Types Of Trendy Anklets: Everything You Need To Know About This Beautiful Piece Of Jewellery

The age factor just goes up in smoke when it comes to owning types of trendy anklets, as to whether you are a kid, or an old lady, the love for anklets knows no age and that’s what makes them such an incredible piece of jewellery for women in India. 

The key to every woman’s heart is by giving her a pair of nice and jingly anklets. Here in India, anklets have a lot of significance when it comes to newlywed women and newborn babies. Anklets also reflect elegance and grace in the best way possible. 

With each passing day in this modern era, just like everything else, the world has come up with various types of trendy anklets as well. You can find a plethora of styles, designs, and creative transformations of a basic anklet in the market. 

Now that you have my attention, I’m sure you are curious to know about all the classy types of trendy anklets that are out there. Hang in there, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these cute trendy anklets and how you can style them. 

Types Of Trendy Anklets!

Shell Anklets


Shell anklets are the new and funky anklets online India. These anklets are being worn by all the chic women out there and you definitely don’t want to miss out on a pair. Cute little shells stringed together or maybe even hanging loose, simply put together on your foot sounds like an amazing idea, doesn’t it? Shell anklets are one of the creative types of trendy anklets that are fashionable and stylish. You can wear a shell anklet with your casual top and shorts look to create a very cool vibe. You can also throw a pair of shell anklets with your skirts and you’ll be good to go. From the boho vibe to a very sleek look, shell anklets come in all types of styles and you can choose the ones you love best. If you are planning to go out on a beach, you could definitely create the perfect look with a shell anklet.

Alphabet or Name Anklets 


Who doesn’t like to add a little personalised touch to their jewellery? If you are one of those who love a little creativity, then I’m sure you’ll dig the vibe of an alphabet or a name anklet. An alphabet or a name anklet also makes for an amazing gift for a loved one or you can simply buy one to pamper yourself. This is one of those types of trendy anklets that are made using metal and come in more of basic colours so that your letter pops nicely. 

Because they have a very loving and personalised touch, alphabet or name anklets make for a perfect gifting item. These anklets also come with pre-made messages such as Mom, Date, Love, and Brother, etc. as these words are commonly used. However, you can get a customised anklet to get the name and design you like.

Rainbow Beaded Anklets


Beaded and cute trendy anklets are perfect for the women who love to throw colours in whatever they do or wear. That being said, rainbow beaded anklets are made for those who love everything about rainbows as well as beads. A rainbow anklet can be worn with all the colours of a rainbow and you can even match it with the basic black and white. 

Beads come in different shapes, and you can choose from a variety of styles. Rainbow beaded anklets go with western outfits, beachwear, and your casual attire. You can wear a rainbow beaded anklet whenever you feel like you want to have a little fun with your accessories. 

Bold Metal Anklets


Metal anklets have a sense of elegance and boldness to them. A basic metal anklet is one of those types of trendy anklets that can make you look like a strong and elegant diva. Bold metal anklets come in different colours such as gold, silver, black, and white, and they are also available in different shapes, styles, sizes, and designs. 

Many Indian women also wear metal anklets to protect themselves from the evil eye, and these anklets are also best friends with our traditional dancers. With the world changing tremendously, we also wear bold metal anklets to create aesthetic and statement looks with different types of attires. 

A bold metal anklet is very popular among traditional Indian women as it goes well with Indian sarees and suits. The anklet gives a very graceful, and sophisticated look to your attire and that is the best thing about it.

Classic Charm Anklets

A classic charm anklet is a must-have in every woman’s closet. Any woman who likes wearing minimal and sleek accessories will fall in love with the classic charm anklets. The classic charm anklets are one of those types of trendy anklets that are lightweight and extremely attractive. 

The charms attached to these anklets just give them the perfect touch  to catch the eyes of everyone around. Charm anklets are not only versatile but they also make for an incredible gifting item for young women and college girls.

Gemstone or Birthstone Anklets


Are you someone who is into birthstones, their energy and their power? If you love Gemstones, and Birthstones and you believe in their power, then their anklets are definitely made for you. From cat-eye to turquoise coloured pearls, these anklets are funky, and they are loved by many women in India. 

Many in India, believe in lucky stones and Birthstones. This is the reason why Birthstone anklets have become ideal for people who believe in Birthstones but are also into fashion. These anklets solve both your needs and lets you be a fashionista. You can pair these anklets with whatever you like, and you will be good to go. 

Black Thread Anklets


You can never go wrong with black and a basic black anklet is all you need to complete your look with whatever you wear. From your traditional wear to the chic western attire, black thread anklets are one of those types of trendy anklets that simply go with your mood. 

Every woman should have a black thread anklet in her collection of accessories and if you don’t have one, you should definitely go and buy it.

Boho Thread Anklets

bohemian thread anklets

Boho thread anklets are best for college going young women as they give a very stylish, cool, and chic vibe. The best part about these cute trendy anklets is that they come in several funky styles and colours. You can buy one boho braided thread anklet for each one of your outfits, and you will still never have enough of them. 

A braided thread anklet will match the vibe of your western wear and you can also pair it with your attire when you go out for a party or on a beach. 

Gold or Silver Thread Anklets


The colours gold and silver reflect elegance, and beauty in simplicity. These colours give a very royal vibe and so do the gold or silver thread anklets. This type of trendy anklets go well with your heavy Indian attire, and even a bride can wear them. Precious stones embedded with gold and silver anklets just enhance the beauty of the piece of jewellery. 

Trends will come and go, but an elegant gold or silver anklet will always remain a classic. These anklets come in a number of designs and even the tones of gold and silver colour vary with each piece. A woman can never have enough of gold and silver in her closet, and these anklets are definitely a must-buy. 

Gypsy Coin Anklets


If you are looking to buy an anklet that gives you a perfect Indian tribal or bohemian vibe, then you should definitely go for the funky trendy online India Gypsy Coin Anklets. Gypsy coin anklets go well with our traditional Indian attires or you can even style one with shorts to create a very different chic look. 

These anklets also give a very summery and beachy vibe as they jingle and look very pretty. The vintage gypsy coin anklets are best for a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. These anklets also make for an incredible gifting item and you can buy them for a loved one.

Shiny Diamond Anklets


Well, as they say, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Every woman loves to have a collection of jewellery that has diamonds. Shiny diamond anklets come in various styles, shapes, and designs. A shiny diamond anklet is one of those types of trendy anklets that are perfect for women of all ages. 

You can wear a diamond anklet with anything you like as its shine simply enhances your features and the overall look of your attire. The beauty of a diamond cannot be expressed in words, and a diamond anklet is simply beyond perfection. You can also gift a diamond anklet to a loved one, and it will surely make a day. 

You can also find many trendy anklets online India, and also while roaming around the streets of the country. From anklets to wear with your traditional outfits, to chic and sleek designs that will go with your western attires, cute trendy anklets have become the star of the show and their demand is never-ending.

So that was my piece of advice on everything you needed to know about the different types of trendy anklets that you must have. . Fashion and accessories are an integral part of our lives, and locketwala ensures that you are not left behind with anything that has to do with it. We will see you in the next blog! Stay safe!!

Diya Chhabra
Diya Chhabra is a 20 year old freelance content writer who is also pursuing Chartered Accountancy. You can reach her at [email protected]




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