of the jewellery shops that were enough to pull you inside that shop. Well, those little threads are called the “threader earrings”. Now you know the reason behind their names. It looks a thin piece of thread which is merely visible but adds grace to your outfits. 

Threaders look stunning with plain sarees as they give a classy look to the sarees. Mostly silver threaders are highly demanded because of the look they reflect.



These were initially made for the Muslims. But due to the development and better standards of living, it is worn all over India now. The reason they are called Chandbali because they look like a moon covering the parts of our ear and are further supported by a string-like structure that goes around our ears. Chandbali has its different varieties ranging from gold to silver to pearl and what not.

They look stunning with traditional sarees. Next time, you wear a traditional saree, don’t forget to embrace your eyes with Chandbali earrings for saree.

Fish Hooks


These earrings tend to pass through our ears with the help of a wire. They do not provide any closure to our ears and stays in place. Fish hooks earrings for saree are the easiest to wear because they free from the burden of tightening the back ends of your earrings so they don’t fall on the ground. These are go-to earrings for the ready-made sarees. They will make you look absolutely beautiful if you wear them with those easy wrapping sarees giving a classy look to you.



We all have heard the name of these earrings and not to mention the fact that we all know at least 1 pair of them. These are the earrings which are made using wool, yarn etc. these earrings became so popular because of the sophisticated look they pass. Tassels don’t need to match up with necklaces and you can wear them with boho look sarees. 

By now, I hope I gave you enough information about what relevance earrings hold and the different kind of earrings along with an idea of the kind of outfit it goes best with. If yes, then are ready to slay all the events. 

Ridhi Jain
Hello avid readers! I am a student at “University Of Delhi” and a writer for 5 years now. I believe bringing a change in the world by looking at the brighter side of things. I have also been lucky enough to enter into the world of authors by writing my first book. The passion for reading and poetries is also something I cannot leave behind. Apart from this, i also work as a content writer and write articles and blogs for various niches.




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