The Quirky List Of Fake Nose Rings For The Non-Pierced Souls!

The vociferous impact of the fake nose ring has become an influence to be reckoned with! It became a ray of hope for all those souls who were too afraid to get their noses pierced. It paved the path for the non-pierced individuals to flaunt the sexy fake nose ring. And the best part is, even those with a piercing can enjoy wearing these chic nose embellishments.

What an ecstatic win for all!

Can I wear nose rings without a piercing?

With the welcoming of innovative minds, there is no such thing as impossible. If you are the type of person who gets the case of cold feet when presented with needles, you can still enjoy wearing nose rings.

After picking your dominant side, you can easily wear your clip-on nose ring by pressing its backside and hooking it on to your nose. It perfectly sits on your nose and does not fall. It is the best solution for non-pierced noses.

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham

Fashion should never come off as a burden. It is a platform that we all should embrace and experiment with. So, say no to painful piercings and stylize your nose with fake nose rings! 

You can most certainly wear nose rings even without a piercing.

List Of The 8 Quirkiest Fake Nose Rings

1. Cubic Zirconia Fake Nose Ring Stud


This elegant piece of clip on nose ring is perfect for a night out or a party when paired with a shiny locket for girls! Cubic zirconia stones make this fake nose ring ooze with chicness and sophistication. Since it is a stud, it pairs perfectly well with any outfit and jewelry. Its dainty structure covered with cubic zirconia stones in the front brightens up your face. When worn, the stones shine with radiance and make you look cute yet bold.

2. Ruby And Pearl Clip On Nose Ring Nath


Naths, or nose rings, started becoming popular in the early 10th century. What was initially worn as a symbol of marriage, naths gradually became one of the most popular fashion items, even outside marriage. 

But what happens if you do not have a piercing? What happens if your nose cannot take the weight of heavy, decorative naths? In such situations, this precious ruby and pearl stones incorporated nath is the perfect solution and addition to your look.

A ruby stone surrounded by pearls all around it, this nath looks dazzling and has quite the traditional Indian appearance. It can marry perfectly well with any Indian attire.

3. Traditional Maharashtrian Fake Nose Ring India

Fake Nose Ring

If you are looking for one of the most traditional fake nose ring India collection, then this is the perfect one for you. This traditional Maharashtrian fake nose ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that commemorates the Maharashtrian culture. It is a gold-plated Nath clip on nose ring that makes every Indian outfit pop with brightness and color. Whether it is Paithani or Banarasi Silk, this fake nose ring accompanies every traditional saree and other dresses.

About The Maharashtrian Naths

Usually, naths are predominantly worn by Indian women to celebrate their respective cultures. Maharashtrian naths, which are also sometimes known as Brahmi naths, are made of gold. It has a unique and intricate design that makes it a must-have. This nose ring is characterized by its pearls and stones that mostly surround a single colored (gold) stone in the center. It is one of the most special heirlooms in Marathi families.

And now, thanks to fake nose rings, even the non-pierced Marathis can enjoy wearing this traditional and precious piece of jewelry without any qualms!

4. Silver Oxidized Fake Nose Ring


The new-age trend of oxidized nose rings has kept its relevance prominent more than ever now. There is not a single woman who has never owned a piece of oxidized jewelry. The oxidized trend has resulted in myriad, quirky designs and has become cherished.

So, if you want to jump into this fashion bandwagon, these silver oxidized fake nose rings are the ideal selection for you! It has a bit of an edge that gives it a much more gothic and hipper vibe, making it a perfect addition to any outfit type. Whether you plan to go western or eastern, these dainty silver nose rings are a sexy chameleon!

5. The ‘Sania Mirza’ Fake Nose Ring


Remember that time when the tennis prodigy Sania Mirza sensationalized the nose ring trend? It had become quite the talk and gained a massive roar from the netizens. And now, after all these years, the popular social media platform, TikTok, has resuscitated the look!

What had drowned into the ocean of fashion trends has risen with a bang, and girls and women across the globe could not seem to ignore it! The famous ‘Sania Mirza’ koka/coca (nose pin) has hit the market, and city girls cannot get enough of it. 

Wait no more, and get these sexy colorful fake nose studs immediately!

6. Surgical Steel Non-Pierced Nose Ring


A lot of people love minimalistic fashion and like to wear simplistic jewelry. But simple does not mean dull. In fashion, simplistic jewelry can enhance your look to a whole new level that even gaudy and complex designs can sometimes fail to do.

If you love the look of chic, steel, plain nose rings, then this surgical steel non-pierced nose ring is the one for you! It is an absolutely stunning piece of bling that makes your nose look hotter. You can wear it on either side of your nose or keep it dangling from the middle and wear it as a septum ring. Whatever you choose, this fake nose ring looks smashing!

How to wear nose rings without piercing on the wedding day?

In the Indian culture and many others, women extensively wear naths or nose rings on their wedding day. But what happens when you do not have a piercing or are afraid to get one? With clever ideas popping here and there, you no longer have to carry the load of gigantic, weighty naths. You can easily select a fake nose ring online and flaunt it.

Fashion is about your comfort. If you hate the disturbing nath constantly causing a hindrance to your face, you can always choose a flatter press point system over a ball design. Dainty pieces of fake nose rings are growing massively and have made quite the impact.

7. Kundan Clip On Nose Ring With Chain


The Kundan fake nose ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry perfect for parties. It has a traditional, elegant design, which makes it even more ideal for lehengas and sarees. 

After picking your dominant side, you can hook the chain to your ear while wearing the nose ring to your nose. The chain links your ear to your nose, making it a piece of interesting facial jewelry.

The nose chain was first welcomed by the Mughal Emperors in the 16th century, who brought the idea from Central Asia.  However, in the current times, you can easily notice the influence of nose ring in pop and gothic culture.

8. White Copper And Pearl Kundan With Chain


This is yet another traditional, Indian nose chain to the list. A very sweet color combination of white copper and pearl, this nose chain complements every skin tone beautifully. It is made of Kundan and pearls designed by state-of-the-art craftsmanship to make it look stunning and winsome. It is a piece of light-weighted jewelry that does not feel like a burden on your nose.

And a little secret? This nose ring heavily influenced by Deepika Padukone’s nath from Padmavati! So, if you want to steal that magnificent look, bag this product now!

What are the different other ways of styling fake nose rings?

When you hear the words ‘fake nose ring’, your mind must directly project the picture of you wearing it as a normal nose ring on either side of your nose. But did you know that you can style it in other ways as well?

If you want to get a little experimental and change your look, you can also wear your fake nose ring on the center of your nose as a septum ring. But let me warn you, septum piercing can be quite hurtful. So, if your threshold does not permit it, why cry about it? Instead, bag one of these fake nose rings online and wear it on your septum without getting under the needle.

You can also wear your fake nose rings on your ears as ear cuffs. If you love the idea of multiple ear piercings but do not have the courage to get stabbed by the needle, you can always rely upon fake nose rings! By simply placing it on the sides of your earlobes and pressing the ring from either side to secure it, it will give the perfect illusion of an ear piercing.

So, get gaga and have fun with these amazing fashionable ideas!

“Thousand fluorescent stars stuck on the ceiling, but the brightest I saw was in her diamond studded nose ring.” – Vnayak. R.G

Fashionable jewelry is for all to enjoy. Do not let a small needle get in your way! Purchase one of these dazzling fake nose rings from the above quirky list and show off your clip ons like a badass!

Give your appearance a fresh new look by adding a bit of confidence and suave in the form of a fake nose ring!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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