15 Stylish Lockets for Men to Shop for in 2020

Whenever it comes to jewelry, people somehow always think of women. They have attached a feminine tag to jewelry and ornaments. But did you know that since the ancient era, men have been fervently wearing ornaments, from earrings to lockets to anklets to finger rings? So let’s not attach a sexist label to bling, and wear it with pride and most importantly with style!

Lockets have always been a unisex jewelry that has been designed to look awesome on both men and women. Although most men’s lockets are made of metals, there have been a vast variety of designs incorporated in the making of men’s lockets. 

So men, if you want to buy one for yourself then we have some of the top stylish lockets for men laid out just for you:

Silver Metal Wing Lockets for boys


Wing pendants have been a crowd pleaser for ages! We don’t know why but men love wearing this specific locket type. Symbolic of protection and harmony, wing pendants look sexy and mod. 

If you are a girl fretting about what to gift your boyfriend on his birthday or anniversary or the V-Day, we definitely suggest you to gift this exquisite looking accessory. The wing pendant represents love and spirituality. In essence, it is a good luck charm that you should not miss out on!

Brown Metal Pendant with Leather Chain


No matter what skeptics tell you, leather chains look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous on men! This iconic looking neck embellishment is sure to give an edge to your ruggedly handsome features.

Very much gender-fluid, men can pull this look off effortlessly if paired with white shirts (obviously keeping the first three buttons open *wink*), or even with jackets. It is most certainly a bold looking jewelry that is a must-have! 

Lion King Crown Lockets for Men


Which man does not love to be the king of his own jungle? 

This royal looking pendant in the shape of a lion with a crown is definitely going to speak to all men. If you believe that you can resonate with this daring looking bling, which can radiate your alpha vibe successfully, then you should definitely buy this one right now!

The ‘lion’ has always been the symbol of power and pride, which attract men way too much! The strength and ferocity that this particular pendant oozes make it a favorite among men.

Assassin’s Creed Pendant


Any Assassin’s Creed fans out there? Well, if you are, then we don’t think you need much of a nudge to buy this bold and tough looking locket.

A logo believed to be an eagle’s skull from behind, the assassin’s creed pendant is known to represent courage and honor. Over the years, it has been a symbol of allegiance. 

This is a perfect gift that men can gift their other men friends to commemorate their brotherhood and friendship. It looks perfectly stunning with casuals, ready for a cruise party!

Army Tag Lockets for Men


Bar pendants have swept the fashion scene with a stylish storm! It has become the trend followed by almost everyone.  And joining this bandwagon is the army dog tag pendant for men. 

The military look has excited the testosterone filled fashion buds to a great extent! From military green jackets to cargos, and now the army dog tag pendant, have attracted men like no other. 

The army dog tag pendant is a petite and sleek pendant that can be worn in every season. You can also personalize it by engraving, and giving it a more sentimental value. This piece of bling looks boyish and charming with an underlying subtle boldness. 

Superman Lockets for Men


This is definitely a blind pick for all those men who are deep into the DC universe! 

Guys love to hear them being called a superhero, especially Superman who has been a pivotal source of strength and protection. He has been a much adored superhero who represents heroism and valor. Men can wear this pendant all the time with confidence, without any fear of getting caught, unlike Clark Kent!

So girls, if you want to gift your boyfriend with something that validates their masculinity, then gifting this endearing pendant is most certainly going to do the trick! 

Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Pendant


If you are a Doctor Strange fan, then you probably are jumping up and down with glee and impatience to own this. 

As depicted by the Doctor Strange film franchise, the eye is a powerful relic that was created to see through illusions and disguises. It is a symbol of wisdom. 

The Eye of Agamotto pendant looks quite mystical and enchanting, and you might just feel its power while wearing it! 

 So if you want to achieve the superpower of reading between the lines, and seeing through the façades, then buy this locket now! 

Black Cross Halo Pendant


The cross pendants have become a popular trendsetting item globally. It never fails to amplify the sexiness and elegance of men. 

A simplistic yet beautiful looking black thread holding a cross shaped halo pendant makes the look gothic and funky. The crucifix shaped pendant paired with a halo highlights your devotional attitude, along with making you look hip and classy. 

It is also a gender neutral accessory that has been effortlessly worn by popular singers like The Weeknd and Rihanna. 

Damaru Trishul Locket


A more devotional accessory, Lord Shiva’s damaru and trishul inspired locket is the perfect pick for all the Shiva bhakts, and worshippers. It is a beautiful looking locket that is full of symbolisms. The damaru represents enjoyment and infinity, while the trishul or trident is symbolic of fighting off negativity. 

The damaru trishul locket definitely holds a religious and holy meaning, and acts like a protective charm. So if you want to wear good luck and positivity with style, then this necklace is the right way to go. 

Pentagram Lockets for boys


A cult-like looking pendant that gives off a very mystical and mysterious vibe, the pentagram pendant has always been quite appealing. This pentacle pendant looks great with leather jackets and jeans, successfully radiating a bad-boy air. 

In the Jewish tradition, the pentagram has been a symbol of wisdom, mercy and justice. In modern days, the pentacle insignia is often incorporated into various accessories and outfits. It has been portrayed as an emblem of protection. 

The bottom line is, the pentagram pendant looks absolutely fantastic, and rocks with a more informal rather than a formal wear. 

Dumbbell Shaped Fitness Pendant


In this generation, everyone is a gym-freak. All of us love to keep ourselves healthy and fit physically. So if you are into body building and your favorite place is the gym, then you might find this pendant a bit too quirky and appropriate.

A pendant shaped of a man lifting dumbbells not only makes it look funky, but also somehow, strong. When wearing it, it gives you a very steel-like stature with a bulletproof demeanor that is guaranteed to feed your pride far too well! 

You can flamboyantly show this pendant off to all your gym mates the next time you visit your fitness haven!

Skull Pendant


Skull pendants are the official necklace for all the rock stars out there! A punk-rock, gothic themed accessory, which never fails to disappoint a cool look, has been a definite allurement.  

Skull jewelries have been a highly commanding trend amongst the youth. This rebellious looking pendant always sets a bold statement with ease. It is often associated with a carefree and fearless attitude, which is embodied in today’s generation massively.

This symbolism along with its enticing feature, the skull pendant is an absolute winner, and blends perfectly with your masculinity!  

Thor’s Hammer Shaped Pendant


Another one from the superhero pile, this time it is the Marvel’s character, Thor! 

The vintage-looking pendant that is shaped in Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is the best known representation of good fortune, protection, and power amongst the Norse. Its vintage look gives it a unique appearance, making it look like a priceless relic. It in no time when worn makes your overall look classier and sophisticated. 

Vintage accessories have always been eye-catching due to its trendy and stylish handcrafted techniques, which makes these jewelries all the more desirable.   

Lion Head Locket


Comes with a guaranteed biker’s look, the lion head locket is the must-have locket for you! 

Many cultures believe that the lion is a symbol of authority, power and strength. It is also seen as a manifestation of perseverance and bravery. So if you think you possess these characteristics, and see yourself as a true Leo with leadership qualities, then you will definitely be able to rock this locket with no problem.

If you believe your personality resonates with the king of the jungle, then what are you waiting for? Buy this locket now!

Hexagram Round Necklace


Just like the pentagram, the hexagram necklace is another type of neck ornament that spews cult-feels and magic. 

Believed to have a metaphysical meaning, the hexagram is an extremely spiritual emblem. Also known as the Star of David, the hexagram is considered of utmost importance in Judaism. It is a religious symbol that has been extensively incorporated in accessories and clothing lines, making it highly trendy. 

So if you feel attracted to its spirituality, then definitely buy this hexagram round necklace. It makes your outfit more punk and cooler, and craves for the parties! 

These are the top stylish lockets for men that are ruling the markets and the fashion scene. 

To all the young guns out there, make your each and every outfit talk with swag, hip and perfection. Prove everyone wrong who thought you cannot pull off these sexy and bold lockets! 

Strut with confidence, because jewelleries are made for everyone, and they do not discriminate based on your sex!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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