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Jewelry is an ornament that is worn and loved by all. Both men and women enjoy jewelry, and it makes for an incredible gift for a special someone too. In this article, we are going to talk about a jewelry piece, that is God Lockets. Lockets are a very fashionable piece of jewelry. They come in different designs, shapes, and sizes and are worn by people of all ages. Coming to God lockets these are lockets that have designs, faces, or scribblings of God.

Religion and God play an essential role in one’s life. Especially in India, people worship God and take his blessings. The almighty holds a special place in everyone’s heart, and hence, God lockets make for an incredible piece of jewelry that is not only stylish but is also very sacred.

If you are wondering where to find good God lockets for yourself or to gift friends and family, do not fret. We are here to help you through it all. In this article, we will suggest to you God lockets of various Gods that are beautiful and auspicious. You can wear them with anything and everything, and style them with your clothes. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Shiva God Lockets

Lord Shiva is the great ascetic who did not indulge in any kind of pleasure and rather spent his life doing meditation. Lord Shiva is known to be the most significant Hindu God, and he is also known as the protector of our Hindu Vedas. God lockets online are available with Lord Shiva’s designs. They are attractive and divine. Here are a few God lockets that you can choose from:

Shiva Trishul Rudraksha Damru Locket With Mala


Grab your hands on one of the amazing Rudraksha lockets, which are made using Brass. This God locket has impeccable details such as the damru. Damru is known as the instrument of Lord Shiva, and it gives spiritual vibes. On the other hand, Rudraksha controls high blood pressure. 

This locket is a combination of fashion, glamour, and spirituality. You can style this piece with your formal dresses and create trendy styles. Moreover, this product is highly lightweight, durable, made using premium quality material, and has a fantastic finish. 

Lord Shiva Stone Pendant


This God locket is a must-have as it is a combination of fashionable design and a symbol of the deity Shiva. Wearing this pendant will enhance your look and style. In addition, the best part about this is that you can pair it up with Indian traditional as well as western clothes. 

It is perfect for all the occasions, and it will make for an amazing gifting item as well. A little tip to store this piece is that you should try and keep it away from any kind of chemicals or perfume. This product is skin-friendly, and you can gift it on occasions such as valentine’s day or someone’s birthday as well.

Gold Plated Shiva Pendant


This gold plated brass pendant will make for an eye-catching piece of jewelry, and it will be loved by everyone. Wherever you go wearing this jewelry, you will surely get many compliments. This Trishul locket will also make for an ideal gift for anyone who is a devotee of Lord Shiva.

The pendant is also studded with Rudraksha beads, and it is made using good-quality material, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Please make sure that you do not use any chemicals on the locket, as that will jeopardize the authenticity of the piece. You can pair it with any piece of clothing, and you will be good to go.

Om Pendant With Mala


Om lockets are high in demand these days. This pendant comes with a mala, and the piece is gold plated. It can be worn by both men and women, and you can wear it anytime. You can use this piece to wear it on a regular basis. The chain that is given with the pendant is of a free size, and hence, it is suitable for everyone. 

The product has a Nickel-free coating, which makes it suitable for everyone, and it is skin-friendly as well. This pendant is highly auspicious as it has Rudraksha, and it will surround you with positivity. Rudraksha helps to increase in concentration as well. You can give this item to someone, or you can buy it for yourself. 

Om Rudraksha Gold Chain


Hindu God lockets are popular because of their style. This chain is made using alloy, and it is plated with gold. Keeping this pendant close to your heart will keep negativity away from you, and it will also make for an incredible accessory to your look. 

This pendant will enhance the look, and it is also the perfect accessory for any religious function or occasion. Try to keep it away from chemicals and perfumes as much as you can as they can reduce the life of this piece. 

Austrian Crystal Studded Chandrika Pearls Locket


This pendant has an incredibly unique design, and it has a superfine finish. This pendant is especially ideal for gifting as it comes with a very formal packaging. You can gift your loved ones and make their day. 

The product is skin-friendly, and it is made using premium quality silver plating. Moreover, the Chandrika pearls and Trishul just add an extra element of grace and positivity in the jewelry piece. You can match it with your outfit according to your taste and style. The pendant’s religious vibe will surely give you good vibes and keep you energetic throughout the day.

Chandrika Pearls Trishul Pendant


Everything about this pendant spreads positivity and creates a very energetic aura. The design of the pendant is unique, and the Chandrika pearls and Trishul of Lord Shiva have been carved very beautifully.

The pendant comes in great packaging, and it will make for an ideal gifting item as well. God lockets, and more precisely, a Trishul locket is trendy and popular these days. Wearing it will make you look stylish and fashionable. 

Ganesha God Lockets

Lord Ganesha is another one of India’s most worshipped Gods. Lord Ganesha is the son of Shiva, and he is known to clear the way of problems to make way to move forward and towards a happy life. The elephant head of Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom, understanding, and, most importantly, a symbol that you do not need to be perfect in life. God lockets of Lord Ganesha are widely worn by Indians and other devotees of God. Here are a few Ganesha God lockets that you can invest in:

Sterling Silver Ganesha Pendant


This pendant is made using sterling silver and has 92.5% purity. The product has an excellent finish, and it also goes through several levels of quality checks. The pendant is made in such a way that it is very comfortable, and it will enhance your features. God locket is suitable for both men and women as it is versatile.

It will also make for the perfect gifting item, and it will give out a very subtle look. You can pair this piece with traditional as well as western wear. The Lord Ganesha gives it a very auspicious feel, and you can also wear it on religious occasions. 

Ganpati God Lockets


This Ganpati God locket can be worn on a daily basis or even on a formal occasion. You can give this piece of jewelry to your loved ones as well. Both men and women can wear this Ganesha pendant, and it gives a very aesthetic look when styled with ethnic wear.

In India, there are a lot of devotees of Lord Ganesha, and wearing his locket will create a positive aura around you. Moreover, wearing the pendant is said to bring good luck in one’s life as well.

Religious Ganpati Pendant with Chain


This religious Ganpati God pendant with a chain is made using alloy, and it is plated with gold. The pendant will become an ideal gift for both men and women, and you can give it to someone on the occasion of a birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary, or other religious events, etc.

The locket is made using high-quality material, and it is highly durable. The locket chain can be extended as per requirements, and the Ganesha Ji gives it a very blissful and religious feel. The pendant is trendy as well as pure and auspicious. You should take care of it properly so that the product lasts long

Ganesha Ji Gold and Silver Pendant

om lockets

This stunning Ganesha Ji pendant is beautiful, graceful, spiritual, and trendy. Anyone who is a devotee of Lord Ganesha and likes to style jewelry can grab this piece as it is the perfect combination of a fashionable and peaceful locket. It is also one of the best lockets for girls

The pendant is versatile, and it can be worn by both men and women. If you are into traditional wear, you can pair it with any color as the pendant in itself is gold and silver. On the other hand, it goes well with western wear as well. You should try to keep it away from perfume or any kind of chemicals to ensure the longevity of the piece.

Stunning Silver Ganesha Pendant


This stellar pendant will make for a perfect gift as it is made with an impeccably subtle finish, and the design is awestruck as well. You can buy it for yourself and style it with your formal outfits as well. The details of this Ganesha locket are superfine, and you will get many compliments for wearing this piece.

Moreover, this Ganesha pendant comes with a complimentary silver chain, which is like icing on the cake. It is an 18-inch chain, and it gives that extra spark to the outfit. The pendant is a must-have for those who love Lord Ganesha but are also fond of styling and fashion. 

Unique Design Ganesha God Locket


This unique piece comes with a complimentary chain made using alloy. The Ganesha Ji is carved so beautifully, and this is one of the most beautiful God lockets. You can style it with casual as well as formal wear. 

The God locket will make for an ideal gifting item. You can also wear it on a religious occasion to give your look a very spiritual edge. The best part about this Ganesha locket is that it can be worn by men and women both. 

Pure Silver Ganpati Pendant


This fine silver Ganesha pendant is beautiful and elegant. The pendant is not fancy and has a very soothing and divine feel to it. It is shiny, and it will enhance the look of your outfit.

This contemporary pendant can also be gifted to someone, and you can also use it for daily wear. The Ganesha Ji’s design just adds a more authentic vibe to the auspicious jewelry piece. It is definitely a must-have for someone who digs simplicity. 

Naturally Carved Ganesha God Locket


This carved Ganesha Ji pendant is simply divine. Lord Ganesha has been carved on this natural obsidian stone, and the pendant has been made with love and purity. The product comes with a beautiful packing as it comes in an elegant velvet pouch.

The pendant can be worn by anyone, and it will make for a perfect jewelry piece for any occasion. The best part about this pendant is that it is black in color, which makes it a versatile item as it will go with almost everything.

Hanuman lockets

The significance of Lord Hanuman, in simple words, is protection against evil. Lord Hanuman symbolizes strength and devotion as well. Hindus worship Lord Hanuman, and Hanuman Locket is worn by many Indians. If you want to buy one for yourself or your friends and family, here are a few aesthetic God lockets of Lord Hanuman:

Sterling Silver Hanuman Locket


This Hanuman Locket is lightweight, durable, and has a very precise design. The product has gone through several quality checks to ensure that you get the perfect piece. Moreover, the details of Lord Hanuman are accurate and make it look very graceful.

You can wear it with your daily clothes. In addition to this, Hanuman Ji adds a sense of positivity to the piece, and it will give you very spiritual vibes. You should definitely invest in this locket if you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman. 

Spiritual Hanuman God Locket


God lockets are highly spiritual, and they come in amazing styles to create a very stylish design. This Hanuman Locket is one of the silver-coloured products, which is a perfect combo of trendy and spiritual design.

You can wear it on any occasion, and it also comes with a complimentary chain. Moreover, this elegant piece will also make for a very thoughtful gift. You can give it to someone who worships Lord Hanuman. 

Hanuman Gada Pendant


Lord Hanuman’s Gada is known to be the largest Gada in history. This pendant showcases Hanuman Ji’s Gada, and it has very good detailing done on it. The Gada has been crafted with love and devotion.


God locket for men, is a perfect piece of jewelry that any man can wear with his everyday attire. This can also be styled with formal wear, and it will enhance the look and feel of your style. This pendant has been inspired by the one that Salman Khan wore in the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan.’ It will make you look stunning, and you will get many compliments.

Bajrang Bali Locket


This locket has been beautifully made, and it will definitely become your favorite piece of jewelry. The locket will make an extraordinary addition to your jewelry collection, and you can pair it with your formal attire. It has a fine copper finish, and it comes with a 17-inch black cord.

The overall look of the piece is very elegant, and it can also be an ideal gifting option. The quality of the product is superfine. It is durable and easy to handle.

Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman Yantra Locket


This item is highly optimistic, and you can wear it on every Tuesday. The pendant is made of brass and glass, and it weighs 10 grams. The locket will give you a sense of confidence, courage, strength, and positivity. 

You can style it with white or black clothes as the locket is multicolored. It will go with your everyday attire, and you can style it just the way you like. The jewelry piece is elegant, and it has a sense of spirituality to it. 

Om lockets

Om is a very sacred symbol and a very auspicious mantra of Brahman. Brahman is the almighty God in Hinduism, and it means the supreme self. Om is often chanted, and it is known to be a very powerful mantra. The meaning of Om is deep, and the symbol of Om holds a very deep sense of spirituality. A lot of people wear Om lockets to keep a very pure and positive aura inside and around them. If you are on a hunt to buy an Om locket, here are the best options of God lockets online that are available in India:

Om lockets for Men

Om Rudraksha Onyx Beads Mala


This Om Rudraksha Onyx Beads mala is made using premium quality material, and the color of the mala will never fade away. The Om is skin-friendly and very comfortable to wear. You can style it with white or any other colored clothing to enhance the look.

In addition to this, the mala is extremely lightweight, and the Rudraksha will stop the negativity around you. The Om symbol will create positivity, and it will give you confidence. Hence, the item is a must-have. 

Stylish Om Pendant

trishul -om-lockets

This golden coloured brass Om pendant is not only spiritual, but it is also very stylish and fashionable. It is the perfect piece of jewelry for men, and it is lightweight and long-lasting. The jewelry is authentic and aesthetic. 

This Om locket has a Rudraksha studded in it, and it will look very elegant and graceful with your clothing. It is gold in color, so you can match it with anything as it is dynamic in nature. The locket comes in a very nice pouch, and hence, it makes for an ideal gifting item as well.

Spiritual Om Drum Locket

stylish om locket

This cylindrical Om drum locket is perfect to wear on a daily basis. Anyone who wants to stay positive and spiritual aura can buy this beautiful Om locket with a very unique design.

Moreover, this locket has a very high-quality plating, and the material used to make it is environmental stainless steel. This Om pendant is skin-friendly, and it is an exquisite piece which will go with all your outfits. You can wear them with your everyday wear as well as your formal dresses.

Om Locket with Rudraksha


This earthen brown pendant with a Rudraksha captured inside a cap is one of the most beautiful Om lockets one could have. It has a gleaming gold plating, which makes it look very aesthetic and stunning. 

The locket comes with an S-hook, which makes it very easy to wear. You should make sure that you do not get this piece near chemicals so that the shine does not go away. It will look amazing with anything you wear as it is a versatile piece of jewelry.

Om lockets for Women

Sun Design Religious Om Pendant


This piece is incredible, and it will make for a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection as it is made with such beautiful details and styling. The pendant is gold and white, and it has gold plating. 

The Om has a very spiritual vibe to it, and the symbol is a denotation of inner peace, strength, and confidence. Moreover, the sun gives it a very strong and fresh look, which adds to the overall style of this piece. You should definitely invest in it as the design will go with anything. 

Om Surya Lord Pendant


This pendant is made using sterling silver, and it comes without a chain. The pendant is the perfect piece for gifting loved ones as it has a very attractive design. Besides, the word Om is chanted in all the mantras, and it holds a lot of importance. 

This locket will suit all your attires, ethnic as well as western. Moreover, the Om is surrounded by Lord Sun, which makes it even more incredible and attractive. You can give this Locket to the elderly as well.

Authentic Stylish Om Locket


This authentic and stylish piece is a must-have. The pendant is a combination of Krishna and Om, which makes it extraordinary. You can wear it with your formal attire and flaunt the details of the design. Moreover, the pendant has a Rudraksha too, which makes it even better.

The piece is durable, and the quality is assured. You should store it safely and keep it in a dry place to ensure that the jewelry piece does not fade. Try to keep it in a softbox or pouch. It will ensure that this beautiful piece stays safe and lasts long.

Gold Plated Sleek Om Locket Chain


This sleek gold plated chain is everything you would want to wear on your neck. The locket is beautiful, and it will look elegant with any style of clothing that you wear.

The chain is made using high-quality material, and it is skin-friendly. You can wear it with your casual as well as formal attire. This chain can also be gifted to your mom or your best friend on their birthday.

Sai Baba Lockets

Sai is referred to as the mendicant. However, it can also mean God. In India, a lot of people follow Sai Baba, and Babaji lockets hold a lot of importance. The word ‘Baba’ means father, grandfather, or simply an old man. Sai Baba is worshipped all across India and if you want to get your hands on Babaji lockets, then here are the options you can choose from:

Lord Sai Nath Pendant


This sterling silver pendant is lightweight, precisely made, and has been made after several quality checks. The finishing of the product is amazing, and anyone who worships Sai Baba would love to have this in their collection.

This pendant can be worn on any occasion, and both men and women can carry it. Moreover, the design denotes purity, authenticity, and positivity. You can also give it to someone on their birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. 

Sai Baba Locket


This Babaji locket is simple and divine. The pendant will give power and strength to anyone who wears it with the feeling of love and respect. You can wear them with your casual wear clothes, and you can wear them at all times.

The quality of the product is amazing as well, and it will make for a brilliant gifting option. Anyone who worships Babaji will be happy to have this Sai Baba locket as an addition to their jewelry collection.

Jesus Lockets

Jesus is a God who is the Jewish messiah. Christians worship Jesus with their heart and soul. Jesus lockets are very trendy as well, and they are worn by Christians all across the world and even in India. If you are fetching for good and beautiful Jesus lockets, you can check these lockets here:

The Holy Cross Silver Pendant


This silver coloured and the silver plated holy cross pendant is simple, elegant, and beautiful. It is not at all fancy, and that is the best thing about this locket. You can wear it with your casuals, and you can also pair it with your formal attire. The sleek look of the locket will grasp the eyes of everyone around as they will turn their heads to appreciate you.

You can also give this to your friend or a family member to make them feel loved and happy. The pendant will enhance your jewelry collection as well.

Gold Plated Jesus Christ Cross Pendant


This brass alloy gold and rhodium-plated pendant are perfect for party wear, functions, and other festive occasions. The locket is simple yet looks very fancy and formal. The Jesus Christ Cross is made with fine details, and that’s what makes this pendant stand out. 

The pendant is also studded with cubic zirconia stone, and it gives the feel of real jewelry. You can also gift this item as it is formal and beautiful.

Vin Diesel Smart Cross Pendant


This silver beauty is the best accessory for boys and men. The classic silver feel of this cross is incredible, and it has a very shiny look. The lines of the pendant are very sharp, and it is very eye-catching as it is decorated with crystals.

The pendant is delicate, and it looks very beautiful. The pendant is skin-friendly, and it is made using high-quality plating. The contemporary look of the pendant is just an add-on, and it will make for an amazing gifting item as well.

Cross Halo Pendant Necklace

black-cross-pendant with ring

This pendant necklace is blue, and it gives amazing classy vibes. The pendant makes for an incredible fashionable piece, and it will beautify your western wear. You can wear this locket with your daily wear western clothes as it will enhance the look and make you look even more stylish.

It can be worn by anyone, and the focus of the product is to meet the fashion requirements of all the customers. This jewelry piece is curated with love and divinity, which is why it looks elegant and classy, both at the same time.

Sparkling Cross Pendant


This is one of those God lockets, which is the perfect combination of spirituality and fashion. The sparkle in this locket will awestruck everyone around you, and it will make you the center of attention. The locket is sleek and gorgeous, both at the same time. 

The quality of the product is incredible, and you will never get enough of this piece. You can wear it all day if you like, or you can pair it up with other accessories while you go out on a party or some other formal occasion. 

Allah Lockets

In terms of Islamic beliefs, Allah is the most common word that is used to express God. “He is the only God, the creator of the universe, and the judge of humankind.” India has many cultures, religions, and beliefs. Allah lockets are famous and common among Muslims in the country who wear them and worship them. If you are on a lookout to buy All lockets, here are some of the amazing pieces out there:

Islamic Arabic Letter Pendant


This Arabic letter locket can be worn at a party or with everyday routine wear. The locket is beautiful, and you can pair it with anything. It is a must-have if you are fond of letter pendants as they are very popular these days.

You can also give this piece to someone you love on their anniversary, birthday, valentine’s day, or any other occasion. It is a perfect gifting item, and anyone who wears it will feel strong, confident, and loved.

Stylish Arabic Pendant


This unique pendant has a very fine look as it comes in very fine packaging. The pendant is perfect for gifting on valentine’s day, birthday, or any other occasion. The pendant will suit you, and it will look very elegant. 

When it comes to the quality of the product, it is made using high-quality material, and it has a sterling silver plating. Moreover, the pendant is skin-friendly, and anyone can wear it with utmost comfort. The pendant will keep you strong, energetic, and confident throughout the day.

Quraan Readings In Optical Lens: Stylish Pendant


This pendant is crafted very beautifully and creatively as it has a lens that has Quran readings inside of it. The locket can be worn by both men and women as it is versatile in nature. The green tone of the pendant gives it an incredible edge, and it also makes for an ideal gift. 

You can wear this pendant to stay positive and keep negativity and misfortunes away from you and your family. This pendant will give you a sense of energy and power, which will help in fighting the obstacles along the way. You should definitely have this beautiful locket in your jewelry collection.

That was it for this article. We gave you a list of all the different kinds of God lockets, and we hope you found one that suits you best. All of these lockets are incredibly made, and we are sure you had a hard time choosing between so many great options. We hope we guided you through it all, and you found what you were looking for!  

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