Lock & Key Magnetic Couple Bracelet

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Material : Metal Alloy

Color : Silver Charms

Dimensions : Adjustable

Package Includes : 1 X Lock & Key Magnetic Couple Bracelet


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Lock & Key magnetic couple bracelets can be the perfect gift for a newly engaged or a newly married couple. These bracelets have magnets attached to them. 

The bracelet is made of braided rope. There are several colors available and you can choose one that is the most suitable for you and your partner. On the rope are attached a lock and a key which are made of zinc alloy. They are bright and shiny and add a glamorous touch to whatever you are pairing it with. However, the main attraction of this bracelet is that it has tiny pieces of magnets attached to each other. These magnets attract each other when they are close to each other. So, when you hold the hand of your partner wearing the same bracelet, they will stick to one another, symbolizing the bond that you share. 

This charm bracelet looks very elegant and can be paired with any outfit. Another idea is to give one bracelet of the pair to your crush at school, and let them find out who you are in school the next day!

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