Soul Sister Bar Necklace

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Material : Zinc Alloy

Color : Rose Gold, Golden

Dimensions : Adjustable

Package Includes : 1 X Soul Sister Bar Necklace


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Got yourself a sister or a best friend who is the only person you rely on? The only person you cannot imagine your life without? The one who is the Rachel to your Monica? Well, then such a person deserves to be respected and have all the love in this world. The quickest way is buying her this Soul Sister Bar Necklace. Before any other materialistic specifications, just one look at this bracelet is enough for anyone to buy it because of the reflection of love it throws. Now, that you know how beautiful this necklace is, lets make it more special by some of its specifications:-

  • It is available incolours: gold and rose gold which are the trendiest colours of this season.
  • The metal bar is attached with a metal chain carved with Soul Sisters. There is something more to this, you can customise these bars to your choice.
  • The look of its chain is very sleek and thus would give a chic look even if worn outside the house.
  • This product is not just a one-time purchase product and is a gift of love that can be treasured life long.
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