These Gift Ideas Will Get Every 20 Year Old Very Excited (Girls)

Gift shopping for the teens and the late teens can be a little tricky. You need to make sure that whatever you get your 20 year old hip and cool girl BFF is quirky yet age-appropriate. It is important to gift your adolescent friends something they can cherish, and that would allow for you both to connect at a much deeper level. At a time when you are consumed by a fast life, it is necessary to express your feelings to your loved ones, and what better way is there than giving gifts!

“Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.”

– Tinku Razoria

To make your search for the perfect present even more exciting and easier, we have put forth the ultimate guide to the perfect gift, with a modern touch, to present your post teen girlfriend or bestie or sister with. From accessories to journals to photo frames to customized goodies we have all the swagger gifts lined up for you!

From romantic to fun to memorable to personalized, we got all the themes covered for you!

Romantic Gifts for Girls age 20 Something

Wondering what to gift your girlfriend who is in her early twenties on her birthday or Valentine’s Day? Or you are just thinking of gifting her without any special occasion, to just celebrate her presence in your life? Then here is a list for all the confused guys out there to choose an appropriate gift for their lovers:

I-Love-You Pendants

I-Love-You pendants are becoming a big trend amongst the couples. Whether it is the heart shaped pendant or the unique ‘100 language I-Love-You projection necklace’, this exquisite and dainty piece of ornament not only makes for a romantic gift but also amplifies the fashion quotient. Your girlfriend will be proud to wear your love around her neck and proclaim your love with pride! 

You can explore more exquisite designs of lockets for girls on Locketwala.

Couple/Friendship Bracelets

Every successful romantic relationship begins with a strong friendship. If you believe that your girlfriend is your best friend then gifting these couple bracelets is the perfect way to go. You can buy matching couple bracelets, one for you and for your partner, showing how both of you are one whole soul. It is the perfect, most loving way of affirming your admiration for one another.

Angel Rings

Angel wing jewelries, like angel rings, have a mystical and personal meaning attached to it. Angel wing symbolizes harmony and affection. The angel ring signifies protection, and is like a guardian angel worn around your finger. Gifting angel rings to girls of age 20 metaphorizes the protection and happiness you have for her. It communicates this fantastical sentiment charmingly which makes the receiver of this gift go weak in their knees.

Serotonin Molecular Necklaces


The new and unique present with which you can express your love to your girl of age 20 is the serotonin molecular necklace! 

Just as the hormone serotonin is responsible for our feelings, happiness and well-being, this particular piece of necklace is a reference to that specific feeling.

It is the perfect selection to show how much you treasure your partner, and how happy you feel when you are around them. This chic piece of jewellery represents your feeling of joy and your unconditional love. 

Also, its sophisticated look makes it for a great jewelry to flaunt!

Queen Crown Rings

There is an endearing meaning that underlies this gorgeous piece of ornament. Crown rings (available for both the sexes as King and Queen Crown Rings) are especially made for lovers to express their love and admiration for each other.

Queen crown rings are an elegant piece of jewelry and makes a perfect surprise gift for girls of age 20. It tells your partner how you are the ruler of their heart. It represents your forever and undying loyalty toward them.

Romantic Scrapbook


A scrapbook is a way of collecting memories and wishes in a more descriptive way than an album. This romantic scrapbook is the perfect gift for you to present your girlfriend with.

A scrapbook that comes with around 10 pages for you to fill with your heartfelt and personal thoughts and messages makes it the most sentimental gift ever. You can also paste pictures that resonate beautifully with your eloquent messages. It is an adorable gift that will always light up a bright smile on your lover’s face whenever they open it.

Explosion Birthday Box 


Explosion birthday boxes are experience gifts that you can present your partner with. These are boxes with pop-up layers within it that you can decorate with pictures of your partner or your shared special moments, and even write heartwarming messages. This is a cute handmade gift that works really well as a birthday gift. You can also hide chocolates and other small goodies inside the box to give it a surprise element.

There are a number of personalized explosion birthday boxes that come with hearts or flowers or kisses wrapped around the box, from which you can choose from. 

Roses and Bears


Nothing screams more romantic than roses and bears. It can be mushy but it does not fail to make us smile, and instigate butterflies in our stomach!

Roses are the flag-bearers of love and romance. They are the go-to flowers that you choose to propose with and declare your love to your partner. And amplifying the cuteness by pairing your bouquet of red roses with a giant teddy bear holding a heart in the center makes it even more delightful!

Fun Gifts for girl age 20 Something

Gift gifting is an extremely fun process. It brings happiness to both the sender and the receiver. You do not always need an occasion to give gifts to the person you love and respect. So if you are looking for a fun gift to present your 20 year old girl besties, or sisters, or even your crush with, then here are some of the choices you can select from:

Masala Chai Mug for Tea Lovers

masala chai mug

If your bestie loves to drink tea/coffee, then gift her with this comic looking tea mug. It is fun, quirky and unique looking Chai mug that is going to jolt her right out of her sleep! 

You can also make it more special by gifting the Chai mug with a packet of tea biscuits, tea bags, or a tea jar. It makes for a thoughtful gift especially for a friend who is under the weather! 

Camera Coffee Mugs


Drinking from the same dull designed coffee mugs can get really boring. But with this new camera lookalike coffee mug makes the caffeine drink all the more fun and exciting! 

If your girl bestie is into coffee and she cannot get past the day without her caffeine intake, then gifting her with this quirky looking coffee mug will be an absolute winner. 

Is it a camera? Is it a mug? Yeah, confuse them all! (LOL)

Unicorn Printed Mugs for the Unbiological Sister

unbiological sister mug

Since we are on the topic of mugs, this fun and exciting unicorn printed mug is an ideal pick for your soul sister! 

Some of us are really lucky to have a friend who gradually became the sister we never had. She is your most cherished friend who has stuck by your side through thick and thin. 

So if she is your sister from another mother, then gift her with this beautiful and vibrant looking mug that is bound to keep your long lasting bond stronger and immortal! 

Multicolor Creative Stationaries


Do you have that one friend who has some sort of a weird fetish for stationaries? Well if you do, gifting these funnily designed multicolor stationaries is going to probably make her cry out of excitement!

The multicolor creative stationaries are all designed quite uniquely, ranging from a popcorn packet lookalike case to a lipstick pen to even a mermaid pen! It can be gifted to all of your high school and college going 20 year old girl friends, or even your sister for fun!

Condom in a Funny Box


Now let us get really creative and naughty with our gifts shall we (wink wink)?

If you have some single girl besties who you know has a strong sense of humor, then give them a hard laugh with this wittily designed box with a condom! An acrylic box in which a condom is carefully placed is for that special night when your girl pal decides to mingle! Till then, it can be a hilariously looking sexy souvenir!

Unicorn Sleep Mask


Another Unicorn themed gift for girls age 20. These plush eye-masks are comfortable and super cute to wear. These Unicorn Sleep masks can be comfortably worn at home while sleeping and can also be her travel buddy. These cute eye masks will let your girl pal have a goodnight sleep in comfort.

Funny Animal Printed Acrylic Spandex


These funny and cute animal printed socks made of cotton and acrylic spandex look adorable, and make for a really delightful gift. It’s comfortable and lightweight material feels like a warm hug filled with love on the feet. Your girl bestie of age 20 can wear these cute and funny animal prints on their feet when they go out for work, or college, or even exercising. It can be given as a present on Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even as a small friendship token!

The Liquid Floating Quicksand Mobile Phone Case


There is something very magical and mystical about this gift. The quicksand moving, liquid floating cellphone case is an ideal gift you can give your sister or your girl BFFs of age 20 something. It is soft to touch, and it always feels like your phone is having a party of its own. It is the perfect accessory to glam your cellphones up!

Memorable Gifts for your 20 year old girl pals

Presenting with gifts that can be the perfect keepsakes forever has a great deal of sentiment attached to them. When you gift your dear friends out of the blue with such personal gifts, without expecting something in return, says a lot about your admiration for your person and the intimacy that you cherish in the friendship/relationship. 

As Ben Carson said, “Happiness does not result from what we get, but what we give”.

Here is an array of some of the most emotional and appealing memorable gifts that you can select from:

Personalized Calendar Key Chain with Name and Date of Birth


You may think that key chains as a gift idea is boring. But this new and trendy calendar key chain with your gal friend’s name and date of birth engraved on it makes it more of a gift material type. 

Key chains are usually considered to be one of the most memorable sorts of a gift. And by customizing it based on their name and birth date makes it a special token of your relationship. 

3D Mold Casting Kit

3-D mold

3D casting has become a very popular and trendy gift to preserve a special moment. It makes for a very sentimental and memorable gift. 3D mold casting kit allows you to make a 3D replica of hands and/or feet that is preserved for perpetuity. 

Gifting a 3D mold casting allows the receiver to lock their memories forever. It is the most fun and artistic way of capturing special moments. It is the perfect memorable and personal gift for your girl pals of age 20 and sisters.

Photo Frames

Personalized photo frames are one of the most precious gifts that are given from the heart.

Here are some of the ideas of unique personalized photo frames:


Mosaic photo frames have become highly popular among gift givers. It gives the photo frame a more vintage and rustic look that appears beautiful.

Mosaic photos or mosaic photo frames can be gifted to someone on any occasion, or even without an occasion. It is the perfect present to celebrate your relationship with the other person. Mosaic photos allow for organizing many pictures together into one attractive image that makes it a beautiful souvenir.

So pick a pretty picture of your girlfriend or gal friend and personalize it onto the attractive looking mosaic photo frame!


Wooden photo frames are another elegant looking photo frames that give a very sophisticated look.

Because these frames are made of wood, it provides durability and strength to the photo frame, making it highly sustainable. The wood’s permanence can be symbolized to the resilience of your relationship as well.

So if you have a picture or a memory that is too precious to forget and needs to be protected at all costs, then keep it safe within the robust wooden photo frame!


Caricatures have always been a fun way of giving gift. The thoughtfulness behind gifting caricatures has always been amusing and quirky.

Not only does these unusual yet interesting caricature photo frames make for an awesome memorable present, but it also compliments the walls of your home! It makes for a great addition to your bedside table.

Unicorn Flamingo Eyeglasses Case


This is a practical yet adorable gift idea for all your girl BFFs or your sister who wear spectacles. If not, you can also gift these beautiful looking cases to all your friends who are crazy over sunglasses. We are certain your glass-wearing friends will absolutely adore.

Leather Handmade Diary


Do you have a friend who loves to write? If you have a dear friend who is a logophile and is a budding writer, then gift them with this bold and elegant looking leather handmade diary.

So give them the joy of writing and let them transform their emotions to thoughts to words!

Personalized Photo Solitaire Cards


If your girlfriend is the queen of your hearts, then personalize her beautiful pictures in and with the solitaire playing cards. It is a new and creative way of curating pictures that makes it a cute and memorable gift.

You can also decide on customizing the entire solitaire cards deck with pictures of your girl BFF or your sister (depending on who you are gifting) along with your shared moments with them, and play with that very deck.

This surely does make for a fun gaming experience!

Personalized Gifts for your 20 year old chick pals

Gifts have always been valued for being expressive rather than being expensive. Personalized gifts have a sentimental value attached to it as everyone knows that curating a gift with your own hands require time, effort, thought and emotions. This is what that makes personalized gifts personal and evergreen.

Some of the personalized gift ideas for you are:

Personalized Photo Cushions


Treating your sister or your girlfriend with these beautiful personalized photo cushions is definitely going to help them get a warm and good night sleep. These photo cushions also add a personal touch to their bedroom.

If you are planning on gifting this unique present to your girlfriend, then get the ‘his and hers’ personalized cushions. It is a romantic gift that is made only for the true soul mates!

Personalized photo cushions always work with your loved ones. It is a unique gift that never fails to bring a curve of smile on your dear one’s face.

Leather Passport Covers

personalised couple passport cover

Does your friend love to travel? Is she an adventurer? If yes, then gift her with this designer looking leather passport cover.

Gifting a passport cover to your gal pal will encourage their desire to travel. You as a gift giver can go a little crazy and artistic, and customize the cover with your gal BFF’s name on it. You can also personalize it with your shared moments’ snaps to add a more personal touch to it.

Gifting this cute and thoughtful present to your wanderlust friend will always make them think of you whenever they embark on their next journey!

Unique Personalized Wooden Photo Stand


Do you have an album of your girl best friend where there is more than one beautiful and memorable picture of hers to select from? Are you in a dilemma of which single picture to select for your wooden photo frame? Well, do not panic further.

This unique personalized wooden photo frame is just the right pick for you. This allows for a collage of your most favorite pictures to come together. It can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, birthday gift, or even a farewell gift!

Personalized 3D Moon Lamps


One of the most mystical and magical gifts to present to your gal pals with, personalized 3D moon lamps are the best choice!

Based on the occasion, you can customize a respective picture of your favorite moment with your loved one, within the lamp. When lit in a dark room, the picture lightens up and creates a fantastic theatrical effect. It is a perfect gift that goes well in your bedroom, guestroom, living room…pretty much anywhere in your house!

Personalized Chocolate Box


There is not one thing that cannot be personalized these days to add a more personalized touch to your gifts. With this personalized chocolate box, you get 6 pieces of chocolates which are covered in personalized wrappers. You can select different pictures of your dear friend for the different wrappers, and even for the box!

You can gift this to all your girl pals who are huge choco junkies. They will absolutely adore this adorable and sentimental gift.

Personalized Silver Name Bracelets


Bracelets have always been a symbol of commemorating a relationship shared with the receiver of the bracelet. Just as how the bracelet when worn on the wrist makes a perfect circle, the relationship or friendship shared is also metaphorized (with that of the bracelet) as an infinite and immortal circle of friendship.

By personalizing your sister’s or girlfriend’s or your best girll friend’s name on the bracelet, you can amplify the value of the gift.

These silver bracelets also can be worn with any outfit at any occasion!

Customized Teddy Bears


Personalized teddy bears are novelty soft toys that are a winner in every occasion.

Teddy bears have always been symbolic of childlike innocence. It shows the receiver how much they are loved and cherished by the gift giver. It usually is given to represent and treasure a special memory or event.

By curating a heartfelt message on the belly of the teddy bear, you can make the gift look more ersonal and emotional. It can work as an intimate vessel for the love and affection you have for your girlfriend

Personalized Wall Clock


Now who does not own a clock? I know right, no one!

Hence, it is pretty safe to say that this essential gift item will not be kept unattended for sure! And by transforming a boring wall clock to a much more exciting looking personalized wall clock is something that is obviously going to catch eyes!

So scroll through your phone’s gallery and pick the most beautiful, quirkiest and wackiest pictures of you and your BFF and personalize it with this hip looking wall clock.

These are some of the gift ideas that you can select from to gift your girlfriend/sister/ girl best friend.

Gift giving has always been an important part of human interaction. It keeps the connection alive and valued. It is an expression of love that strengthens relationships. It is not necessary to give presents to someone you love on a special occasion. You can shower your near and dear ones with gifts any time you want.  It is a selfless act of pure love from the heart.

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness” – Richard Bach

So if this post reminded you of your close friend, then hurry up and gift your girl bestie now!

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