The Show-Stopping Summer Jewellery Trends of 2020

Be Vogue-Worthy! 

We all love to dress up, put makeup on, go out and click pictures to post on social media. We always try to come up with different and artistic ways to look attractive and be in par with the current and upcoming fashion style. 

Jewellery has been one hell of a best friend for women, but there is a lot of jewellery like rings, studs and bracelets that have in its course become quite the accessory for men to flaunt as well. 

If you are a bling lover, then here are some of the summer jewellery trends that you do not want to miss out!


Often, the smallest piece of jewellery can cause the biggest sparkle! It can add the strongest flavour to your outfit. Whether you are wearing a plain white T-shirt or a party gown, rings can go with anything yet make the look chic. Some of the summer jewellery trends for rings that we can simply fall for are:


Being daring and experimental with fashion have become a buzz too strong to ignore. At an age where we do not shy away from wearing black lipsticks to quirky torn tops, jewelleries have also taken the whip next. Mismatched stones have gained quite the popularity in the latest fashion trends. If you want to sport mismatched stones then the key is to not match them with each other…yes, it is that simple! It gives you the opportunity to wear two or more different coloured stones on a band while infusing a touch of modernity to your whole look. 


Gypsy rings are quite the trend setter. But did you know their interesting history? Gypsy rings were originally designed with set-in stones to prevent gypsies from stealing them way back in the early 19th century. Thanks to designers like Brent Neale, gypsy rings have been redesigned with a modern touch. These types of rings give off a retro feel to your look. It can blend effortlessly with either your existing collection of jewels and outfits or as a way to repurpose your old family gemstones.

These rings are called statement rings for a reason, i.e. it is worn to set a statement, a bold and daring statement. These types of rings usually have a huge centrepiece that guarantees to attract the eyes! Whether it is a cocktail party or just a normal outing wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt, statement rings always pops the outfit. So be fearless and add a statement ring to your wardrobe!


Earrings have been our fashion support since we were toddlers. Getting your earlobes pierced have been the most common and traditional practice. Follow these hip trends to give your earlobes the right earring to strut!

Hoops have always done the ‘rounds’, but they have yet come back this season as a fashion icon with its size getting bigger and bigger! Hoops are the evergreen piece of jewellery that every woman should possess. It is a highly flexible piece of jewellery that goes well with jeans, dresses and even skirts.

Irrespective of your sex, single earrings have become hugely popular. Sporting a single earring has dominated this Spring. Whether it is a stud or a drop down, single earrings are definitely cool. And not only women look cute in them, men have stolen the spotlight as well. We can all agree that men sure know how to rock the single earring look!

Not a huge fan of needles and getting your ears pierced? Don’t worry! 2020 has the perfect solution for you fashion models in just two words. Ear cuffs! Ear cuffs are a simple and sexy way to add the oomph factor to your look without having your ears pierced.


Anklets have relatively become a trend-setter recently. A slick band of bracelet that goes around either of your ankle or both have surely created an upsurge in the fashion world. Some of the quirkiest ways you can sport anklets this season are:

Chain jewelleries have gained quite the popularity, and chain anklets are no less. It can either be chunky and heavy or slick and light-weighted, whatever it is it can rock with any colour of your outfit. Chunky chain anklets also come with a lock pendant that sets a bolder statement. These chain anklets can be worn with a choker anklet making you look trendy yet non-traditional.

Wearing shell anklets are the best way to set foot this Summer. It reminds us of the sea waves and the beaches which gives wearing shell anklets a chill vibe. Although it has been doing the rounds since last year, it is too hot to be ignored this season. Pairing mussel shells with heavy chains can also be worn that sets a whole different trend. You can also sport a delicate beaded anklet with one large shell making the look simple and sassy.   

Glow in the dark anklets has been quite a cool and modern accessory making it earn a mention for this summer. It is a cute accessory that glows like fireflies in the dark. It can be the perfect gift for girls as well as women. Not just in the dark for its glow effect, but can also be worn at daytime making it a sexy jewellery for your ankles. Its mystical vibe sure is going to catch the eye!


Necklaces have always been a precious piece of jewellery that whether being worn individually or paired with earrings or bracelets always look quite elegant. But with the following new trends, they can also make you look fierce, flamboyant and a boss lady!

This new bling has become quite the show-stopper. From runway models to your favourite celebrities, this has been making headlines left and right. It accentuates your neck and beautiful collarbones making you look hot and appealing. If you are not afraid of making a bold fashion statement, then this piece of bling is just the right one for you.

Chain jewelleries have become very famous among all us fashionistas. This summer brings you the chain-link necklaces which have been pulled off elegantly in pumped-up sizes. It looks stunning with either plunging necklines or layered over crew-necks.

Just as oversized hoops for the ears, oversized chains are a thing! Oversized chains usually dangle down and come to your chest or sometimes to your upper stomach. They can sometimes be sported with small studs or you can keep your ears naked. If you want to pull off this endearing look you must contrast the size of an oversized chain with something delicate and slick, like a single diamond necklace. 


Bracelets have always been a jewellery to keep. Even watches are designed to look like bracelets due to the jewellery’s high popularity. Here are some of the best ways to sport summer jewellery trends for bracelets.

Who doesn’t like to be proposed? We all love to listen to those three magical words, especially by that someone. And seeing it in 100 languages sure makes it even more special. This not only makes for a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift but also is stylish. It is slick and pretty which makes you look down on your hand frequently and blush. This is one of the most unique piece of jewellery you can ever own!

Link Bracelets are classy and fun. You can wear them almost anytime with any outfit. This interlocking style is the perfect dress-up your wrist craved for!

The ever-so-dainty bar bracelets have become a famous gift choice for many. It is the perfect personal gift you can give your loved one that can get them sentimental as well as look gorgeous while wearing it. These bracelets can be engraved on the bar with a sweet message or something more personal like a special date.

Style is the only thing that never dies. Each day it is reinvented and a statement is made. It feels amazing to feel like a supermodel and get complimented by our friends. So what are you waiting for? Grab one of these trendy jewellery ideas and snatch those praises and likes on Instagram. Bring out the model in you because the paparazzi are waiting!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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