The Ultimate Guide to Search for the Perfect Engagement Rings for Women!

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

For all the couples who are thinking of getting married, it is an important and exciting phase to plan the engagement process. The constant preparation of how to make the proposal just perfect has always been a sweet challenge for all.

It is one of the strongest foundations on which the marriage is going to reside. It is the make or break of a relationship, so yes there is a lot of pressure (don’t mean to scare you mate)! But if the love is pure and true, then it is a risk worth taking. When your partner says “yes” and the joy that follows it is something that you would not dare to miss. It is the most magical experience! 

And, yet we know that you guys often panic while searching for the perfect engagement rings for women. 

The Origins of the Engagement Ring…Since we are in the topic of wedding rings, have you ever wondered the tradition from where and how the use of wedding rings evolved?
The practice of a man presenting his prospective bride with an engagement ring for marriage is believed to be originated from Rome as a sign of ownership. By 1947, De Beers’ classic slogan, “A Diamond is Forever” got popularized. This implied durability of a diamond conveyed the meaning in the American psyche that marriage is forever. Since then, diamonds have become the most popular choice for an engagement ring, even among the millennials. As the American actress Mae West said, “No gold-digging for me; I take diamonds!”

The Latest Millennial Trend…   

 As already mentioned, diamonds have been the go-to choice for many years. However, recently there has been a shift in engagement ring preferences, from diamonds to colored stones and rings. Popular examples of such wedding rings are the blue sapphire engagement ring which was used to propose Kate Middleton by Prince William, or the ruby stone in a floral halo design given by Orlando Bloom to Katy Perry, or Blake Lively’s oval cut pink-hued stone given by Ryan Reynolds .

Bag the Perfect Wedding Ring!

These days having a showy and expensive ring is not as crucial as you may think. As Jess Hannah, the founder of J.Hannah, says, “The ring is more of an extension of someone’s personal style…I love that women feel more empowered to go against the traditional jewelry store and find something that speaks to them on a personal level. It feels like a feminist choice.” So you see it does not always have to be the most expensive, or the showiest ring to be the perfect engagement ring to propose.

Here are some of the suggestions that can help you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner:

First thing first, the most expensive ring does not necessarily mean the right ring. So scratch that off your list. These are just gimmicks created by salesmen to trap you into buying them. Keep in mind, that your fiancée-to-be cares about the gesture more than the price tag. Hence, when you shop for wedding rings make sure to be kind to your financial situation while making the proposal memorable.

Cut, color, clarity and carat, or popularly known as the 4 Cs make it easier for you to shop for the picture-perfect ring. A correctly cut diamond that reflects and refracts light, or the diamond having less color exhibiting greater brilliance, or the appearance and clarity, or even the weight of the diamond can help you to differentiate between rings and test its authenticity. However, this should not be the sole reason for buying wedding rings.

This is the most crucial step in finding the right wedding ring. A lot of men do screw up in this stage quite phenomenally, and trust me you do not want to embarrass yourself when you are knelt on one knee on the floor! One way to get it right is to carry one of your partner’s rings that she wears the least to the jeweler for the right measure. For a chart about various sizes check here

Often while shopping for a wedding ring, the salesman can manipulate you to buy the most extravagant ring and adhere to the “trend”. But the mantra is to not get caught up in the trend. An engagement ring is a classic symbol of your eternal love. Hence, it is necessary to value your partner’s style more than the trend. Browse through her jewelry box. See if she is more into platinum or gold. Know what kind of style she is into. Be alert and you are good to go in picking the right engagement ring that would resonate with her personality!

Selecting the perfect metal for the engagement ring

After knowing her style, shopping for the ideal wedding ring gets a little easier. Based on her preference you can pick from the various types of rings that are available in the market. Some of them are:


If your girl lives by the word “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, then diamond engagement rings are the best way to propose to her. Diamond engagement rings symbolize the security in a committed relationship, and show how significant your partner is in your eyes. Diamond rings are the most common yet classy gem to propose with. You can find various designs of diamond engagement rings for women in every corner of a jewelry store.


Gold rings are the go-to for you fellows if your soul mate is especially into golden things. Gold engagement rings have been considered the most traditional form of the engagement ring. They have been very popular due to their simplicity and style. Gold engagement rings are extremely malleable. Hence, there are various delicate designs that can be worked upon a golden wedding ring (like engraving).


Platinum rings have become quite the fashion statement. From wearing it for fashion to engagement purposes platinum rings are doing great in the market. Not only does it compliment all skin tones but is also the best engagement ring for sensitive skin as it is completely hypoallergenic. Platinum engagement rings for women have been one of the most popular choices for proposing. Platinum symbolizes exclusivity, durability and purity. A platinum rock on her finger is surely going to sweep her off her feet!

Color Stone

The Millenials are going crazy over the new trend of engagement rings, the colored stones! Romans used to believe that the ring finger of the left hand had a special vein (vena amoris) that directly ran to the heart. Thus, when you select a gemstone for your wedding ring, you are allowing certain energies to influence your life. For instance, wine red gemstones represent passion and serenity. The blue topaz represents tranquility, loyalty, and eternal love. The golden-brown champagne diamonds denotes commitment. The green emerald symbolizes a happy and successful marriage.

Rose Gold

Rose gold wedding rings are a lovely and non-traditional choice for an engagement ring. It symbolizes love. It successfully gives off a vintage appeal with a romantic connotation. These rings are made out of the infusion of copper to gold which gives it a soft rosy glow. It is one of the most unique choices for an engagement ring, and it surely will set you apart from the rest!

Choosing the setting

By “setting” we do not mean the back-drop in which you are going to propose, rather the “setting” of the ring! This refers to the way the diamond would be placed on the ring. You can either choose a setting based on your partner’s preference or you could surprise her with your own creativity. There are various kinds of settings available like Tiffany settings, Bezel settings, eternity band, Tension settings, Pave settings etc.

Ring Size Guide For Indian Women

Inside Diameter MMInside Diameter InchesIndia Japan China South-America Ring Size
15 mm0.597
15.3 mm0.608
15.6 mm0.629
16.2 mm0.6310
16.6 mm0.6511
16.9 mm0.6713
17.2 mm0.6814
17.8 mm0.7015
18.1 mm0.7116
18.5 mm0.7317
19.1 mm0.7518
19.4 mm0.7619
19.7 mm0.7820
20.4 mm0.7922
20.7 mm0.8123
21.0 mm0.8324
21.6 mm0.8425
22.0 mm0.8626
22.3 mm0.8727
22.9 mm0.89
23.2 mm0.91
23.6 mm0.92
24.0 mm0.94

Making it more special and sentimental

Proposing itself is a special move, but adding a special meaning to the engagement ring can make it all the more exceptional and romantic. Ways like resizing a ring from the family heirloom (like grandmother’s ring) can add a sentimental value to it. Or by using your partner’s birthstone as the centerpiece for the ring can make the whole proposal much more personal and passionate.   

Proposing and getting engaged can be an anxiously exciting event, but it should not have to be a stressful process. You are proposing to someone who you love unconditionally and want to spend your entire life with, so stop panicking! By following our above mentioned tips you will be just fine to shop for the perfect engagement rings for your women ring that will lock you two up for eternity! Just make the evening you propose an unforgettable one. As the poet Dante Alighieri said,

Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always.”

Get ready to write down your vows!

Paroma Bhattacharya
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