Unique Collection of 34 Romantic jewellery for Her to Gift this Valentine

The festival season is around the corner, and you must be excited about finally getting ready and making memories. On the other hand, we are sure that it is exhilarating to look for accessories. Rings, anklets, earrings, and lockets for girls are a few of the many accessories that girls love to wear. If you are her, or if you are looking for romantic jewellery for her, then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we are going to simply put up all kinds of accessories here, and we will leave everything for you to decide. Let us start by taking you on a detailed and exciting ride of showing you everything pretty and nice. From valentines jewellery gifts for her to accessories for every occasion, we have the list of everything you will ever need. 

Lockets as Romantic Jewellery Gift for Her

Lockets have to be a part of every woman’s closet. They are worn everywhere and all types of designs are available in the market. With occasions always around the corner, here are a few incredible lockets that you can take home!

Heart Charm Locket Necklace

Do you know someone, or are you someone who loves anything that is sparkly? If you are a bling lover, or if you are looking for Jewellery gifts for her, then this locket is for you. 

The locket makes for the right pendant to wear with your party attire, as it will make you look like a diva. It is glamour, stunning, and anyone would feel lucky to have it. 

Projection I Love You 100 Language Necklace

Are you someone who is in a relationship and I love you just never feels enough? Well, this projection I Love You 100 Language Necklace is the best romantic jewellery for her, and it will be enough. If you are wondering why the answer is simple. 

This locket necklace is designed in such a way that it has I love you written in 100 different languages. It is perfect for the lovebird inside of you, and it will make for an impeccable gift.

Zirconia Dual Stone Heart Locket Necklace

How cute is it to wear a locket that has a heart coloured in two shades? Ah, this cute little locket necklace is eye-catching, and its charisma just takes your heart away. It will make for the perfect valentines jewellery gift for her, and we are sure that she will love it. 

You can also buy it for yourself and flaunt this beauty with any type of attire. Be it western, or traditional, this pretty little locket goes with anything and everything. 

Glass Heart Dry Flower Locket Necklace

Every woman loves flowers, and the very elegant thing about this locket necklace is its essence. The concept of this beautiful piece is what sets it aside from all the others. 

If you are looking to buy romantic jewellery for her, then this should definitely be it. It is perfect in ways one can’t imagine, and it brightens the mood of anyone who has it.

Blue Diamond Crystal Heart Locket


This blue diamond crystal heart locket is elegant and it is one of those heart lockets for girls that can be worn with your casuals as well as your party wear. If you are someone who simply goes in awe with the beauty of blue stones, then this piece is perfect for you. 

You can gift this heart locket to your girlfriend, mom, or your best friend to remind them of how important they are for you. You can also buy this for yourself to remind yourself that you are worthy of beautiful things in life. 

Glow In The Dark Heart Shaped Pendant


This beautiful glow in the dark heart-shaped pendant will literally make you glow, and it also makes for the perfect romantic jewellery for her. This beauty will catch the eyes of everyone around you and it will definitely become your go-to pendant. 

The locket is perfect to wear for night parties, as its glow is what makes it special. You can also gift it to your loved ones to make them feel special.

Rings are the perfect Romantic Jewellery Gifts

Rings are so much in style these days. Girls love to wear multiple rings as they have become a fashion statement. You can never have enough of rings, and to help you choose from a wide collection, here are the latest styles and designs that you should have in your collection.

Queen Crown Ring For Girls

If you are a badass girl who is bold, full of sass, sarcasm, and confidence, or if you know someone who is a sassy queen, then this sassy queen crown ring is made for you. 

This ring is a fashion statement and it highlights the personality of a person who is confident in their own skin. A crown is an old news, and sassy queens wear crowns on their rings now. This ring will express your personality in a unique way and it will be your favourite piece.

Pink Solitaire Ring

pink solitaire-ring

Are you someone who loves pink? If you are, then this beautiful and charming pink solitaire ring is made for you. 

The ring will make you feel glamorous and its look will catch the attention of everyone around you. The ring is exquisite and its elegance will just make it the perfect valentines jewellery gift for her. 

Stylish Heart Ring


This stylish heart ring is made using A+ Grade Crystals and it has two hearts and it is highly durable as it is made using high-quality material. This ring is unique and eye-catching and it will simply stand out in the crowd. 

You can buy it yourself and enjoy it with love, or you can also buy it for your girlfriend if you are looking for romantic jewellery for her. No matter what the occasion, this ring will just take your breath away.

Pretty Little Hearts Ring


This stunner will take your breath away as this silver ring comes with small hearts that are made so precisely and it will enhance the style of your outfit and overall look. This jewellery piece is authentic, and it will just compliment your looks and your hands in the best way possible. 

You can also get this piece for your mom, best friend, or your girlfriend to fill their heart with joy. This pretty ring will just steal the heart of whoever looks at it. 

Leafy Silver Ring


This elegant silver leafy ring is pretty, graceful and everything nice. The cuts and the shape of this ring are simply perfect and it will look gorgeous on your hands. The look of this ring just enhances the overall look of your attire and it highlights your hands while making them look pretty. 

This ring definitely makes for a very cute and pretty valentines romantic jewellery gift for her. Whether it is to gift a loved one, or yourself, the ring will do both jobs perfectly. 

Purple Heart Silver Ring


Purple is a bold, beautiful, and unique colour that just adds a different flair to anything and everything. The colour is mesmerising and we are sure that this purple heart silver ring is something you should have in your closet. 

This ring is a must-have and its elegance just enhances its look and style. This ring is one of the best Jewellery gifts for her if you are looking to buy your girlfriend a gift. 

Romantic Bracelets as Jewellery Gift

Is an accessory collection ever complete without bracelets? Bracelets change the look of your outfit as they enhance your hands and highlight your overall style. We have selected a few amazing pieces of bracelets that you should definitely have.

Rose Gold Heart Bracelet


There is no one in this world who does not love hearts. When mixed with grace and style, hearts highlight and add an extra spark of love to everything. This heart bracelet is exactly what you need if you are someone who loves sleek and stylish bracelets. 

If you are looking for Romantic jewellery gifts for girlfriend, then this bracelet is perfect for that too. It is stunning and you can give this bundle of happiness to your mom, sister, best friend or any loved one.

Beautiful Silver Crystal Bracelet


This crystal bracelet is classy, sleek, stylish, and a piece that can be worn on any occasion. The bracelet signifies love and it reflects grace as it is made in a very pretty way. The bracelet is suitable for gifting as well and anyone would love to wear it. 

The crystals are eye-catching and it will simply grasp the attention of anyone who meets its eye. If you want a bracelet that goes with whatever you wear, then this lovely piece is suitable for you.

Rose Gold Initial Letter Bracelet 


Rose gold is a very elegant colour and what makes this bracelet special is that it has an initial letter with it. The bracelet comes in a knot in its design and it is simply aesthetic. It will enhance the look of your hands and it will also enhance your overall look. 

The bracelet is perfect for those who love sleek and stylish accessories and it will also make for the best romantic jewellery for her. 

Bead With Heart Stylish Bracelet


Every woman treasures a good piece of jewellery and this stunning bracelet is just that. It has a very special essence to it and it is just beautiful. The bracelet is made with love, hard work, and it is made using high-quality material. The piece is simply elegant, charismatic, and appealing to one’s eye.

Delicate Flowers Bracelet


This beauty is a must-have. It is delicate, sparkly, detailed, and simply graceful. The colours of this bracelet are gorgeous and they will definitely compliment your look, style, and attire. 

The roses are made gently and the best part about this bracelet is that it can be worn with any type of attire. Whether you go for a traditional outfit or a western dress, this bracelet will complement both with equal style.

Valentine’s Crystal Bracelet


This crystal bracelet makes for the perfect valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend. The two hearts are just made with perfection and the quality of the piece is impeccable. 

The bracelet is mesmerising and its glow will catch the eye of everyone around. It will go with all kinds of vibes and you will absolutely love it.

Heart-Shaped Crystal Bracelet


The festive season, valentine’s day, or any occasion for that matter, calls for a gift for your loved ones. This quality bracelet is ideal to gift on valentine’s day, anniversary, your girlfriend’s birthday, or any other special occasion. It comes in a very impressive packaging and the design of this heart-shaped crystal bracelet is simply divine. 

Pink Floral Bracelet


This bracelet is beautiful, aesthetic, pretty, and the details of this piece are simply gorgeous. If you are someone who loves to dress up and wear pretty accessories, then this piece is made for you. 

You can not only wear this piece with your party wear, but it also makes for an amazing piece to go with casual outfits. It will simply enhance your overall look, and you will love to wear it all the time.

Romantic Earrings as a jewellery Gift

Especially in India, baby girls get their ears pierced soon after they are born and we end up wearing earrings on a regular basis. Ask a girl, she might have a bucket full of earrings and it is no joke. In a world that revolves around fashion, here are a few incredible earrings that will put all eyes on you.

Silver Heart Earrings


Hearts are always a good idea, and this gorgeous silver heart earring is just the right fit for you if you love simple yet elegant earrings. This heart earring is studded with crystals, which look impeccable as they give this piece a very formal look. 

This earring also makes for the perfect romantic jewellery gift for girlfriend, as it would simply become her favourite.

Heart Ear Studs


Valentine’s day calls for gifts, pampering, and lots of love. These heart ear studs are simple, elegant and perfect for someone who likes to wear light jewellery. These studs will go with your casual and western outfits. 

They will also look stunning with a plain white Kurti or any simple Kurti set. You can gift these studs to your loved ones and fill their heart with joy.

Little Heart Shaped Studs


Hearts are an evergreen design. They go with anything and everything. The best part about jewellery pieces with a heart design is that girls love it. The elegance of this piece is beyond beautiful, and it will make your overall outfit look gorgeous. 

While you roam around wearing these studs, everyone will stop and stare at these beauties. 

Cute Unicorn Studs


Cute is simply what comes to mind when you take a look at these adorable studs. This unicorn stud is perfect for a pyjama party, or a casual look. 

You can pull it off with your casual outfits and create a very cute and trendy style that would be loved by all. This piece is made using high-quality material and it is definitely a must-have for every girl.

Sparkly Butterfly Studs


Don’t all girls love glitter, shimmer, and sparkle? Ah, these beautiful butterfly studs will look gorgeous on anyone who wears them. The packaging that these studs come in is flawless. 

This piece makes for an ideal valentines day gift for her and you can also gift it to a loved one to make their day. The quality is impeccable and these studs are a must-buy.

Long Butterfly Earrings


A butterfly made in white, with long strands of stylish crystals, sounds like a perfect earring, doesn’t it? These earrings will add to your grace, and they will enhance the look of your attire. 

The best part about these long butterfly earrings is that they go with traditional as well as western outfits. This is an ideal gift for loved ones and you can also buy it to pamper yourself.

Flower Bouquet Stud Earrings


Anybody love flowers here? Well, we have something even better. Flower bouquet studs. These studs have a bunch of flowers for their design and their look is beautiful and graceful. 

They will make you look pretty, and they will grab the attention of everyone around you. You can also buy these to gift your girlfriend and fill her heart with joy.

Rose With Pearl Studs


Pearls are every woman’s favourite and well roses can make your day better. This stud is a combination of both as it has a rose on top of a pearl. 

The detail of these studs is incredible and they look cute, pretty, and even sexy according to what you wear with them. The studs are made using premium quality material and you should definitely grab them before it gets too late.

Anklets as Romantic Jewellery Gift for Her

Anklets have a lot of importance in India, and they are also worn by women to keep the evil away. They are also a very important part of the fashion industry as they look chic and stylish. If you are on a lookout for trendy anklets of this season, here are the pieces that you should grab.

Stylish Butterfly Pendant Anklet

Everyone loves to go with the trends but we often fail to buy our favourite pieces of jewellery because it is not easy to hunt them. 

This gorgeous butterfly pendant anklet is one of those pieces that will give you the chic look. You can wear it with your shorts and skirts to make it a look and to enjoy the grace that comes with the piece.

Sleek Gold Anklet

romantic jewellery for her

A chic style, sleek and beautiful gold anklet with cute little hearts should be a part of every girl’s closet. This can be worn for a day out or a night party to give you that gorgeous overall look. 

The vibe of this anklet is on point and they will make your feet look pretty and stylish. You should definitely get a hold on this romantic jewellery before it runs out.

Infinity Loop Silver Anklet


This boho style silver colour anklet has a very unique vibe to it. The anklet comes with an infinity loop that makes it look pretty and gorgeous. 

You can gift it to your loved ones to express your love for them, and you can also give it to your girlfriend. This anklet is perfect for a beach outfit and it is must-have if you are planning to go on a vacation.

Golden Floral Anklet


A golden-coloured sleek chain with cute little red flowers on them sounds just right. This anklet will give you that chic look and it will look gorgeous with your lunch outfits. 

This anklet makes for an ideal romantic jewellery for her, and she will simply love the gesture. It is a must-have in every girl’s anklet collection.

Star Charm Glow In The Dark Anklet For Women

A glow in the dark anklet not only sounds fancy but it looks chic and gorgeous too. You can pair this anklet with a sexy dress to slay the night away. You can also make this your go-to accessory for your beach outfits, and ensure that all eyes compliment you. 

The style of this beautiful anklet is unique and graceful. If you are someone who is looking for  Romantic jewellery gifts for girlfriend, then this is the one for you. 

Golden Love Anklet


With this anklet, you can express gratitude, love, and positivity. The anklet has a very calm vibe and it will look amazing with skirts and shorts. 

You can also pair it up with a white Kurti to create a very unique desi look. This anklet is simple yet amazing. This makes for an ideal valentines jewellery gift for her, and she will love to wear it all the time.


So that was it. This article was filled with all kinds of jewellery you will ever need. You don’t have to go around spending hours on finding separate pieces as we have put everything in one place for you. 

We hope that you found this helpful, and if you did, do not forget to comment down below. We will be here with more of such fun and informative articles, so stay connected!!

Diya Chhabra
Diya Chhabra is a 20 year old freelance content writer who is also pursuing Chartered Accountancy. You can reach her at [email protected]




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