Gym Bodybuilder Locket

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Material : Stainless Steel

Color : Gold, Silver

Dimensions : Adjustable

Package Includes : 1 X Gym Bodybuilder Locket


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Are you or your girlfriend a total gym freak and you have no idea what to gift to your power girl? Well, we got your back. This very “Gym Bodybuilder Locket” is here to solver all your doubts because “are you even a power without this dumbbell necklace?”. This sounds crazy, isn’t it? There’s more to this crazy stuff. 

Have a look and see why exactly this fits best with those muscles and dope confidence.

  • It is a very unique pendant and this makes it go “out of stock” pretty quick.
  • It is available in 2 colour variants i.e. gold and silver which are the trendiest jewellery colours today.
  • Comes with an attached wheel marked with the quote, “Never give up” which makes it equally interesting. 
  • Never lets you or your girl run out of motivation and support which is possibly the best thing to gift.

Make your girl wear this as a symbol of your constant support every time she hustles and indirectly, I just helped you bring her more closer to you. Stock it up asap!

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