Heart Puzzle Magnetic Bracelet

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Material : Alloy

Color : Silver

Dimensions : Adjustable

Package Includes : 1 X Heart Puzzle Magnetic Bracelet


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Did you forget your anniversary and your partner is angry? Gift them this bracelet to slip your way to forgiveness!

The bracelets are made of rope chains which are white, black and blue in colour. The straps are adjustable and the size can be changed according to the requirements. On the chain is attached two pieces of miniature magnets that stick to each other if kept together. There is also a metal piece attached to the rope which is shaped as a half-heart. It becomes a full heart when it comes together. Isn’t this the single most adorable product that can bring a smile to your partner’s face? The magnets sticking together signifies how the couple in question to stick together during the ups and downs of their lives and their relationships. 

If your partner is going away to study or work in a different city, this bracelet can be a good gift for them as well. It will be something that will remind them of you wherever they are and when you meet them again, like you, the bracelets will also be reunited.

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