Pandora’s Box of Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas

“Wishing that your love keeps blooming and you celebrate an everlasting bond of togetherness on every anniversary!”

If you are celebrating your anniversary with your loved one, then congratulations for keeping up with their craziness! And since you have stuck by their side through the thick and thin, and tolerated and accepted each other in sickness and in health, you definitely deserve a smashing anniversary gift for it, both of you!

Appreciation goes a long way, and often mends the minor hiccups that come along the way in a relationship. To make a relationship work you need to make efforts to keep it alive. And offering anniversary gifts is one of the several ways by which you can accomplish it. Not only does it make your partner happy and elated, but it also provides a sentimental value to your relationship. It makes them feel appreciated, valued, and special. Now who does not want to feel all those beautiful emotions?

How the tradition of sharing anniversary gifts came into play…

The idea of reveling with anniversary gifts to mark a marriage anniversary is rumoured to have begun in Ancient Rome or medieval Germany. However, stronger evidence of the gift-giving ritual was traced to the 18th century in German culture. In the Middle Ages, there was a set rule in giving specific types of gifts based on the years of marriage completed. For instance, if 25 years of marriage (known as the silver wedding) was completed the wife deserved a silver wreath, and if 50 years of marriage (known as the golden wedding anniversary) was completed the wife was gifted with a golden wreath.


This tradition found its appeal by the late 19th century, during the Victorian era, when almost all the English-language regions practiced it. According to Stephanie Coontz (the author of ‘Marriage, A History’), “This was a period when it became an exchange of gifts or gifts from other people, because this was the period when the love match was triumphing… What in the world will we do to get people married and keep them married if love is the main reason? And so there began to be this emphasis on building a love and commitment”.

Coontz noted that celebrants believed that the wife’s commitment and achievement in reaching the marriage milestones were worth the celebration. Thus, giving gifts and presents to the wife became a gesture of recognition, and to acknowledge women’s contribution. 

The Modern Age of Anniversary Gifts…

Although the above mentioned traditional list of anniversary gifts do exist, you are not entitled to strictly adhere to it. These days you can find various types of anniversary gift ideas in the form of jewelleries, gemstones, do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts, gift baskets etc. to celebrate the special day with your spouse. 

We all love to get pampered and showered with love, and buying for as well as giving gifts to your loved ones make the experience personal. It does not matter how expensive or trend-setting the gift is, the bottom line is the gesture. It is the thought that counts. Martha Dupecher, a psychotherapist says, “A gift doesn’t have to be expensive; it has to be heartfelt. The best gift is one that strikes an emotional cord… We all want to feel special. And a thoughtful gift that says ‘I know how to please you’ is a way of conveying that”.

Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her…

Studies have proved the fact that couples value sentimental gifts more than expensive ones, irrespective of your gender. Kristine Dang, the executive Vice President of merchandising and design for, says, “We want something that touches us – something personal to us but that we would never buy for ourselves”. So all the couples who are reading this, get your notepads and pens ready to jot down some of the most unique and interesting couple gifts in India

1. DIY Gifts

DIY or do-it-yourself, is one of the most creative and authentic gift idea you can surprise your spouse with. It never fails to skip your partner’s heart, whether it is the husband or the wife. Some unique DIY anniversary gift ideas that you can work your magic on are:

a. Memory Album

Making a memory album or a handmade diary filled with all of your shared sweet memories makes for a great anniversary gift for him and for her. Get a notebook and wrap it with some coloured and glitter paper, and name the book ‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY’! Paste pictures of some of the most memorable moments inside it. You can sort them into various sections based on dates and months. If you have saved your first movie date’s tickets or your first dinner date’s bill, go ahead and paste it inside the album. You can add every other romantic detail in the scrapbook of love! It is a beautiful gift that shows how much you have cherished every minute spent with your partner.


b. Date Coupons

Date coupons are exquisite gestures for both him and her. Just as we get coupons from shops, you can make your own coupon for your loved one. It can be a coupon for a sensual massage or a movie night or a romantic dinner date (where you cook obviously!). It is a fun yet passionate anniversary gift for him and for her. But make sure, once the coupon gets redeemed it cannot be used again!

c. Handmade Romantic Cards

Handmaderomantic cards are one of the cutest gifts out there. Write down all those things you want to do for your partner for the anniversary week or month, and then actually do it! You can also write motivational quotes for your partner, as well as things you love about them. Forget about running to Archies for card shopping, and make your own card for your partner. Trust me; it is a lot more endearing.  Whether you are a she or he, this sweet choice of gift idea will definitely make your partner blush!


d. Customized T-shirt

This is that one anniversary gift idea that will never fail with your boyfriends and husbands. Just pay attention to their favourite movies, musicians, bands, and TV shows, and you are good to go! Getting a T-shirt or a mug customized or painted for your partner can be the perfect anniversary gift for him.

e. Video Montage

If you are that person who loves to record and preserve every single fond memory of and with your partner, then gifting a video montage is the best anniversary idea! It is easy to make and definitely is romantic. Putting a passionate song (maybe your partner’s favourite song or the song that resonates with your relationship) in the background incorporated with the sweetest pictures and videos of your relationship sure hits you in all the right feels. Btw do check our partner for mother day sale deals.

2. Experience Gifts

This anniversary gift idea is one of the most thrilling types for all the adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies! Experience gifts are gifts given to a partner for them to have an experience of a lifetime, like skydiving, scuba diving or a coupon to their favourite amusement park, or wine tasting or whatever your partner loves. 

3. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are another unique anniversary gift idea. Essentially these baskets are made of all of the recipient’s desirable things. You can gather all that your partner loves and put them in a basket as a surprise. Video-game baskets for all the game lovers out there can be one of the best anniversary gifts for him, or a wine basket for the wine lovers. For women, making a stylish accessories basket is a winner! If your partner has a sweet tooth, you can also make a chocolate basket with a diverse selection of chocolates. Whatever it is that they like, gift baskets are one of the cutest and safest anniversary ideas that can never go wrong. You just need to know what your partner likes!

4. Kinky Gifts

Now let’s add some spice and steam to your anniversary day! You and your partner definitely must have special kinks that you could try out and make them come true on your anniversary. There are different types of sexy gift ideas that you can surprise your partner with and make your anniversary night memorable. Some of our suggestions include a sexy board game, strip poker, scented candles, the adult dare game, or even handcuffs! So do not be afraid to add a dose of sensuality to make the night intense, and get experimental!

5. Personal Décor  Gifts

People say that the way we decorate our houses is a reflection of our personality. Decorating our houses and keeping it prim and proper is a pleasure pool we all love to dive in. If your partner is one of those humans who love to beautify their houses, then giving them personal décor gifts is the perfect way to go. Gifting with photo cubes with your pictures together is one of the most delicate décor gifts you can think of that has a sentimental value attached to it as well. You can also get a little trendy and gift personalised LED cushions with a picture of your partner printed on it or a picture of their favourite artist. 

6. Gadgets

Do you have a partner who is tech-crazy and loves to indulge in all the popular gadgets? If yes, then this anniversary gift idea is the perfect fit! Get ready to spoil them with that thingamajig your partner has been eyeing for the last five months! Whether it is the latest smart camera or an aura frame or a portable watch charger, whatever it is shower them with your love in a tech-savvy way!

7. Jewelleries

How can we finish this list without the all-time favourite gift choice – jewellery! There is no woman on this planet who does not love to put on some dazzlers, no matter how tomboyish they are! Gifting a gold ring or lockets for girls on the day of your anniversary is one of the most common gift ideas that never fail to make her feel special. No matter how overrated gifting a piece of bling gets, it still can make your woman’s heart flutter! Like Elizabeth Taylor had said, “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”.

Getting married and then spending your life with your true love makes for an established relationship. And in any established relationship, the practise of gift-giving becomes more symbolic and personal. Gifts are given to show gratitude and appreciation. If you are in an early relationship and unmarried, it is better to keep the gifts simple, reciprocal and thoughtful. It will help in keeping the relationship strong and passionate. In a later or an older relationship, you can share gifts that express love, which are thoughtful, and less extravagant. Either way, it should come from the heart and celebrate the love your relationship possesses. That’s what matters the most. “The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” – Pierre Corneille.

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