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10 Stylish Types of Necklace Chains to Wear Around your Neck

Chain necklaces are the new bling that you need to try out. Chains can change the look of the necklace, from elegant to bold to charming to chic, and also give a bit of an edge to your outfit. These chain necklaces are funky and mod, and are designed for both men and women.

So if you are up for the challenge, then here are the top 10 types of necklace chains (and a bonus one )  that you should definitely try!

The Anchor Chains for Lockets

anchor-chains (2)

The anchor chain, also known as the mariner chain, has become the talk of the show! This craftily designed ornament has become a popular choice of accessory that looks classic with formal suits and dresses. It got the term “anchor” from the chain’s close resemblance to a ship’s chain holding the anchor. 

The best part of this accessory is that it can be flaunted by both men and women. Anchor chains are bold enough to be worn alone, or it can be supported by a small, delicate piece of pendant. Either way, it makes you look audacious!

The Heart Locket Chains


Heart chain necklaces are an all-time favourite. Whether it is to buy for your own self or gift to your near and dear ones, heart chains not only set a statement with its chic and elegant look, but also delivers a sweet message of love and affection. 

Heart chain necklaces have myriad types of looks. They can come in sleek chains, or mariner chains, or even be paired with a choker. Its versatility makes it a crowd pleaser due to its variety that is sure to attract everyone’s eye. 

The Beaded Necklace Chains


Beaded chains have been popular since a very long time. We have seen our ancestors, especially grandmothers wearing this type of jewellery. It is a chain that is made of evenly spaced small metallic spheres dispersed equally throughout the chain. 

Beaded chains can be worn alone, or it can be curated with a delicate piece of pendant. Beaded chains mostly come with a clasp that allows you to shorten or lengthen the chain depending on your mood. 

Along with golden and silver beaded chains, colourful beaded chains have become very popular giving the jewellery a more funky and quirky punch in the modern day. 

The Safety Pin Locket Chains

safety-pin chain

The obsession with safety pin jewellery has sky-rocketed. From earrings to necklaces, the safety pin chains are selling extravagantly. Radiating a punk rock aesthetic, safety pin necklaces have been a huge trendsetting bling since the 90s that has successfully made a comeback.

The safety pin chains are made especially to ignite your inner rock star to set free on the dance floor. It looks hip and sexy when worn at a party. It is a bold chain that should be worn with nothing but confidence and power! 

Also, it is so simple in design that you can make it in your own home. Just get a sleek chain and few safety pins, and voila, you got yourself a DIY sexy safety pin necklace!

The Snake Necklace Chains


The most minimalistic looking chain, the snake chains have become a popular choice of chain that looks great with heavy pendants. Its tightly locked links gives it a solid look, making it one of the sturdiest pieces of embellishment, yet is highly comfortable when worn around the neck. It is flexible and compliments the skin quite beautifully. 

The snake chains can be worn without pendants as well, and it alone can look absolutely sophisticated with a white shirt and jeans. 

The Figaro Locket Chains


When Hailey Bieber stepped out flaunting her sexy and endearing looking Figaro chains, netizens all over the world knew that this was the next mandatory addition to their jewellery box! 

A long, oval-shaped link interspersed with two or three smaller links, the Italian made Figaro chain necklaces have become a show stopping bling. From celebrities to influencers, the Figaro chains are doing the rounds relentlessly. 

The Figaro chains have been sold as a gender-neutral style of jewellery, which makes it a go-to choice of ornament for all!  

Multi-layered Coin Necklace Chains


A more ethnic punk looking piece, the multi-layered coin chain necklace is a definite neckpiece that demands to be worn at some point in time. A more Eastern than Western look, this marvellously designed jewellery looks absolutely ravishing and splendid when worn with saris. It looks much appealing and stunning when accompanied by plunging necklines. 

If you are planning on wearing a sari and opting for a more traditional look, then definitely glam up your outfit with this much-needed piece of embellishment. It is certainly going to turn some heads your way! 

The Time When It All Began…

Chain necklaces have become a big trend that had initially found its inception in the early 2500 BC. Although a lot of jewelry engineers have designed trendy and amazing chains for your necklaces, it was the Ancient Egyptians who first threaded links of gold and silver together giving rise to chains.

And now in the modern day, chains have been used to make anklets, bracelets, and most importantly the sleek necklaces.

The Byzantine Neck Chains


If you are looking for a more complex looking chains to add the oomph factor to your outfit, then the byzantine chains are the one to experiment with. 

Whether golden or silver, byzantine chains have been covered by magazines all over the world. The pop-rap culture has been found to be quite inspired by these chains, flaunted by Lil Wayne to JayZ. These locket chains however look the best when worn alone. It does not do well with pendants and chokers. 

The byzantine necklace chains are also gender-neutral. It can be worn by both men and women when going for a more bold and statement-making look. 

The Omega Necklace Chains


The omega necklace chains are another striking piece of neckpiece. Made in gold, platinum, and even sterling silver, the surface of the omega chains is shiny and reflective. This beautiful piece of jewellery radiates a sophisticated Egyptian vibe.  

The sturdy omega chains are versatile, which can go effortlessly well with casual wear, formal wear, or even evening wear. 

When buying this exquisite jewellery, you can also get omega extenders that give you the choice to adjust its length, and pair it with any type of outfit.  

The Curb Necklace Chains


The curb chains, also known as Cuban chains, are a very popular choice of chains, especially with men. It is a simple design of similar looking flat and interlocking links. Initially, curb chains were made heavier and larger which were suitable for men. But with advances in modern machinery, more sleek and feminine touches are given to the ornament, making it appropriate for women as well.

Curb necklace chains have been made smaller and daintier, which makes it possible to be paired with pendants, providing with a more elegant look. 

The hottest in India! Black Thread Chains


Black thread chains have become fairly popular.Black thread chains look amazing with Indo-Western looks, and has received a large, positive welcome in India. 

Not only does it look sexy around the neck, according to astrology, black thread is often recommended to wear around the neck (or even ankles or arms) as it is believed to evade negative energy. It is a symbol of good luck. 

Since black thread chains are thin, they look the best with either a heavy or medium sized pendant.

These are the 10 most popular types of necklace chains for lockets that you can buy from the market, and make yourself look Instagram ready!

Which is the best Necklace Chain for me?

Jewelleries are such a beautiful piece invented and designed by people that everyone should be able to wear it. It is up to your wallet whether you want to go for a higher or a lower rated chain metal.

I like for jewelry to tell a story and to be able to talk about what I’m wearing. That’s more important to me than a name, brand, or label.– Nikki Reed

The Lavish Chains Vs The Budget Chains

White gold is often considered over platinum by people, who prefer the colour white over yellow, due to its cost. White gold costs lesser than platinum due to the latter’s rarity. Platinum is also the most precious metal.If you are looking for a more pocket-friendly metal choice, then silver is the right pick for you. Silver chains look extremely phenomenal as small pendants and either thick or sleek chains. Silver-plated necklaces are highly affordable.

Just because a chain is cheaper, does not mean the quality of the chain sucks. So do not delve in these stereotypical notions, and shop with an open-mind!

Since chain jewelleries are doing the rounds and everyone is trying on one or the other, we think it is time for you to show some off. From mariner to Cuban chains, whichever of the 10 chains suits your personality, get your manicured hands on them and wear them with pride! 

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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