Women in India are Going Gaga over these 11 New Foot Jewelry Designs

Jewelries do not always have to be made of diamonds to look precious and exquisite. Any piece of jewelry, of any shape and size, has the power to make you look unique, and is enough to make a statement. Foot jewelry are no less. Whether it is a touch of gold or silver, foot jewelries can reveal a lot about your personality.

Just as the 90s was the decade of tiny glasses, baguette bags and chokers, the spring of 2020 is the moment of foot jewelries and anklets!

Foot jewelries have reigned and rained on us with varieties of jewelries for your feet. These days we can find the funkiest and quirkiest designs of foot accessories available everywhere.

So if you are in the search for a bit of glamour for your feet, we got you covered with our diverse guide on foot jewelry that is surely going to boost a little bit more of your confidence!

“Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry

And know that you are totally and utterly in control.”

– Donatella Versace

1. Toe Rings

Toe Rings became a full blown trend in the 90s, and somehow it has managed to safeguard its relevance even today. Toe rings are mainly of two types, the fitted ones and the adjustable ones, and both have been fairly popular among and worn by women. Wearing toe rings with open footwear like sandals highlight the foot, making it look attractive!

Interesting facts behind toe rings…

The traditional rule behind wearing toe rings rightfully in India was strict. It was believed that brides and married women would wear toe rings on the second toe of both their feet as it signified their marital status. However, with the changing times, along with the West, toe rings began to be worn globally as a fashion accessory to make a bold statement.

According to the Hindu religion, wearing golden toe rings on the foot was considered to be sacrilegious. Gold was symbolic to the deity, Goddess Lakshmi, thus, toe rings are usually made out of silver.

According to the Vedic sacred texts, a silver toe ring worn by women has a positive and healing power. It is believed to have a calming and curing effect on menstrual cramps.

Now let us dive into the glamorous world of the trendiest “Anklets/Foot Jewleries” available in the market!

Anklets or ankle bracelets are the most popular type of foot jewelries any woman is bound to own. These anklets were a branch of bohemian fashion that was introduced first in the 70s. It became quite a sensational piece of ornament when celebrities and the like made it popular.

Ankle chains can be worn by everybody, irrespective of your age and sex. Its versatility is what makes this piece of accessory desired and loved. They can be made out of modest materials like shells, beads, or leather or it can be made to look chic using precious stones, silver or gold.

2. Chunky Chain Anklets

Chunky chain anklets are the new trend followed by everyone fanatically. These chunky chain ankle bracelets have won a special place in our hearts. It can be worn with any colour. If you want to upstage the look, go ahead and add a choker anklet to your chunky chains. It looks absolutely fab!

Did you know…?

Before ankle bracelets became an appealing bling popularized by runway models and extravagant brands like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs, it was initially worn by people in Ancient Egypt for special purposes holding underlying meanings.

In Ancient Egypt ankle bracelets were seen as a sign of social status and fortune. The royalties and the Ladies used to wear anklets as it was a mark of their fortunes and riches. Some also wore these embellishments as a type of good luck charms. They believed that anklets could wear off evil spirits and negativity.

3. Cuff Anklets

Just like your cuff armlets, cuff anklets are the next addition to your anklet cart! It was showcased in the Chloè Spring/Summer 2019 runway which was paired with a leather platform sandal. It looked gorgeous and immediately gained the much needed fame that it deserved. It gives off a very punk-ish vibe that is surely going to make you look like a rock star!

4. Charm Pearl Anklets

With pearls making a strong comeback in spring 2020, the charm star pearl anklet has become a necessity. It is readily available online in India.

The charm pearl anklet is one of the sexiest ornaments for you to make your every step count this summer! It is a beautiful and delicate piece of jewelry every woman is craving for. This graceful piece of foot jewelry is so flexible that it goes with any kind of outfit, in any kind of occasion. Whether it is a walk on the beach, or dancing all night in a club, these charm pearl ankle bracelets go effortlessly well with any style and mood.

Did you know…?

In ancient Indian culture, charm anklets were worn mostly by married women. It was a sign of respect. However, in the 1970s (during the sexual revolution/liberation), women who indulged in sexual practices and prostitution were seen to wear anklets as well. A married woman who wore anklets was seen as the “hotwife” who engaged in various sexual activities (after getting consent from her husband) apart from her husband. It was almost a sign of an ‘open marriage’

5. Glow in the Dark Anklets

There has been a sudden obsession about glow in the dark accessories. Its oomph factor is its mystical element of glow in the dark (as its name already suggests). It is a beautiful piece of jewelry to either gift yourself or as an anniversary present for your partner, or can even be gifted to your bestie as a token of friendship. Just because it glows while in the dark, does not mean you cannot wear it in the day time. Its intricate design makes it a much required accessory that needs to be paraded in public!

Pair this beautiful anklet with glowing moon lockets for girls to spread some shine.

6. Feet Jewelry for the Wedding Day

Did you know that there are feet jewelries made especially for your wedding day? It is even more perfect for a beach wedding, when you are walking on the sand wearing a splendid piece of feet jewelry on your bare feet, with occasional kisses planted by the cold waves of the ocean…how scintillating!

If you want to be a bride getting married on the beach to your soul mate wearing a beachy foot jewelry then try out ~

  • Crystal beach toe ring anklet

This is one of the hottest, most alluring pieces of foot jewelry that you will be lucky to get married in! This crystal beachy look that is paired with a toe ring will make you look like an absolute angel.

  • Chandelier foot jewelry with toe ring

This is a modern take on the foot jewelry mania which can make for a stylish wedding charm. The chandelier foot jewelry gives you the chance to make a grand entrance and leave everyone awestruck. Reading vows while wearing this just got more exciting!

7. Bohemian Anklets

If you want to go crazy with your fashion experiments, then going down the Bohemian lane is ideal for you! Bohemian fashion is all about statement accessories with a mean touch of the 70s. And bohemian anklets are just the right example of this. Wrapping your ankle with these hippie-style bohemian anklets is guaranteed to awaken your carefree attitude.

8. Colorful Beaded Anklets

The colorful beaded anklets are one of the best types of foot jewelry that will force your inner child to break free from the cages! Its colorful beads make it a fun accessory to experiment with. You can also attach shells to your colorful beaded anklet making it the perfect accessory for the summer and occasional beach walks.

9. Crochet Anklets

A relatively modern type of foot jewelry, crochet anklets have rapidly grown to be a woman’s best friend. This piece of foot garnishing is so bold that it requires no other pieces of jewelry (like earrings, necklaces) to accompany it. It alone can successfully do the trick. I know right, talk about a lone wolf!

Crochet anklets come in various colors like white, black, blue, pink, green and even red. So you can definitely match it with your outfit or get audacious and pull off a mismatch look. Its fierce quality is definitely going to steal the spotlight and turn some heads.

10. Simplistic Single Gold Thread

This is for those minimalistic ladies who believe less is more! If you are the type to make simple look sexy, then the single gold thread is just the ‘simple’ solution for you. It looks chic and neat on your foot giving off a sensual feminine charm. And the best part is it can be worn flawlessly at both formal and informal events. However, it is not a beach wear accessory, so keep it away from your pool parties and walks on the beach.

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11. Layered Anklets

A woman with an undying thirst for trendy and unique fashion taste is going to fall in love hard with the layered anklets. It is hip, it is classy, and it is definitely sophisticated. Layered anklets have been around the fashion scene for a while and we do not seem to get enough of it!


Wearing of foot jewelry has been engraved in our fashion world so strongly that it has become an impression very hard to erase. Foot jewelries are The Trend and no one can deny that. It not only accentuates your outfit, but also speaks for your personality. No matter how humble you keep your overall look, wearing the simplest of the simple anklet can amplify your look to a great extent.


So get zealous and walk the talk!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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