Tie The BFF Knot With These 10 Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have always been that one special token of appreciation that besties across the globe gift each other. Whether it is Friendship Day or otherwise, friendship bracelets are the perfect present that has been doing the round since as early as 200 years B.C!

Commemorating friendship does not necessarily mean you need to present each other with gifts. But sometimes, a token of appreciation can go a long way in a relationship. That moment, when your bestie dives into your present and jumps with glee, is priceless. So, if you want to show your BFF how much they mean to you, then these ten friendship bracelets are your ideal call!

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

However, if your BFF is not a bracelet gal, then you can also celebrate your friendship by gifting her necklaces and lockets for girls. Bracelets and lockets are some of the most personal types of presents that successfully represent your true feelings for your best friend.

The Top 10 Friendship Bracelet Designs

1) Customized Friendship Rope Bracelets

Rope bracelets are one of the perfect, trendy bracelets for best friends, which are ideal for both males and females. These friendship bracelet designs are ultra-cool and hip. This design is fashionably trending right now while also making for an amazing friendship token.

These rope friendship bracelets come with a magnetic pendant attached to the rope, which you can customize with your BFF’s name! Inking the magnetic plate makes the present even more personal and sentimental. For occasions or otherwise, these stylish bracelets are the perfect gift for your best friend.

2) Adjustable Rainbow-Shaped Best Friend Bracelets

According to popular beliefs, rainbows have forever been a symbol of hope and a promise of luck for future endeavors. And these bracelets for best friends commemorate this very meaning! If you want to gift your friend with luck and blessings, then this rainbow-shaped best friend bracelet is the right choice.

These rainbow-shaped adjustable bracelets come in two pieces for both you and your pal. The two bracelets have a rainbow-shaped pendant with the words ‘best’ and ‘friend’ engraved on either one. When patched together, they make for one big, complete picture! This way, you can keep one of the halves with yourself and gift the other half to your bestie. It is a beautiful gift that you can present as a parting gift or as a sentimental remembrance.

3) Handcuff-Shaped Vintage Friendship Bracelets

The vintage style never left the fashion scene and is still quite successful in celebrating its ubiquitous influence. And thanks to these incredible handcuff-shaped vintage friendship bracelets, you can gift your pal with a stylish BFF token!

This handcuff design represents that you and your pal are stuck together for life for good and share an unbreakable bond with each other. It is a way of symbolizing a close and shared proximity and never letting each other go. So, if you want to revel in this magnificent strong friendship bond, then definitely gift your bestie with this chic, vintage handcuff-shaped bracelet.

4) ‘You Are My Favorite Bitch’ Engraved Friendship Bracelet

The moment you get the privilege to call your bestie your main bitch, you know that things are getting pretty serious between the two!  Having a friend on whom you can always count on and cannot wait to spend time with is undoubtedly a keeper who needs to be celebrated. So, if you want to show how much your best friend really means to you, then gift her this sexy AF gold steel friendship bracelet with the engraving, ‘You Are My Favorite Bitch’. Your pal is going to flip with excitement!

Did you know?

Did You Know…?

The age-old concept of exchanging friendship lockets has seen quite a dramatic transition. Initially, friendship bracelets were made only out of embroidery floss that was knotted on the wrist of one’s friend. But as time lapsed, different kinds of jewels and pendants were designed to make the bracelets look more fashionable and stylish. 

5) Couple Magnet Friendship Bracelets

These stainless-steel trendy bracelets for best friends with a magnetic ball attached to them makes for an interesting piece of jewelry to tie the friendship knot! These bracelets come in two pieces that allow you and your bestie to have one each. Once worn, the magnetic ball on each of the bracelet attracts one another when in close proximity. It is an interesting way of representing your unbreakable friendship via the use of these adorable, chic friendship bracelets. It is one of the most unique friendship bracelet designs that commemorate the true meaning of attachment and commitment.

6) Cute Fox-Shaped Bracelet

The fox depicts the establishment of a friendship. Many see this spirit animal as the mascot of an honest bond that distinguishes the concerned person from the rest. If you have a bestie who is that one in a million soul who you are grateful for, then this cute fox-shaped bracelet is the perfect one for you! It is an enchanting little piece of appreciation that blesses the wrist of your friend.

And let’s face it, it looks amazingly well with any kind of outfit!

7) Key and Lock Magnetic Couple Friendship Bracelets

Another couple friendship bracelets with magnets, these magnetic couple friendship bracelets come in two pieces with either shaped like a ‘key’ and a ‘lock’. The idea of the bracelet is to honor your loyal friendship. It lets you figuratively be the key to your bestie’s lock. The ‘lock’ and ‘key’ symbolize your respect and admiration for each other. It is a charm bracelet that is bound to secure your friendship forever and keep it safe and protected from external storms. It is a protective shield that keeps your friendship under check and bestows you with the power to fight for each other. So, gift your ride or die with this cute ‘key’ and ‘lock’ magnetic couple friendship bracelet today!

8) Heart Puzzle Couple Friendship Magnetic Bracelet

One of the most unique and trendy bracelets for best friends, these heart-shaped couple friendship magnetic bracelets are the perfect way to express your loving feelings to your BFF. Come in two pieces, these are matching bracelets that have a magnetic pendant attached to them. Either of the magnets has a half heart engraved on it that forms a whole when attached. As your friend wears one of the halves, you will be able to keep the other half to yourself! It is an ideal and adorable way of depicting yourself and your friend as two peas of the same pod.

9) Heart Shaped Friendship Bracelet

Nothing can be as direct as this dainty piece of BFF bracelet! The heart-shaped friendship bracelet comes in two pieces that allow both you and your best friend to each wear one and twin! The packaging is also super brilliant and cute, with an adorable message carved on it. It is a splendid friendship bracelet that has a small, white heart in the center. It has a minimalistic design that makes it wearable with almost every outfit. You can also wear it with other stackable bracelets and give it a chic look. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this beautiful piece of bond bracelet now!

10) The ‘You Are My Person’ Band

Claiming someone as your person is one of the most precious and heart-warming confessions. It makes the receiver of the message elated and happy. So, if you want to make your BFF feel special and excited, then this steel friendship band is simply the perfect choice.

It is a silver-colored stainless steel band that has the words ‘You Are My Person’ engraved on it, along with two small hearts on either end of the bracelet. It looks sophisticated and is one of the most modern friendship bracelet designs.  Perfect for all age groups and sex, anyone would be lucky to receive this sentimental and elegant piece of bracelet.

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” – Jean De La Fontaine

These are the ten most show-stopping and fabulous friendship bracelets that you can bestow your BFF with. Each one of them is carefully curated to make your friendship grow stronger. When worn on the wrist, it acts as a constant reminder of your commitment, time, and energy invested in making the friendship work and solidify. It is a beautiful traditional gesture that will never get old.

 So, celebrate your friendship and embrace its emotion!

Paroma Bhattacharya
Paroma is a shopaholic with an undying thirst for fashion, music, movies, books, dancing, and of course, binging on Netflix! She loves searching for new fashion trends and following them. Lipsticks and nail-paints are her guilty pleasure!




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