The Ultimate Guide To Long Distance Valentine’s Day Online Proposal Ideas

“Distance between two people is inconsequential when their souls are united.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

With the nefarious COVID outbreak, flying to meet your partner this Valentine’s Day can be a challenge. But do not let the distance and the vicious virus get in between your love. To make your V-Day special, here are some of the most romantic online proposal ideas that you can implement on the 14th of Feb!


Creative Ways To Propose Online

Just to put it out there, if you have been in a serious, committed relationship with your partner for a while and clearly have dropped the signs of marriage to each other, chances of your partner being ready for a proposal on V-Day is extremely high.

But do not let the distance affect your plans. There are multiples ways of coming up with the best, most creative online proposal ideas that are guaranteed to blow your partner’s mind off!

Proposals are always such a magnificent event that can change your life forever. It marks a fresh new chapter for you and your partner to begin a journey together. So, to make it happen, get ready to choose from one of the following creative online proposal ideas!

  1. Idea – Shoot a Video!

    One of the quirkiest ways of virtually proposing is to send your partner a video of you confessing your love to them publicly. That’s right! Call your close friends or your close buddies from work. Create a flash mob and put up a performance on her favorite song. And in the end, pull out the ring and propose! You can either secretly send her the video without prior warning or watch it with her via Skype. You can document her reaction for future amusement. It is one of the cutest long distance proposal ideas for valentine’s day.

    “How can I propose a girl virtually?”


  2. Idea – Create a Website.

    The age of advanced technology has opened up myriad doors for you to pull off innovative proposal ideas. And one of them is to curate a whole website for your proposal! You can easily create a domain like ‘will you marry me [insert name].com’ and design the page with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ bar. You can decorate the background with pictures of you two and an itinerary of your wedding and honeymoon plans. It is a beautiful way to get down on your knees without actually getting down on your knees!

  3. Idea – Make a Trailer.

    Another quite goosebump-inducing long-distance proposal idea is to make a trailer and post it on YouTube! Thrilling, isn’t it? You can make a video montage of the timeline of your journey with your partner or a funny video, like how lost you are without your map (aka your soulmate)! You can finish the video with the ending scene of you getting down on one of your knees with the perfect ring in your hand while breaking down the question. It is one of the most entertaining ways to propose your other-half on quarantined Valentine’s Day!

  4. Idea – Bake them a Cake.

    This idea is for all the bakers out there! If your partner fell in love with not just your personality but your baking skills, then delivering her a special proposal cake can seal the deal. You can bake her favorite cake with the icing on top of it reading, ‘Will You Marry Me?” You can also go the extra mile by hiding/placing the ring after the ‘?’.

    Even if you are not a baker, but your partner loves to eat cake, you can make it even more special by taking online courses on baking! You can carry out the above plan and give her even bigger of a surprise. It is one of the most sentimental long distance proposal ideas.

    “How to ask your girl to marry you in the most artistic way possible?”

  5. Idea – Write a letter

    If you love words and think it is the best way to skip your soulmate’s heartbeat, then think of writing down a proposal letter! You can later plan a trip together and finally propose to her with the ring if she says yes. Penning love letters has always been a mature, artistic, poetic way of confessing. It started with the great poets, and it still remains to be one of the most alluring ways of proposing.


    “How to propose your partner with the help of music?”

  6. Idea – Create a Mixtape

    Another great way of communicating with your soon-to-be spouse is through music! A poetic way of proposing, you can either create a playlist of all the songs you two shared or your partner’s favorite songs or even a playlist consisting of proposal songs like Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You’! After the playlist ends, you can even incorporate a small recording of your voice directly proposing to her on the tape!

  7. Idea – Write a Song

    Speaking of music, if you are a musician, then making a mixtape of your singing can definitely make her go weak in the knees. Compose a song and write a proposal anthem. Sing while playing the guitar, and then send it over to your partner. Any girl would love to get proposed by a song! Sometimes, music can fetch you the answers when words cannot.

    Like Pablo Casals once said, “Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”


    “Can you propose your special person with a personalized gift package?”

  8. Idea – Send them Stuffs

    Another creative online proposal idea is to send your partner a personalized package of all the things they love. It can be their favorite skincare products, make-up products, their favorite music album, their favorite dress, and the like. It is the perfect way of showing your undivided attention and admiration for your partner. In the end, you can surreptitiously slide in a proposal card inside the package! When your soulmate opens the box, she would think it is just a big V-Day present of her favorite things, but little did she know that she opened the door to her own marriage proposal! Surprise, surprise!

    Curated list of propose day gifts

  9. Idea – Whatsapp with ???

    If you want to keep it simple and quick, then you can also take the help of everyone’s dear friend, WhatsApp. Send her a sweet proposal message at the time when she is relatively free and away from her work-related hassles. Keep your message small and crisp, and easy to understand. And please, for god’s sake, leave the dirty talk behind! It is a sweet and adorable moment for a heart-to-heart connection that is a pivotal point for promising future commitment. So, get the beautiful compliments ready and shower her with the most romantic long-distance proposal on this V-Day.

  10. Idea – Treasure hunt in book

    Another quite interesting way to propose your valentine is to send her favorite book to her doorstep! And no, the surprise does not end there! First, buy her favorite book and highlight the words, “Will You Marry Me?” from the entire book. It is like a treasure hunt, but with words! It is one of the most creative long-distance online proposal ideas that you can use on your soulmate. It is fun and definitely unique!

“In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged.” – Hans Nouwens

The Dos And Don’ts Of Long Distance Proposal Ideas On Valentine’s Day

✔️Do – The best way to surprise her is to throw her off the marriage idea for a while and then suddenly, out of the blue, you pop up the question with a dazzling ring! The credit for this idea massively goes out to Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But make sure your Monica’s Richard stays away from your intricate plan!

❌Don’t – The best way for a surprise to work is not to ask for your partner’s hand at an expected time. With long distance relationships suffering an upsetting blow from the pandemic, your partner might not even think of getting proposed during the lockdown. So, use this golden time and catch her out of the blue with a sweet, romantic gesture.


✔️Do – If you and your partner love to relive your memories by scrolling through your old photographs and videos, then make sure to document the entire proposal incident. It makes for a great video to look back at and occasionally drop a few emotional “awws”! And with most virtual meet-up apps allowing you to screen record, this makes the plan even simpler.

❌Don’t – Do not overthink! Let the plan take its natural course. Keep it simple and sweet. Wasting time hyperventilating and overthinking will stress you out and prevent you from experiencing the adorable moment. It is one of the most special events of your life. So, make sure to enjoy every second of it without having an anxiety attack!


✔️Do – Try to come up with a plan that suits your partner’s personality. Do not try to go overboard by outdoing it. Think of the things she absolutely adores and despises. Based on her preferences, you can come up with the perfect romantic proposal online. Put on her favorite romantic song, wear that shirt she gave you, have a background of all her desirable things, and with a bit of luck, you have yourself a big YES!

❌Don’t – Do not make the proposal creepy and awkward for her. Surprises are good, but they have their limits too. Do not hook up with your best buddy and fake an affair or your death before dropping her with the ‘I was joking because I want to marry you’ BS. Keeping it minimalistic is the key to success, friend!

“Distance simply means separation in place but never in connections. Heart remains inseparable.” – DhelChen

Now that you have mastered the art of proposing with our online proposal ideas, the next step is to figure out the right time to break the life-changing question to your soulmate.

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