Couple Magnet Creative Bracelet

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Material : Aluminium Alloy

Color : Silver

Dimensions : Adjustable

Package Includes : 1 X Couple Magnetic Creative Bracelet


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If you have a special person in your life and want to surprise them with a gift that speaks your heart, this is the product. This couple bracelet set is unique and the design is minimalistic. 

In a pack, there are two bracelets made of braided rope. A small piece of a magnet is attached to the rope. The two pieces on the two bracelets attract each other when kept in close proximity. So, if you and your partner hold hands or they are close to each other, the magnets will stick to each other. This signifies the bond between the two of you which is special and sacred. 

You can choose the color of the braided rope to which the magnet will be tied and you have a variety of colours to choose from. The bracelet is of a particular size but it can be adjusted to fit any wrist. 

Weight0.03 kg