The Best Propose Day Gifts For Girlfriend You Need to Lay Your Hands On!

Valentine’ Week is all about celebrating your love for each other. Selecting Gifts for the whole week could be tiresome and thus to help you out we have curated this amazing list of propose day gifts for girlfriend.

Obviously, You dont need to wait for any special day to add love to your partner’s life. You can make any day special by giving her the respect and love she deserves.  The amount of faith and love she devotes increases to multiple folds when you decide to make her happy.

Now, you can make her happy with a lot of ways. It could be emotional i.e. the love and respect or it could be materialistic i.e. the gifts. Small precious gifts like rings, chocolates and much more and today the article is all about the little gifts you can give to your girlfriend to make her a feel little extra special. 


Lockets as a gift are a great choice. Because of the sleekness they carry, they become the favourite apparel for girls almost instantly. No matter what the chain type is, how big the chunk of metal is, even the tiniest of lockets for girls can leave such a loving impact on her for a lifetime. 

The locket adds beauty to her neckline and the asset of lockets is that they can be worn with any outfit and with every outfit, the beauty just increases. Also, the best part is that there are a ton of options to choose from.

From loading the locket with your picture to giving a heart tied in a string or just a random alphabet of her initials, the internet is overloaded with the most adorable pieces, so get ready to choose till you get tired.

We have listed a few different types of lockets for you to set your date just right.


Glass lockets are the kinds of lockets that are see-through. These lockets allow you to have a look inside. Usually, some stuff like small roles or decorative materials like paper cuttings or hearts are put inside these glasses and the glass is then given a particular shape. This gives a very beautiful look to the locket making the wearer wear it again and again. Beautiful things inside a glass make them pop out even more beautifully which makes this locket perfect propose day gifts for girlfriend.


Stones attract girls easy. Whether it is a stone on a ring or a beautiful stone lying by the beach or just a stone attached to a necklace, stones are a girl’s best friend and what’s better than gifting a girl the best friends right? Therefore, to save trouble, the market and the internet is full of such stone lockets. These lockets can either be of a breakable stone or can be rock hard stones. The beauty these type of stones carry just adds to the beauty of the girl wearing them. You have often seen these necklaces lined up in stores and your girl getting mad over them. So buy one for her this time because she is going to keep that close to her heart.



As the name suggests, it is very easy to make out what kind of necklaces these are. The necklaces having a name or a word engraved on them. The single alphabet necklaces are so in trend and also affordable. They are a deal and you won’t like to miss a chance to let your girl miss you every time she looks down at her pendant or wears it.  There is some other kind of pieces as well as having a complete word on them. You can gift her a personalised name chain as well to make her feel special.


These necklaces are one of the most sold necklaces because they not only add sparkles to the outfits but also the glow in the dark which makes them a little extra attractive. A girl always loves to dress up different parts of her body including her neck and a little secret about girls is that they can stock up as many necklaces as they want, the only criteria are it should be cute looking and “glow in dark” necklaces are the best fit for this. They come in a lot of variety ranging from different shapes and structures to different sizes to choose from. 


 Now reading the name of this type of necklace might leave you in confusion about what exactly does the “100 Language Locket” means? This necklace is as unique as its name suggests. It initially looks like a roman clock with numbers on its dial but the numbers are nothing more than a projection of “I LOVE YOU” in different languages. Saying your feelings out loud in a language your partner is not aware makes the setting more romantic and who knows the chances of having her for the rest of your life increases? So grab this beautiful locket saying “I love you” in different beautiful ways.


Expressing your way in the old, classics way is still better than the most proposals today. One of the numerous ways of doing that is by gifting a classic “secret message pendant” to her. This is nothing new than the others but the fact that it gives an antique-precious look to the chunk of metal makes it stand out amongst the others. Also, to make it extra more special you can attach it with a personalised message for your sweet lady. 


Bracelets are a great way to express your love to your soulmate. Since bracelets make her wrists pop out more beautifully when a particular piece of jewellery is worn over it, it also comes with an advantage to choose from a zillion of designs. Could be gold to glass, silver to brass, every bracelet holds a value and especially if it is gifted by you. We have listed you a few different types of bracelets you can pick out for your special day.


Just like they grow in dark pendants steal any girl’s heart, so does the “glow in dark bracelets”. These types of bracelets look like any ordinary bracelet during the daytime but once moonlight hit these bracelets, the shine and beauty pops out from them. They start glowing and become luxurious and so glows her heart and confidence along with these. Make her light up the darkness with this beautiful “glow stick bracelet”.


These are the simplest and easiest kind of bracelets to wear around. These are not the typical lock bracelets but are bands to wear on your wrist. The bands are in a way stretchable and more comfortable to wear and these bands give such a charming look to her. Making her wear a band is yet very romantic feeling and resisting to such a romantic band is another difficult thing to do. So don’t miss an opportunity if you see a romantic band next time



As the name suggests, these bracelets have an alphabet over them just like the alphabet ring or the locket. The bracelet can be made personalised according to your very own interest. These kinds of bracelets look extremely trendy when worn with western outfits. Girls usually love having their own set of personalised things and what makes the best combo than having a personalised locket, ring and a bracelet? 


A women’s hand is the most beautiful sight and the most amount of love she shows is on her fingers. Taking a lot of time to beautify them, rings help to do a lot for them. A woman can wear one or two or even three rings on her fingers because these small little circles are just adorable to have a watch for. Now, you can propose her using these small circles. Rings come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, carrying tinniest or the biggest of stones on the. Rings are close to a women’s heart and making her wear one is one of the most beautiful ways you can express your true love to her if you are gifting her something. 

The below list shows different kinds of rings you can pick up for your girl:


heartbeat rings

The name must have attracted you by now. These kind of rings are the rings having a heartbeat on its top. Probably the best way to make her realise that she is carrying a piece of your heart with her everywhere she goes. Make her drool over this fact because girls want their partner to stick to them no matter what and this ring exactly does this.


After being her father’s princess, every girl loves to be her guy’s queen. Loves to be treated like a queen. This ring is the exact reason why you should pick it up because it has a crown engraved over its head. The moment you make her wear this ring, the rush of the fact that she is on her to be a queen would so make her say a “YES” to you. 



The alphabet rings are the rings which have a single alphabet on their heads. They are a special type of rings which can be personalised according to the letter you wish. They look gorgeous on the hands of the wearer and that’s why they are quite a deal.



Just like the heartbeat rings, the internet has a stock of “The Heart Rings” which are just as beautiful as the others. These rings carry a heart of stones over them and what’s better than giving her your whole heart? They come in a whole lot of variety to choose from according to the type of heart you want on the top.



Propose your love in a very unique way with this ring that comes in a box. Now, this is not the type of box you are thinking but a rose petalshaped red coloured box with a stem below it. Give her a rose and surprise her by giving her the ring inside the rose. The box is made of velvet which gives a very luxurious look to the overall gift.


Now, I don’t need to tell you how much of a big fan of chocolates, girls are? From the tiniest of chocolate bites to eating a bar of complete chocolate, she savours every bit of it. Also, the fact that the chocolates make the best gift is because they are available in such a huge variety of different shapes and sizes and flavours. 

Thus, we have listed some of them for you to gift her while you express your feelings to her:-



The pack of these assorted chocolates are the best fit to gift. The flavour they come in is truffle chocolate and the box holds different pieces of chocolates put together in different shapes. Eating chocolates gifted by someone else increases the taste by multiple folds and that’s why this is a steal.



Girls are very fond of personalised gifts but when it is personalised chocolates, the joy is much more. Chocolates are the best gifts to share and eat together but the personalised ones make the entire feeling much more special. Many online shops offer chocolates with a personalised message, you can have written whatever you want on the chocolate pieces just like we do for a cake. Try gifting her a bar of personalised chocolate and she is gonna hug you for sure!



Now, the name of this type of chocolate already sets the mood very romantic so imagine her having bites of this chocolate while with every bite she gets reminded how much she is being loved. The pack includes different pieces of chocolates each carrying a different alphabet from the word “I LOVE YOU”. Sharing chocolates is considered to be a sign of a well-bond relationship and here is your start to a beautiful relationship ahead.


Out of the huge variety of gifts to surprise her with, the internet has the options of plush toys, gifts and flowers as well for her. Now if you wonder what plush toys are, they are usually soft toys which are made of some fabric and filled with cotton inside. No one denies the fact that girls love soft toys, no matter what age she is, most girls never say no to soft toys. So why don’t you try gifting her one of the soft toys you saw in the toys or the gifts shop? 

Also, bouquets and flowers are yet another adorable gifts you can buy for her. The fresher the flowers, the better she is to smile, says everyone. So we have listed some of them as a reference for you below:-


Red-Teddy-valentine's day gifts

When you cannot be with her every single moment she needs to hug you and embrace you, having a teddy bear beside her could do the needful. Do you know teddy bears are considered a girl’s best friend and girls being sensitive and emptional shares everything with them? From eating with them to sleeping with them to crying over them, a girl cannot live without her teddy bear once you get her one. So this human-sized teddy bear is exactly the best gift if you want to treat her like a kid throughout.


set of cute teddy

It is a set of 2 soft teddy bears designed to be the perfect gift for your partner. the 2 bears in the colours red and white representing you and your partner sharing a bond of ultimate love and peace again represented by the colour red and white. the gorgeous set is available for a very affordable price and becomes the best gift at such a deal.



Do you know that girls sleep hugging their pillows at night? so why not gift her a plushy soft pillow that could be one of the things she loves and every time she hugs it, she feels you around her? this plush pillow is available in different colours and designs and each of it is made from nontoxic polyester which is not going to cause her any amount of skin rashes and itching. the pillow is available at a great deal and is such a steal this valentines day.



Red roses are always the first thing you give her as a symbol of your love? The fact that girls love roses makes it a more perfect gifting item. Therefore, one of the things you can gift her is a “bouquet of red roses”. The grace of this bouquet is far beautiful than a single rose and this comes with a personalised card as well to add more charms to her life and your day.



This is another best gifting item you can use to please your partner. it is a 22K gold rose which comes with a love stand. the golden colour adds to its beauty and designing this in some corner of your house always gives a very aesthetic vibe. The price is extremely affordable and is a deal to steal. Girls also usually love this kind of items to decorate their rooms.



Graphics today are in such a trend. They can make anything look more cool and funky, whether they are tshirts, mugs, pens or this cushion, graphic designs are such a heartstealer. You can also gift your girl this lovely printed cushion. It comes with a variety of designs that can be printed on this and is extremely adorable to girls because girls love hugging pillows


Materialistic things are all fine but nothing can match the beauty of giving her something you have made on your own. This is what DIY is, DO IT YOURSELF. The gifts that you make on your own looks more adorable because they show your hard work and efforts towards her and also the fact that how much you mean to her. After all, probably you are spending your time in making something for her. When in doubt, DIY it. thus, we have listed some of the DIY gift ideas for you so you can please her on any occasion.



These are the gifts which are very small in size and yet makes a huge difference in her life. These gifts are extremely adorable because the bottle is made from a glass bottle which carries a little secret message inside her under a pile of sand. You can put whatever you wish inside that small bottle and make as many of these. A set of these letters in a bottle is just the perfect cutest gift you can ever gift her.



Now this is something unique. You know you can appreciate a girl and tell her how much she means to you and she will just never get tired. Well making her read why you love her seems more adorable to us and thats why we have picked this DIY for you. You can add as many reasons you want about why and how much you love her and wrap them all together in a box and give it to her. Every time you want her to take out one of them and read, she will know how much you adore her being in your life. Nothing is more beautiful than that.



You all have heard about explosion boxes right? Well, this is somewhat similar to them, the only difference being is that this box is a photo pop box. You can add her pictures or both of your pictures in this box. Every time she opens a layer, a photo along with a personalised message card with pop out and will say what you exactly wanna express. This is by far the most adorable gift we have come across and thats why we are suggesting you this to make up your mood.



You are aware of how some girls love cooking and baking so much? So we suggest you gifting her an apron you paint yourself. Now, this is not as difficult as you think and you dont need to be a perfect painter. You can paint or write whatever little you can and seeing your effort for that is going to make you smile.


Now, these are not some category of gifts but the type of gifts that she can use instead of lying still at a place. It often believes that gifting something she can use in her daily schedule is going to bring her more close to you because every time she uses it, her heart will skip a beat and miss you. Who wouldn’t like that? Therefore, we have put some more ideas of thoughtful gifts you can gift her.



Sipping coffee from a mug is essentially the most basic chore we do every day but what could make it more special is the fact that the cup she sips from be a romantic cup with either something written on it and having a picture of her on that cup. you can easily get these cups personalised and they make an adorable great deal to gift your partner.



Little cute wooden pieces make a great gifting set because they look extremely adorable wherever they are placed. The realistic details not only make them a beautiful piece but also depicts your true sense of love for your partner. these type of dolls can be placed anywhere i.e. in bedrooms, study rooms, libraries and whatnot. What makes them more adorable is that these wooden dolls express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope which are way honest for her and make her stay with you a lifetime.



Photo frames have been in the market since a time now and these are considered to be a trendsetter. But if you gift her a little personalised photo frame, the charm is going to increase. Photo frames are often considered to be an ideal gift because when you gift someone a photo frame, it is believed that you are gifting someone a part of your heart and this could not be any more adorable

Also, photo frames are available in different layouts and sizes depending upon your needs, which makes them quite a deal.



These kind of gifts are yet another most adorable gifts because expressing your feelings over a shadow seems more fun than expressing it alone. These boxes can be personalised according to your messages and are extremely affordable. They make a perfect gift because whenever in dark they reflect light, they will reflect your feelings as well and make your girl miss you



Usually girls like spilling ink all over the pages or just writing about her day at the night or even if not, Journalising is always a good option to do. So, gifting her a cute journal is yet another way she could realise how you care about her. Journals come in a lot of shapes and designs and every time you decide to buy one, you will see another more interesting because yes they are really cute!



Girls love stocking up jewellery every time they visit a store and ends up messing with those pieces of jewellery. Yes! girls are like that. So why not try gifting her a tray that could hold all of her jewellery at one place and she never has to bother about her lost jewellery pieces again? These are the perfect holder for her rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. It also guarantees a good mood and thus makes it a good gift for her.



While a contract always states all the possible terms and conditions between two mutual parties and they are bound to fulfil them, very similarly another gifting option is this love contract. This contract would state your relationship vows and promises you both agree to fulfil and instead of being formal, this is actually kind of very cute and adorable. Knowing you want her for the rest of her life makes her the happiest.



Ever thought of her gifting a tile? Dont freak out because this is not an actual boring tile but a personalised tile where you can write a few words for her and gift to her. This can be considered among various options for a gift because they look extremely unique when they are placed in rooms as a decorative item. What else makes them more unique is that she will take extra care of these ceramic tiles and eventually end up missing you.



Small table stands in gift shops look extremely cute and thus, we have listed another adorable gift for your partner to gift her. These table buddies are usually made from waste recycled wood and are a perfect add on workstations, side tables or wherever one wishes to keep it.

Now, we hope that the long lost of articles we have provided has helped you decide what you want to get her for your special day and make her feel a little more love in this world of fakeness

We will see you another day with some more interesting jewellery information

Take care!

Ridhi Jain
Hello avid readers! I am a student at “University Of Delhi” and a writer for 5 years now. I believe bringing a change in the world by looking at the brighter side of things. I have also been lucky enough to enter into the world of authors by writing my first book. The passion for reading and poetries is also something I cannot leave behind. Apart from this, i also work as a content writer and write articles and blogs for various niches.




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