Surprise Her With These Exciting First Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Are you someone who has recently entered into a new relationship? Or are you someone who is going to spend valentine’s day with their new girlfriend? Well, if you are one of these people, then I know exactly what you are looking for right now. You are probably nervous because it is your first valentine’s day with your love, and you can’t decide what to gift her. Well, I am here to take all your worries away. It can be hard to choose gifts for girls and especially on an occasion like valentine’s day, when her expectations are already very high. It can also be confusing as there are a lot of gifts that are available in the market, but you never know which one she’d love. 

To make this process a little less painful for you, I am here with a few items which will make for an incredible first valentine’s day gift for new girlfriend. You can select the one you think will make her feel special, and you can gift it to show her how much you love her. Valentine’s day is the best time of the year as everything is surrounded by love and warmth. 

Even the weather is perfect and that makes for an ideal time to gift some loving and amazing gifts to your new girlfriend. I’m sure this guide will take you through some of the best gifts that are out there. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!!

The Love Notebook


Tell your girlfriend that you are head over heels in love with her by gifting her this cute notebook. If you are looking to buy the first valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, then this love notebook is simply the best gift. The notebook is elegant and pretty. By gifting her this notebook, you will be able to express your love for her in the best way possible. The diary is filled with several patterns and colors which make it cute and aesthetic. 

It also has a very cute heart on top, where you can write your girlfriend’s name to make it customised for her. The diary is made using high-quality paper and it also has sparkles inside it. Your girlfriend would simply love this perfect gift and I’m sure it’ll be close to her heart. 

Say I Love You With Slides


The way to a woman’s hearts is by gifting her anything and everything that can go in her wardrobe, and that is why you can get your hands on this cute pair of sliders which will make for an amazing 1st valentines day gift for her. In case you are wondering what to get your girlfriend for first valentine, then your search is over as these sliders will do the perfect job. 

These heart sliders are the perfect way to say I love you to your girlfriend and they are also made using superfine material, which will ensure that she can cherish them for long. These will look elegant and she can pair them up with whatever she wears. These are a must-have and you should definitely buy a pair for your girlfriend.

Glow In The Dark Heart Bracelet

As the name suggests, this cute little bracelet does not only have hearts in it, but it has hearts which glow in the dark. Out of all the beautiful bracelets that are out there, this pretty bracelet glows as well. Your girlfriend won’t get enough of this glow in the dark bracelet and she will wear it with all her attires. 

Your girlfriend can pair it up with her party wear to complete the look as well. This bracelet will make for a perfect first valentine’s day gift for her and she will absolutely fall in love with it. So what are you waiting for? Grab it before it is too late!

Say It In 100 Different Ways

If you are looking to  buy the first valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend and you feel saying I love you isn’t enough, then here we have an incredible necklace for you. SayinI love you isn’t enough, but saying I love you in 100 different languages sounds perfect, right? 

Gift your girl this beautiful heart shaped necklace to express your love and warmth for her. I love you is just a phrase but this piece of jewelry ensures that your girlfriend knows how much you love her. She can throw this piece on with whatever she wears and she would be good to go. 

Heart Shaped Locket

Instead of just saying it with words, this valentine’s day, express your feelings for your new girlfriend by giving her this chic heart shaped “I love you” locket for girls to make her day. This unique locket will definitely steal her heart and you can give it to her to ensure that she feels loved and special on your first valentine’s day as a couple. 

The best part about this is that it comes with a secret message and it has a vintage feel and touch to it. It will make for a very loving addition to your girlfriend’s jewellery collection and she will fall in love with it. It will sweep her away from the ground, and that butterfly feeling in her stomach will give you the confidence that you bought the right gift for her. 

Say It With Hugs and Heart Cushions


Valentine’s day is a day full of love and if you are looking for first valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend, then these heart cushions are the best item for you. These cushions are soft, and they reflect love and care. Moreover, the cushions are highly durable and your girlfriend would love to cuddle with them. 

These heart shape cushions will say I love you in the best way possible and they will ensure that your girlfriend goes all crazy in love with her valentine’s gift. These cushions will look amazing in her room and they will enhance the look of wherever she keeps them. You can count on these heart cushions to express your love for your new girlfriend. 

Heart Shaped LED Light


This pink neon light will light up your girlfriend’s face when you gift it to her on valentine’s day. The light creates a very gloomy and romantic affect and it will make for an amazing addition to her room. If you don’t know what to gift your new girlfriend on valentine’s day, then you can count on this heart shaped light to do the job perfectly.

Valentine’s day is very special for couples, especially who are celebrating it for the first time. You can give this to your girlfriend to make her day and to fill her heart with joy and happiness. 

Gift Jar With Scrolls 


This beautiful and elegant gift jar is filled with flowers, love, and 10 blank scrolls which need to be filled by you. You can write sweet things about your girlfriend or you can write love quotes on the scrolls and gift this jar to her, for making your first valentine’s day extra sweet and special. 

This gift is incredibly attractive and the self written notes will add a touch of personalisation to it which will make for a perfect gift on the special day for couples. Your girlfriend can keep this amazing first valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend with her forever and cherish your memories by reading the scrolls whenever you are away. Grab this cute jar before it gets late.

Heart Shaped Velvet Clutch


Women absolutely love anything and everything that has to do with dressing themselves up. From clothing to clutches, we girls simply go ga-ga over accessories and no one can deny this fact. On a special occasion such as valentine’s day, gifting something that women love makes this heart shaped velvet clutch the perfect gifting item. 

You can fill your girl’s face with joy and emotions by gifting her this pretty clutch on your first valentine’s day. We are sure she will love it and she can pair it up with her western outfits to get a very chic look.

One Huge Teddy Bear Full Of Love

Red-Teddy-valentine's day gifts

Teddy bears never go out of love, do they? From an infant to a grown-up, everyone loves teddy bears as they are fuzzy, cozy, warm, and full of love. This big teddy bear will make for a perfect valentine’s day gift for your new girlfriend.

She can hug it at night and it will always remind her of your love and warmth. You can gift this to her and it will definitely become her favourite teddy. 

LED Mirror


The mirror is not only elegant, but it is also an amazing way to say I love you to your girlfriend on valentine’s day. You can add your girlfriend’s photograph in it before you gift it to her. The mirror is magical as it will automatically turn into a mirror from a photo frame, when you connect it to a plug. 

Your girlfriend can also use the mirror as a night lamp, and she can keep it in her room. If you are confused and wondering what to get your girlfriend for first valentine, then you should stop the hunt and buy this mirror and photo frame right away! 

Say It With A Box Full Of Chocolates


Chocolates are the best way to express your love for someone as everyone loves them. These creamy and crispy pralines will just melt in your girlfriend’s mouth and she would just fall in love with this gift. The flavours of these chocolates will take her to heaven.

These heart chocolates make for a perfect first valentine’s day gift for new girlfriend as they are a reflection of love and affection. These chocolates are belgian and their quality is amazing. Get your hands on these delicacies before they run out of stock.

Love Contract for First Valentine’s day gifts for Girlfriend


Have you ever gifted someone a love contract? A love contract for your new girlfriend on valentine’s day will simply blow her mind.  She would be forsure overwhelmed by this sweet gesture of yours. You can simply give her this contract with both your names on it to make her day extra special. The design of this love contract is simple yet very loving. 

It will make for a perfect item to gift on valentine’s day and your girlfriend will love you for it. She can keep it safe in her closet, or she can also hang this love contract in the room. It will fill your girlfriend with joy and this is definitely a must-buy

Bottle Full Of Love And Lights


Who doesn’t love fairy lights? This bottle filled with fairy lights will make for an incredible first valentine’s gift for new girlfriend. It can be used to create a very good decor vibe and she can even keep it on her bedside. The bottle will reflect your love for your girlfriend on valentine’s day and the gesture will remind her of the fact that she is important to you. 

This bottle light will create a very romantic and warm aura on valentine’s day. It will also make for a very sweet and romantic gesture towards your new girlfriend. The LED lights will not only brighten her room, but they will also brighten her day.

Heart Shaped Hanging For Polaroids


This heart shape hanging is one of the best first valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend and it will make for a very personal and authentic gift for her. You can fill it with many of your photographs and memories with your girlfriend before you give it to her. The piece will enhance the look of the place she keeps it and it will keep reminding her of your love. 

The hanging is made using high-quality material along with LED string and it will also look amazing with plants. If you can’t decide what to get your girlfriend for first valentine, then you should definitely get your hands on this hanging before it gets sold.

So that was it for our valentine’s edition of gifting items for your special and loving girlfriend. I’m sure you would’ve picked an item to gift her from the above-mentioned pieces and she would love it. Valentine’s day is the perfect day to make your girlfriend feel loved, and these gifts will do the job incredibly. I hope this article was informative and you got everything you needed to make your valentine’s day beautiful. 

Diya Chhabra
Diya Chhabra is a 20 year old freelance content writer who is also pursuing Chartered Accountancy. You can reach her at [email protected]




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