Designer Long Necklace for Saree to Grace Every Occasion with Style

Necklaces as apparel have been worn around the world and especially in India for a very long time now. It is believed that necklaces add to the beauty of the women wearing it and highlights better aspects of her personality. There are a lot of different varieties of necklaces and lockets for girls available in the market and here we are bringing you a curated collection of long necklace for saree. The following pieces specifically go on sarees because girl, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewellery around your neck with your sarees. 

Oxidised Chains Long Necklace for Saree

Oxidised jewellery has gained great importance since the early times because of the antique look they provide at a very low-cost .ese are also known as “silver jewellery”. These oxidised pieces have a warm charm and old traditional vibes and that is the reason they are sold in huge amount in India as well as outside India. Some of the oxidised silver chain necklaces are –

1) Chunky Chain Long Necklace


The silver jewellery is too intimidating today leaving such a royal and antique impact on our clothing. This chunky chain necklace is all set to enhance your traditional Diwali looks and many such events. The specifications are given below-

  • It gives a Modern, yet Ethnic Looks. These jewellery have always been known to add the vintage effect in you.
  • It is one of the trendiest pieces in the market and is prepared with the utmost care and keeping in mind the quality check.
  • The oxidised effect gives a very high lustrous reflection on the jewellery.
  • It is ideal for gifting on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Also the packaging it comes in, leaves no options to gift wrap this beautiful chain.

2) Silver Gypsy Style Statement Necklace


Statement pieces of jewellery are bold and help portray the person wearing them. Remember how the early ancient human being used to wear heavy pieces around their necks? Statement jewellery comes in 4 types i.e. statement necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. This jewellery adds an extensive look and spice up our styles.

One such style statement has been chosen for you and its specifications are listed below-

  • It is available in a variety of designs from an elephant, peacock to silver spiral designs.
  • This statement jewellery has tribal features to it which makes it look more valuable and precious.
  • It has a Greek design adding more and more to the wearer. It goes well with black sarees.
  • These silver chains are suited for all skin types without causing any rashes and irritations to the wearer’s neck.

3) Multilayer Oxidised Long Necklace


Layered necklaces are more beautiful than those simple chains because it looks heavy and gives an ultimately antique-rich look to us. The more we are aware of layering the right kind of pieces together, the more we look to put together and that is the goal, right? “Chic on a budget”

The specifications of one such product are given below-

  • It is multi-layered with big chunks at every end.
  • Necklace is covered with carved work giving it an antique look.
  • It is available at a very affordable price.
  • It goes perfect with ethnic sarees and traditional Diwali outfits.


Threads are several fibres spun into a single strand. Interlocked by a big chunk of metal in the end and there you have your own “Long Thread Necklace”. These necklaces are also called “y” shaped or “Rope” necklaces because of the look they provide at a glance. They also come in a large variety ranging from Matinee, princess necklaces to Opera and Lariat necklaces. The threads in these “LONG THREAD NECKLACES” can either be tied together in several knots or left loose all depending on the fashion styles. These state your outfits and makes you even look more organised and royal. They are best at giving a contemporary look to your personality and outfits.

Let us have a look at some of the long thread necklace pieces to style up your style.

1) Tribal Look Long Necklace for Saree


The tribal looking kind of necklaces is in exclusive demand in the market due to the very ancient yet modern look simultaneously. Have you ever wondered how the “fashion influencers” tend to look that pretty in every kind of kinds they wear?

That is because of the reason that they try to include every kind of jewellery for themselves and give a chance to adapt to the changes. 

The specifications of one such type of necklace are given below-

  • It is an alloy metal with silver plating.
  • It has carvings of “GODDESS DURGA” on the pendant.
  • The quality and price are best for this product.
  • It is suited best for festive sarees and traditional looks.

2) Terracotta Thread Long Necklace for Saree


Terracotta necklace pieces are considered to be a very unique yet trendy form of jewellery and we have got one such product for you to add to your cart. 


  • It is a handmade piece of jewellery made in India.
  • The price is also very affordable.
  • It comes in the colour variant “orange” which gives a very rich look to the overall outfit and your neck.
  • It comes with a necklace and a pair of earrings to complete the attire.


Pearls are being used as a piece of jewellery since ancient times, the very first be in Greece. But earlier not everyone had the access to wearing these pearls. Given below are some pieces necklaces of pearl every women/girl should have in their jewellery boxes. To make everything easier for you, we have provided you with the link and the specifications of the same:-

1) Hyderabadi Pearl Long Necklace


Do you know that Hyderabadi jewellery is considered to be one of the most expensive jewellery today? Having them in your closet is a sign of good, heritage taste.

Wondering how could you get a Hyderabadi pearl necklace for yourself? 

Well, you can lay your hands on one of them using the link above. 

The specifications for the same are given below-

  • It is made from “Natural Fresh-water beads” from Hyderabad. This adds a symbol of quality in this necklace.
  • It comes in “White” colour beads and leaves a golden touch in between adding contrast to it.
  •  Bit expensive but the cost is all worth it once you grab this beautiful piece.

2) Colored Pearl Long Necklace for Saree


Always wanted to load yourself with the very royal Kundan looking heavy necklaces? 

Well, today you have a chance to do the same because this product is all here to take you to the royal world. We all know, how the Royal Green colour looks when wore with simpler outfits. 

This product is all about it. The specifications for the same are given below;-

  • It comes in green colour.
  • The price for which it is available is very reasonable and easy to afford.
  • The metal used to design this is made of brass.
  • It is made in India.
  • It comes with a pair of earrings to complete your look.


The way long necklaces add an extra amount of glamour in the outfits giving you a heritage look. Wearing these long necklace chains also gives you the added pizzazz. Also, long necklaces tend to elongate your neck which looks very decent yet stylish. After all, highlighting your neck isn’t that bad. And to make that true for you, we have collected some trendy long necklaces with detailed specifications.

1) Long Chain Stylish Necklace


Are you one of those girlies who like to dress up yourself by adding long chains to your outfit? Well, here is a very pretty flower pendant for you that look just makes you like more gorgeous. 


  • The long-chain is attached with 1 big black flower and 2 smaller flowers giving it a very trendy look.
  • The quality used to make this pendant is very premium.
  • Price at which this is available is very reasonable.
  • It can be used as a dairy apparel item and it goes very well with sarees that comes with designer blouses.

2) Boho Long Chain Saree Necklace

This is a boho owl-shaped long pendant specially designed for young girls to rock any event. The specifications for the product are mentioned below-d

  • This pendant is in the shape of an “owl” and connected to a long chain.
  • The long-chain is sleek making it an amazing wearable.
  • It can be worn on simple occasions and also with light and printed saree.
  • The price is affordable keeping in mind your pocket.


Gold plated jewellery is called so because they are covered with layers of gold. The layer and amount of gold vary. For some jewellery, it can be gold vermeil which is of good quality and doesn’t tarnish easily. Or it can be solid gold, entirely covered with gold which is highly expensive and qualifies as the best quality. Gold comes in the shape of earrings, bracelets or necklaces. We have listed some gold-plated necklaces for you to match up your styles that too on a budget.

Keep your carts ready for some stylish stuff.

1) Bridal Wear Traditional Long Necklace for Saree


Are you also fantasized by the amount and grace of jewellery brides carry in India? They instantly attract us and sit there thinking when will you get married or even if not, when would the time become you would wear those heavy pieces of jewellery? We have one such item in stock for you that meets all your needs and you can wear this the moment it arrives. Sounds exciting? 

The specifications are mentioned below-

  • The “Haar” is all covered with gold and weighs extremely light i.e. 150 g.
  • It has 3 more sizes and designs. You can choose what suits you the best.
  • Comes paired up with a set of earrings.
  • It goes perfect with traditional bridal sarees and also with plain organza sarees.

2) Layered Gold Plated Chain


Layered neck jewellery is marked to be beautiful in its ways because it carries the grace of matching up to any outfit and add sparkles in a chic way.

One such pendant is the “Multilayered gold plated chain”. 


  • It is covered in gold plating.
  • Ideal for traditional outfits with heavy blouses.
  • It is pocket-friendly.


Kundan is the oldest type of jewellery made and used in India. It literally means “covered in gold”. It usually comes in necklaces and the kind of beauty it provides to the wearer is abysmal. ‘

1) Kundan Necklace with Beads


Remember when you walk by large jewellery shops and see big Kundan pieces through the glass doors, wanting to load them in your bag? This necklace piece is then all set to steal your hearts and make room for itself in your bags.

It is a green-colored, multi-layered necklace with beads.
The designing gives it a very royal and rich look.
It comes paired up with earrings to give a complete ethnic look to your outfit.
The material used is brass but the necklace has gold plating over it.
It goes well with heavy ethic pieces but can also slay indo-western pieces.

2) Classic Kundan Long Necklace for Saree


Kundan never fails to impress a person. The grace it carries is beyond words. Here is one more Kundan article for you providing all the special features so that you don’t need to scratch your head while looking for the perfect neck apparel for you

It comes in the color gold which gives this a “gold necklace” look.
It is long and would make your neck look more elongated and beautiful.
It comes with long elongated earrings adding extra beauty to this pendant.
It is made in India and weighs extremely light.
The price is also very affordable.

The above-mentioned features make this product a deal.

I hope the long list of neckpieces provided to you has been of the utmost value to you. Every product has been listed keeping the best interest of a potential buyer and can be trusted without any second thoughts. 

Check out the links for the product and make it an “Add to cart” day.

See you soon with some other interesting piece of information.

Ridhi Jain
Hello avid readers! I am a student at “University Of Delhi” and a writer for 5 years now. I believe bringing a change in the world by looking at the brighter side of things. I have also been lucky enough to enter into the world of authors by writing my first book. The passion for reading and poetries is also something I cannot leave behind. Apart from this, i also work as a content writer and write articles and blogs for various niches.




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